Trusted Cloud based Storage and Retrival Process using Symmetric Searchable Encryption

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV8IS12009

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Trusted Cloud based Storage and Retrival Process using Symmetric Searchable Encryption

S.Ponni(1), Prakash S(2), Preetha R(3), Srinivedha M P(4)

(1)Assistant Professor CSE,

(2)(3)(4) Final Year Students Department Of CSE Velalar College Of Engineering And Technology Thindal, Erode-12

Abstract:- Cloud computing plays a dominant role in the growth of the countrys economy. A security challenge has become a major threat in the modernization economy. This makes

the problem in rapid economy. Cloud computing techniques are the better choices for this purpose. Cloud computing has many techniques for the purpose of secure protection. Trusted Cloud Based technique involves symmetric key encryption for the safe and secure retrieval of data and files using the keyword. K-means clustering is used for the faster retrieval of data. It will be helpful in faster and secure retrieval of data. Encrypt ; Kmeans

Keywords: Cloud computing; client; Multi-keyword; Admin; clustering.


Every website can have its own identity management system to get entry to information and computing resources. Websites today secure safe and secure way to store and access their data. This is where cloud technology

comes in. Many companies today depend on the cloud for the smooth running of their businesses. Security is one of the most important challenges which might be faced by many Business and Management system. For the safety motive a login key is used. An authorized client can get entry to the website via the login key. Only then view the files and documents that are uploaded. For downloading the file, the client has to enter some of the details that are required for the website to get entry to. An activation code is sent to the respective mail of the client that entered. After entering the code, the client can download the file as required. By doing so, security is ensured. Using cloud infrastructure reduces prices because organizations don't have to spend large quantities of cash buying and preserving equipment. This reduces their capital expenditure costs because they don't need to spend money on hardware, facilities, utilities or building large data centers to deal with their growing organizations.

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