IOT based Wearable Smart Health Band Assistance

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV9IS110069

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IOT based Wearable Smart Health Band Assistance

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Kaveri Ramesh Dabhade, Kiran Suresh Mulik, guided by Himani Jerath

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar (Punjab), India.

Corresponding author: Kaveri Ramesh Dabhade,

Abstract: Web is a significant piece of our life. It has empowered various gadgets to be checked, examined and control absent a lot of human mediation utilizing Internet of Things (IOT) Technology. IOT is a blend of sensors, controllers, remote gadgets for information correspondence. Wellbeing applications are drawing in much consideration and have become a quickly developing part with the expanded prerequisite for self-wellbeing observing. This research paper is an effort to present a measuring device that collects information about physical parameters of human body like heart rate, body temperature, alcohol amount etc. using wearable sensors and helps to analyze and monitor parameters by sending them to android interface using Wi-Fi. The information will be continuously stored on the cloud. This information can be obtained by using a smart health band and a smartphone app. The wearable estimating gadget permits a person to be portable in their own social condition, self-observing and permitting them to live their lives in certainty. The remote prosperity watching system can be applied in the accompanying circumstances:

Critical body organ circumstance.

The circumstance prompting the improvement of a dangerous perilous condition. This is for individuals at a propelled age and possibly having bombing wellbeing conditions.

Keywords BPM, IOT, Smart health, Temperature, Wearable sensors, Wi-Fi.


In the ongoing years remote innovation has expanding for the need of maintaining different parts. In these ongoing years IoT fussed a large portion of mechanical zone extraordinarily robotization and control. Biomedical is one of ongoing pattern to give better medicinal services. In medical clinics as well as the individual wellbeing caring offices are opened by the IoT innovation. For checking procedure and documentation at hospital it requires a ton of time for enrolment, arrangement and afterward check-up. Likewise, reports are produced later. Because of this long procedure working individuals will in general disregard the exams or delay it. This cutting-edge approach diminishes time utilization all the while. Wearable wellbeing observing innovations, including shrewd watches and wellness trackers, have pulled in significant customer enthusiasm in the course of last not many years. Currently, present day wearable gadgets are not, presently just dependent on clear wellbeing following estimations, for example, the measure of steps taken in a day, they also screen immense physiological assessments, for example, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), glucose measures, circulatory strain readings, and much extra success related information. Among

the diverse fundamental signs surveyed, the beat (HR) count has been one of the most noteworthy parameters. For a long time, record Electrocardiogram (ECG) has been utilized as a commanding cardiovascular watching framework to perceive cardiovascular anomalies and to see abnormalities in heart rhythms. For example, for the ECG to work viably, a couple bioelectrodes must be set at certain body domains; this system extraordinarily confines the moving adaptability and transportability of the clients.


Different parameters, for example, Heart rate, internal heat level which are viewed as significant markers of wellbeing status, have an enormous analytic worth. These days, constant and effectively checking of these wellbeing parameters has been conceivable outside the medical clinic condition. With the headway of wearable innovation, these parameters can be observed precisely, ceaselessly and continuously.

PhotoplethysmographyA] Input UnitB] Controlling UnitC] Output unitD] Web connectivityA] Pulse sensorB] LM35 temperature sensorC] MQ-3 alcoholic sensor- Library:D] ControllerE] Display Unit- Programming of TFT:- Graphics PrimitivesA] Bolt IOT Platform and Bolt IOT app for Android 1.Setting Up Bolt device:2. Communication of Bolt devices with Bolt Cloud3. Visualizing the Data (Plotting Graph) on the Bolt cloud4. Use of Bolt app to visualize data:B] Twilio

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