Water usages Approximation of Irrigation using Android Application

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Water usages Approximation of Irrigation using Android Application


Asst. Prof/CSE Muthayammal Engineering College

Rasipuram, Tamilnadu.

2Krishnan V

IV Year/CSE Muthayammal Engineering College

Rasipuram, Tamilnadu.

3Sri Gokulakannan V K

IV Year/CSE Muthayammal Engineering College

Rasipuram, Tamilnadu.

4Tamilselvan G

IV Year/CSE Muthayammal Engineering College

Rasipuram, Tamilnadu.

Abstract: In Agriculture, economical water management could be a major concern in several cropping systems. This drawback Galvanized to the thought of getting a wise Irrigation system that ready to address this example .good irrigation system could be a system that consists of a microcontroller , witness device , temperature device , a relay board , associate electronic pump and a liquid crystal [ display LCD digital display ] alphanumeric display to display the witness level of the soil. Once the condition of watering the agricultural farm is abnormal, then the system mechanically switches ON the motor. This method can continue till associate optimum wetness level is obtained by mistreatment the wetness device and also the Arduino Uno controller. Wetness and temperature sensors square measure accustomed monitor the environmental conditions. Hence the technique is to save lots of the water used for Irrigation. Additionally , world system for mobile communication (GSM) is employed to tell the user concerned IMG the precise field condition and additionally standing of the motor .The watering system developed is appreciated for any plants, since the system ready to customise with completely different soil, and with [different totally completely different ] crops that requires different kind quantity of water.


The concern with loads of shopper desire and demand for the agricultural product has stirred up awareness among the farmer that will increase their product within the market by implementing advance technologies during this trade. The product that area until vital which will return to farmer interest that controls their employment of natural sources and natural surroundings that controls agricultural with varied aspects. Therefore, this downside makes farmers interest to implement Argo-condition causation alter notification based mostly IOT. We will monitor an entire plant exploitation good plant. The whole health level of plant is monitored IOT server and automatic irrigation system is provided by golem phone app because the whole world is trending into new technologies and implementations its a necessary goal to trending up in agriculture conjointly. Several researches area unit tired the sector of agriculture. Most comes signify the employment of wireless detector network collect information from totally different sensor deployed at varied nodes and send it through

the wireless protocol. The collected information offers the data regarding the assorted environment factor. Observance the environmental factor isnt the entire answer to extend the yield of crops. there area unit ranges of different factor that decreases the productivity to a large extent. Thus, automation should be enforced in agriculture to beat these issues. So, so as to reduce answer to all or any such issues, its necessary to develop associate integrated system which is able to lookout of all factor touching the productivity in each stage. However complete automation in agriculture isnt achieved because of varied problems. Though its enforced within analysis level its not given to the farmers as a product to urge benefitted from the resources. Thus, this paper deals regarding developing good agriculture exploitation IoT and given to the farmers.


Green House Environment Monitoring and Control System. [1]

Author: A.Pandit1 and V.Mancharkar.

Greenhouse surrounding, accustomed grow plant underneath-controlled weather condition for economical production, forms a very important a part of the agriculture and farming sector. To make associate degree optimum surrounding the most parameters like temperature, humidity, moisture, well water, etc. Must be controlled, the most objective of this project work is to style an automatic greenhouse that is only sensor-based system. The system inputs from varied sensors and display output. The developed system can be lot straight forward, value economical and simple installable. The result show that the system can be a lot of economical in man power saving and raising the amount of product.

Digitally Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling of System based on Embedded System. [2]

Author: Mr. Kiran Sahu and Mrs. Susmita Ghosh Mazumdar.

Monitoring and management of greenhouse setting play an important role in greenhouse production and management to watch the greenhouse setting parameters

effectively, it is necessary to vogue a activity and system. the target of this project is to vogue a simple, easy to place in, microcontroller-based circuit to watch and record the values of temperature, humidity, therefor status and daylight of the natural setting that unit ceaselessly modified and controlled so as optimize them to understand most plant growth and yield. The controller used is also an occasional power, worth economical chip factory-made by ATMEL having 8K bytes of on-chip non-volatile storage. It communicates with the numerous detector modules in fundamental measure therefore on regulate the sunshine, aeration and drain technique efficiently at intervals a greenhouse by activating a cooler, forger, dripper and lights severally per the necessary condition of the crops. Associate in Nursing integrated liquid show (LCD) is to boot used for real time show of data congenital from the numerous sensors and thus the standing of the numerous devices, Also, the use of merely accessible component reduces the manufacturing and maintenance costs. The look is reasonably versatile as a result of the code as typically changed any time. Itll so be custom to the actual requirements of the user. This makes the planned system to be an economical, movable and a low maintenance resolution for greenhouse applications, significantly in rural areas and for tiny scale agriculturists.

Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System. [3]

Author: Nutan Kumar Sahu, Pratik Chandrakar, Likesh Kumar, Digendra Kumar Deshmukh, Akansha Agrawal and

  1. Hemant Kumar.

    The project is intended to develop an automatic inexperienced house observation system that swi tches the pump motor ON/OFF on sensing the wet of the soil, and lightweight panel, cooler fan ON/OFF on sensing light-weight and temperature of the atmosphere close on the plant severally. within the field of agriculture, use of correct technique of farming is very important. The advantage of victimization this technique is to scale back human intervention and still guarantee correct farming. The project uses Associate in Nursing 8051 series microcontroller that is programmed to receive the signalling of varied wet condition of the soil, light, and temperature of the atmosphere through the sensing arrangement. this can be achieved by victimization Associate in Nursing analogy to digital convertor that acts as interface between the sensing arrangement and therefore the microcontroller. Once the controller receives this signal, it generates Associate in Nursing output that drives a relay for operational the pump, light-weight panel, cooler fan. Associate in Nursing liquid crystal LCD display is additionally interfaced to the microcontroller to display the standing of the soil, light, temperature, waer pump, junction rectifier and cooler fan.

    Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System. [4]

    Author: Salokhe Priyanka, Patil Adika and Nandiwale Ashwini.

    The greenhouse observance and dominate may be done by exploitation numerous technologies. These technologies squares measure want to yield higher growth of plants and production of latest plants. This can be our main basic objective of our project, During this project their square measure four sensing element and light weight sensing element. These four-sensor square measure wants to check temperature, light, wetness and soil wet. This project is machine-driven system with latest electronic technology. During this project we trend to square measure exploitation ARM during this project we trend to square measure exploitation Arm seven microcontroller and GSM connective due to the automated operating of this project it reduces the person power.

    Microcontroller Based Green House Control Device. [5]

    Author: Alausa Dele W.S and Keshinro Kazeem Kolawole.

    Green house management device is used inside the automated management and look of equipment and quantities like screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, temperature, soil status level and different quantities/conditions during a very inexperienced house, with efficient look of all quantities during this, thus eliminating would really like for human look. With associate in nursing enhance able feature it integrates and automates by turning ON and OFF all look devices inside the house still as provides suggestions for remedies once the need arises. This can be actually because of the MCU technology that will be attention of the supervisor. This study focuses on decisive the effectiveness and utility of greenhouse management device.

    1. WORK FLOW


      1. Existing System

        The existing system is focusing observation and GSM system and developed during this project is to be used in inexperienced environmental properties square measure detected and management selections square measure taken by observation systems house applications, wherever real time information of climate conditions and alternative theyre changed by the automation system and sends SMS that operation is performed by them to user. The design of a inexperienced house observation system includes of a collection of detector nodes from necessary selections regarding the physical surroundings. The temperature sensors luminous flux unit forty-five senses the temperature and sends to SCU, itll amplify and send to regulate unit. The wetness detector is employed to search out the wetness of the greenhouse. The management units have the MCU to see the reading and build the fan ON or OFF. Then standing of the greenhouse can send to the user Mobile through GSM Module.

      2. Disadvantage

        • In this paper they observation just for inexperienced house surroundings victimization GSM.

        • Less economical to each an entire plant.

        • It can take longer to produce irrigation just in case of tower problems in GSM.

        • The correct level of observation just in case of tower problem in GSM.

      3. Proposed System

      The working of proposed system is based on IOT. Initially the sensors like temp sensor, soil sensor, humidity sensor all these are monitoring agriculture land temperature and humidity, soil level. Each these values are programmed in Arduino and android app. In case the values are going abnormal it will inform the former mobile phone and automatically turning on Irrigation pump. Each and every second the sensor values are monitored and irrigation is provided based on sensor values. IOT is developing technology using this technology entire land is monitored the former anywhere in world.


      1. Data Collection Module

        In this all the sensor data value of each sensor are collected randomly and transfer through the esp8266 wireless Wi-Fi transmitter with the help of the Arduino UNO. The collected data are transferred to the server and send to the android application named as Agri monitor. From that all the collected data are projected in the application like in differs sensor reading task bar. For based of our need we can ON and OFF the motor using these android applications.

      2. Data Storing and Analysis Module

      All the collected data are stored in the server. By using that collected data we analysis the data for proceeding the daily report in graphical analysis format. using that we can get analysis data for every sensor level and we get the moisture level report and every time analysis manner.


In this effective way we are monitoring the soil level of agriculture land and provide an automatic irrigation. Based on this we are created this project to harvest a healthy agriculture food. Most of the agriculture food is wasted and produced with less nutrients level of food. The less nutrient level is happened because of not proper way of monitoring a soil level of entire land. The one former can monitor a entire land at a time. For this reason, this we are created this project is helpful to agriculture. Agriculture development is a back born of a every country. For this development we are creating project. Our project is monitored real time by IOT server we can monitor entire land and automatic irrigation is providing.


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