The Effects of Multimedia Softwares and Subscriptions on Collaborative Design

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV11IS040081

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The Effects of Multimedia Softwares and Subscriptions on Collaborative Design

Umang Nandkeolyar, Kabeer

Name of Organisation : Slowburn Studios City : Gugaon, Country : India

Abstract:- In the present world, the technology industry has been significantly operating on a flexible consumption model. Flexible Consumption Models (FCMs) also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) or XaaS models offer customer centric product delivery and business oriented payment options. Therefore, This study investigates the potential of these software and subscriptions and their various effects over collaborative design. These FCM's and SaaS subscription models have helped firms achieve a substantial competitive edge over traditional business models while also meeting consumer requirements, using Toyota's "Just in Time" methodology.

The paper will also look at how consumer expectations are shifting as a result of FCMs and SaaS, as well as the necessity for traditional business and technology firms to rethink their business models. Here, the researcher has enabled the use of secondary data collection methods using different sources from the web, journals, articles, books and new reports presenting the data regarding software and subscriptions models.


    When you consider what IT industry constantly strives: a method to boost capacity or add capabilities on the go without investing in new equipment, training new employees, or licensing new software, cloud computing comes into focus. Cloud computing refers to any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that expands IT's current capabilities in real time through the Internet. (Eric Knoww, Galen Gruman 2008)

    Productivity is an economic term that refers to the amount of product produced per unit of input in an economy. We shall use the generic idea of value to refer to a unit of output and the concept of cost to refer to a unit of input. Thus, a straightforward definition of productivity is value/cost. Modern frameworks for business acceleration have emerged steadily over time. They evolved from simple informative tools giving broad information on how to help a business to multi-factor acceleration programmes. They now include a number of elements that can assist both established businesses and emerging ventures in maturing their business concepts, developing sustainable business models, exploring appropriate funding options, and connecting with business angels, venture capital firms, and corporate funding entities.[1].


    The concept of Slowburn Studios was first derived when four award winning graduates from diverse backgrounds (UX Design, Film, Engineering & Luxury) proposed to start an agency which dealt with business acceleration. Slowburn studios is also an independent brand acceleration company that focuses on character-driven advertisements, narrative films, and powerful documentaries. The studio works as a creative content studios and video production company with agencies and brands to create exceptional content at any budget level. Based in New Delhi, Slowburn Studios, offers a flexible solution dedicated to servicing the needs of film makers, photographers, media-related productions and brands of any size. Offered are state of the art Photography Studio, 6K Filming Equipment & 4k Post-Production Stations along with imported Cinema Lenses, Media Storage, Lens Filters and variety of licensed software.

    This includes product pitch & proposal which means to carry out a thorough brand analysis and establish brand goals & objectives to plan the product pitch and proposal, Integrate Sales/Lead Funnel Strategies which includes the cracking the core of the brand with target market research and competitor analysis, marketing and sales/lead funnel, Brand Development which includes implementation of brand development plan through different verticals such as Brand identity & Logo Design, Paid SMD & Marketing, Ad Films & E-Commerce Photography, Digital Media Solutions, 3D/2D Modelling & Art Direction, Cloud VPS Hosting, Ed-Tech Program and finally overall management. [2]


Recent advances in computer networks and communication have enabled multiple designers to collaborate using a computer- mediated environment. These developments are reflected in growing number of experimental visual design studio and graphics related softwares. [2].


Trello Board features as fragmented infromation and access to the new content only after the consolidation of the already learned; an optical reflection of accelerated business progress and synthesis of new skills. Trello board is a critical piece of software which is used by the agency to collaborate, manage projects and to reach productivity peaks. The board consists of lists and cards which are the building blocks of organizing work on a Trello Board. Task assignments can be produced with timelines, productivity metrics, calenders for time mangement, links and other dashboard metrics . A Trello card can be opened and archieved with a click, can be broken down with file attachements, reminders, checklists and other emoji reactons. Collaborative sync can be synergized as the software works with 3rd party apps such as Slack, Google Drive and so on. Assignments can be scheduled with the power of automation like moving lists, possibility of customizing buttons and colour tags.


