Online Crime Prevention System

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV10IS020197

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Online Crime Prevention System

Bhawana Thapa, Shirshak Gurung

(Department of Computer Science Engineering)

Abstract:- The client can document the FIR through online, for example type of the case and the detail evection on the event etc. all the details about complaints can be checked and can be saved. The client data will be kept private and just clients grievances will be send to its closest head quarter. The client can FIR through mail and also contact the closest police head quarter. The online crime reporting system gives the platform of transferring pictures of recording of wrong doing scenes to guarantee that police may make a move right away. Using this system he/she can easily register complain with the police. Also the complaint does not need to repeatedly go to the police station getting updates on his case as he/she would be notified through online reporting system.


    A good number of systems had so far been developed with wide range to file a complaint. But the operation cost is very high as well as much time is taken. On other hand, the rate of drug addiction, Child abuse, rape and many other crimes take place in many countries

    Online Crime prevention System helps in getting the district police stations to share information and get in contact with one another. The crime information dictionary provides a facility of reporting crime, Searching, different crime .With the increase of communication system and management applications in our day to day life and public service sector developing online crime reporting system will be a helpful for public. This system works on web where public and police department can use to get effective service compare to the existing manual record management method. The online crime prevention system is enhanced to fully take the responsibility of reporting crime in a manner that will be useful to the people. This distributive characteristic of the online solution helps in getting the different people with district police stations to share information and get in contact with one another. Online crime prevention systems manages criminal details in a centralized database and provide solution for public to give complaint through online and get online service.


    Many new cases of certain crimes like child abuse have been on the rise lately. To address that we are to create a child friendly website which can be used by teachers educate the upcoming generation.


    • We propose that a fir be reported through an online.

    • Public can FIR anytime from anywhere online.

    • Time consuming/less time required.


    Existing pen paper reporting is very burdened as it is very time taking. The digital crime prevention system

    makes the approach of record keeping safe as well as brings up the faster resolution time for crime spot.

    The helpline numbers such as ambulance number, police number are also available in the reporting system which make it valuable and consists lot of benefits.

    In the present scenario filings FIR/complaints is a hectic task since one must go through a very huge process for justice. In order to file a complaints one must search for nearby police station and have to give it as a written statement.

    And this takes nearly a day of an individual. In this busy world, it is not so simple to give up on our routine. The old system of filling complaints affects our daily routines, makes people spend a lot of our precious time.

    Mainly it gives a lot of chances for criminal to escape. To avoid all this miserable we have designed online criminal reporting system makes everything happen in a small amount of time.


    The purpose of this paper is to design a crime management and reporting system to be aimed at:-

    1. To address fast crime reporting, persons emergency case can be send.

    2. To develop a system which help government to solve the high crime rate and accidents.

    3. To ensure the system will be simple to use and user friendly.

    4. To ensure the system will be simple to use and user friendly.

    5. To evaluate the system of its accuracy and speed.

    6. To ensure that the users identity will be enclosed to the database officer only.


      • The users can the missing reports or crime without giving his credential to the system.

      • The users are allowed to file any number of cases.

    These systems consist of three phases as:-

    1. For Police ;

      All the data that user sends regarding complaints will be sent to police, the police needs to login with the username and the password provided to him, as this is not publicly available, whenever they sees the complaints they will be notifies also that they may get offline call as their number will also be available in the crime reporting system.

    2. For General User;

      In this module the user will file a complaint regarding the crime as they will have all location, district, complaints type as well as with their number as they can directly file a complaint to nearby police station.

    3. Cloud Database

    In this paper, cloud will be used for storing database .as we mentioned above in phase (A), the username and password used by police will be cross-verified by the one which is already stored in database. The user complaints will also be present in the database.


    1. React JS

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    2. PHP

      Without PHP Facebook, yahoo, Google wouldnt have existed. PHP is very useful to create webpages.

    3. Google Maps API web services

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In this paper we have overcome the problem of reporting complaints, communication gap between the police and general user. The problem of reporting fake crimes will be overcome as this system will need the verification of police to report incidents. This will be user friendly as well as consists lots of information regarding different kind of crimes.


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