Thesis Volume – 08 (2019)

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IJERTTH0011Effect of Cycle Time and Signal Phase on Average Time Delay and safety at Road Intersection in Addis Ababa City: A case study at Hager Astedader Signalized IntersectionDepartment Civil Engineering

Jimma University
Country :Ethiopia

Tarekegn Kemela Shere View


IJERTTH0012Assessment of renewable energy technologies for remote area wireless Base Transceiver Station to reduce carbon footprint: A case study in Dolpa (Nepal).Department of Applied Sciences

Tribhuvan University
Country :NEPAL

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IJERTTH0013Effect of Coal Bottom ash on Strength and Durability Properties of ConcreteDepartment of Civil Engineering

Ramgarhia Institute of Engineering & Technology
Country :INDIA

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IJERTTH0014Water Quality Modelling Along Mahanadi River (Downstream of Hirakud Dam To Delta)Department of Civil Engineering

College of Engineering and Technology
Country :INDIA

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