Slack is a business-focused messaging platform that connects users to relevant information. Slack transforms the way businesses engage by bringing employees together to work as a cohesive team. Slack increases productivity by organising workspaces or channels in which all the people, messages, and files associated with a certain topic are centralised and may be moved around in accordance with a common view. Slack connect may be utilised in conjunction with partners, vendors, and customers by consolidating communications from email threads into a single location. Collaboration with other organisations is possible, as is top-tier enterprise support and response times are significantly reduced. Slack integrates directly with third-party software, streamlining functions like as meeting scheduling, document sharing, and other mundane chores. Jira, Trello, Google Drive, and Microsoft Suite are just a few of the key softwares that may be utilised directly with Slack. Slowburn relies on Slack to aid with Sales (closing sales quicker), Client Success (developing customer connections), Service (resolving customer issues faster), Marketing (collaborating with agency partners), Operations (collaborating with vendors and suppliers), and Business Development (Work quickly with partners on join intiatives).

G Suite

Google Suite or commonly referred to as Google Workspace is the backbone plaform on which Slowburn Studios run. Some of the the most important software such as Gmail, Docs, Calender, Drive, Meet, Slides, Sheets and Chat are all part of the G Suite.

The agency uses Gmail to establish consumer trust by providing each employee with a professional email address on the companys domain such as or It is a powerful tool which has robust integrations with can connect with collegues via google meet or chat. Moreover, third party application collaboration can via the side panel or the google workspace add- ons. Important features such as Smart Reply, Smart Compose, Grammer Suggestions and nudges can be used for time efficiency. Keeping in mind of the safety from internet spam nd virues, the software comes with backups, spam protection and industry- leading security measures to help protect business data.

Drive is the agency's primary programme for storing, accessing, and sharing business data. The platform, which is powered by AI and machine learning, utilises Google workspace for flexible storage choices and rapid access to link many users for notice of files that require attention. Drives may be shared to securely store team work, shared spaces can be managed for file and productivity synchronisation, and drives can be managed via file management for convenient sharing. Drive may be used in conjunction with third-party plugins and integrated applications to facilitate collaboration.

Docs is an online service that enables us to create and modify text documents directly in our browser, without the need for additional software. Several critical features include collaborative work on a single document with team members or individuals outside the organisation, comments and built-in chatting or asking questions, importing documents for instant edits including Microsoft Word and PDF files, exporting work in docx, pdfs, odt., rtf, txt, and others, and tracking document changes through automatic saving of previous versions. Collaboration is facilitated further by the fact that these documents can be created, edited, and shared across multiple platforms, as well as through the management of control sharing and the use of third-party add-ons that perform tasks such as researching topics, defining words, including citations, advanced formatting, and mail merge.

Calendar is a tool that the agency uses to schedule activities and meetings. The software is available both offline and online, and it is possible to establish group calendars that are accessible to numerous groups within an organisation. Among the features are migration to third-party applications, publishing of events across many platforms, and future reservation of shared rooms.

The agency uses Meet for video conferencing and morning gatherings, during which tasks may be distributed to teams remotely. Links can be shared with up to 30 colleagues through video call. Meet may be connected with other Google Suite apps, and participants can attend meetings on the move using the dedicated meet application or third-party programmes such as Skype or Microsoft Teams.

Adobe Suite

Adobe Creative Cloud All apps consists of the best creative softwares for creative solutions. With this suite the users can quickly and confidently with time to spare move smoothly between 20+ integrated apps, find and add assets and share them in

flow over the creative cloud for review. [3] Photographic Software : Lightroom and Photoshop are the main software which are used by the agency for editing and transformation of images.

Lightroom can be used to brighten photos, color editing, mask distractions can be made. Advanced editing is made easier with presets for vintage travel, detailed adjustments can be made with specified options such as Light Exposure, Highlights and Shadows. Multiple devices can be utilized with access to cloud storage with the support of intelligent search which simplifies the process of locating and managing photographs. With the power of AI, Lightroom can suggest the best preset for editing photos. [4]

Photoshop can be used to help businesses expand in a variety of ways, including creating posters, flyers, brochures, and adverts. Additionally, it may utilise significant approaches such as innovative colour combinations and dimension strengthening to bring a brilliant image of paradise to any area for picture retouching and remixing at the highest levels. Photoshop was used to produce these innovative Instagram marketing posts using a 3×3 grid pattern. Several of Photoshop's most useful features include picture editing using Neural Filters, which enables us to swiftly colour a scene, merge various landscapes to create a completely new one, transfer colours across images, and modify someone's attitude, age, or stance. By merely lingering over a piece of the image, you may do a quick-click selection. Photoshop may also be used to adjust colour, stroke, masks, and layers in Illustrator vector artwork. Photoshop work may be shared through cloud on a variety of platforms, including web, desktop, and iPad, and receives continuous upgrades to maintain a creative flow with new plugins. [5]

