Alumni Management System Solution to Alumni Database

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV11IS050158

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Alumni Management System Solution to Alumni Database

Ms.T. R. Shinde

: Lecturer, Dept. of Information Technology Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic


Rugved Shinde, Makarand Kakad, Shital Ghodke, Prajkta Dodake.

Student, Dept. Information Technology, Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic.

AbstractThe main aim of the project is to build an interaction between alumni, admin and the students; a system that will be able to manage alumni data of a college and provide easy access to the same. The alumni will also be interested to maintain relations with their institutions. Alumni can communicate to the students regarding job opportunities and the students can share the department technology activities to the alumni. The alumni and the student can communicate only through the admin permission. A system that will be able to manage alumni data of a college and provide easy access to the system. Final year students will be initially given a student login ID. Access to the system can help them in building connections to their projects or for placements. The system will automatically list all Alumni information (name, passing year, company currently working in, ) and their status will be transferred from the student module to the alumni module.

Keyword: Database, login, online, web based


    The greatest asset any institution can have is the Alumni system. Alumni are the people who represent the institution in the real world. Alumni website is created for the students that have graduated from the institution. This is an online website that allows former students to take advantage of the benefits and services that an institution offers after graduation. The alumni network is becoming important in the development of the institution because of their vast potential that benefits both the institution and the students. There are many benefits for being an alumni member of a college or institution . Some of these benefits are : keeping a person informed on the events that are organized by the institution, and when some important events are going to be held in the institution. Another benefit is that the information concerning a former student can easily be received and other members of the alumni community can be located without much stress. The student and alumni can communicate with each other.


    1. To build a system that will be able to manage alumni data of a college and provide easy access to the same

    2. To reduce manual work.

    3. To provide user-friendly interface.

    4. Quick data retrieval and large amount of data storing.

    5. To allow old and new students of a university or college to communicate with each other. This allows students to know about each other and their current activities.


    1. Present system

      The existing system is built with innumerable excel sheets that are created by each user. These sheets may be collated by an alumni organization and shared with all the alumni but this activity may not be frequent. E Mail IDs may be freely shared and can lead to excessive spam mails.

    2. Proposed system

    The proposed system will be on-line so it can be accessed by Alumni anywhere. It will enable quick and easy communication. Each user will be responsible for the updating their own information. Each user will also have the option to maintain their privacy.


  1. Login Module:

    The system provides security features through username and password matching where only authorized user can access the system with different authorization level. It includes admin, alumni and faculty.

    • Admin: Admin is super user of this application. The admin functionalities include verifying alumni details, updating password, adding or deleting courses which are there in the college, organizing alumni meet in different city and scheduling training session for current year student.

    • Alumni: This module helps Alumni to register into system by providing valid details. Once the registration is done, details will be sent to admin for approval. This module also allows Alumni to update the password. Once the registration is done user can update his profile.

    • Staff: This module helps staff to register into system by providing valid details. Once the registration is done, details will be sent to admin for approval. This module also allows staff to update the password. Once the registration is done staff can update his profile.

  2. Profile Registration: This allows a faculty and an alumnus to register.

  3. Raise Fund Module: This Module allows alumni to raise funds for the organizations.Alumni donation can be done using credit card or debit card.

  4. Feedback module: This module allows users to post feedback or Review for particular product regarding quality or cost etc.

  5. Training Module: In this module, alumni will participate in training session with the allotted topics. Training sessions are updated by admin.

  6. Alumni Gallery: This module allows alumni to maintain photo gallery of recent alumni meet. It includes images of various alumni events.

  7. Regional users: This module displays groups of alumni from different regions. This module information will be added by the admin.

  8. Alumni office bearers: This module includes various office bearers of alumni as well as each of regional units along with their personal info. Which would be displayed for the users and this info will be updated by the admin.

  9. Search: This module lets an alumni and staff of the college to search different alumni members and other office bearers. This is secured since only authenticated user can search based on criteria like place, position, regional users.

  10. User: It allows user to view gallery, view jobs that are posted by alumni and apply for the same.

  11. Chat: This module allows alumni to chat with his alumni friend of a region or with a group of alumni students.


More and more colleges and universities focus on how to effectively develop and use alumni resources. Combining the problems of alumni management in "Internet+" era, this paper presents an integrated intelligent alumni information management system that implements three breakthroughs. Firstly, build a dedicated communication social networking platform for alumni to increase the communication between alumni, teachers and students and promote the combination of industry, university and research. Next, through the intelligent technology of data acquisition and storage, the system achieves

the effective collection of mass alumni data based on "multi platform", the optimization of alumni management process and the extension of alumni information collection channels. At last, through data mining, machine learning and other technologies, the system can assist decision-making in order to achieve effective, comprehensive and reasonable decisionmaking. In short, colleges and universities should fully mine and use alumni resources to maximize its function through the integrated intelligence alumni information management system.


The successful completion of any task would be incomplete, without the mention of people who are foremost, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our research supervisors who has in the literal sense, guided and supervised us. Their guidance deserves muc more than the credit on the successful completion of our project and also for giving us an opportunity to implant our skills and for providing the required help and co-operation to complete the report. We are indebted with a deep sense of gratitude for the constant inspiration and valuable guidance throughout the work. We are humbly thankful to Prof. T.R. Shinde, H.O.D., Dept of Information Technology for providing us a 24 hour internet access and high bandwidth round the clock responsible for the completion of this work.


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