Illustrator is a critical piece of software that the agency use for content production, vector graphic design, packaging design, and campaign concept generation. It's an excellent tool for designing packaging, logos, and online graphics, among other things. With resizing capabilities, tools such as recolouring and adding custom effects may be incorporated. Collaborative work is possible with this programme due to the ability to share projects through the cloud. The programme includes a wealth of inspiring information and lessons that will assist users in taking their ideas to the next level. The availability of regular updates to Adobe fonts and 3D effects in vector designs aids in the significant evolution of projects. [6]

For Video Editing the agency makes use of the software Premier Pro. Premiere Pro is a helpful software which crafts stories with tools to utilize projects. Some of the key features of the software are Importing and edit, adding effects, and export footage to desired destination, sharing professional templates, customization of animated graphics and titles, shifting colors, and adding audio to the story. The software can be used seamlessly with other apps from the creative cloud and other third party apps and in terms of devices can edit all kinds of footage, from a professional camera to the best phones-upto 8k resolution. [7]

Adobe Xd is another key piece of software that the agency relies on to create faultless UX/UI design. It is capable of developing websites, mobile applications, voice interfaces, and other wristwatch applications. Additionally, it can be effortlessly synchronised with other applications, and many displays may be connected to define interactivity and turn static drawings into fully interactive prototypes. The programme includes touch and mouse motions, keyboard and game pad input, voice commands, and speech and audio playback. Moreover, the programme has simple-to-use vector animation capabilities for creating everything from simple interactions to more elaborate motion designs. Collaborative work can be accomplished by exchanging assets via design systems in order to maintain all registered users' profiles up to date. Clients and stakeholders may inspect and assess designs immediately, as development can be done directly through coding. Some of the advanced features for the purpose of collaboration are where handoffs layouts and assets can be designed, CSS snippets can be published, showcase of work by editing and publishing directly to behance, links can be shared, assets can be directly to the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.


The study and practise of marketing have expanded significantly, moving away from an emphasis on marketing as a functional management issue and toward a greater emphasis on marketing's strategic role in overall company strategy. (e.g., Kotler, 2000; Sudharshan , 1995). In such a global context, businesses' marketing strategies should be built around three critical aspects (Zou and Cavusgil, 2002): (1) standardization-adaptation, (2) configuration-coordination, and (3) strategic integration. According to Sudharshan (1995), marketing strategy is the process through which a business develops and decides on its connections with key stakeholders, product offers, resource allocation, and timing.

At Slowburn Studios for the purpose of marketing strategies, paid campaigns(Atl, BTL, TTL) content and original branding content collaboration via softwares plays a vital role in exercising authenticity.


Instagram, a mobile picture (and video) capture and sharing service, has rapidly risen to prominence as a new media in recent years. It enables users to instantly capture and share life experiences with their friends via a sequence of (filter-manipulated) photos and videos. Since its October 2010 start, it has grown to over 150 million active members, with an average of 55 million photographs posted daily and over 16 billion photos shared (Instagram 2013). Instagram's meteoric rise corroborates a recent

Pew survey stating that images and videos have become the primary social currency online. (Rainie, Brenner and Purcell 2012). Instagram is a popular picture (video) sharing and capturing smartphone application that has grown to over 150 million registered users since its October 2010 introduction. It enables users to upload photos and videos using their cellphones, manipulate them using different manipulation tools 16 filters to alter their look, and broadcast them quickly on numerous networks (e.g., Twitter) in addition to the user's Instagram profile. Additionally, it enables users to include captions and hashtags (using the # symbol) to explain their images and videos, as well as tag or mention other users using the @ symbol (which essentially establishes a link from their postings to the referred user's account). Apart from photo capture and processing, Instagram offers a comparable social networking experience to Twitter, allowing users to follow an unlimited number of other users, dubbed "friends." By contrast, "followers" refers to users who follow an Instagram user. The social network on Instagram is asymmetric, which means that if user A follows user B, user B is not required to follow back. Additionally, users may configure their privacy settings to limit access to their uploaded photographs and videos to their followers, who must be approved by the user. By default, their photographs and videos are public, meaning they are viewable to everyone who uses the Instagram app or website. Users consume photographs and videos primarily through a central page that displays a "stream" of all their friends' most recent photos and movies in reverse chronological order. Additionally, they have the option of favouriting or commenting on these postings. These activities will display on the referenced user's "Updates" tab, allowing users to keep track of their posts' "likes" and comments. Given these features, we view Instagram, like other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as a sort of social awareness stream (Naaman, Boase, and Lai 2010). With Instagram, products can easily be discovered with fully stocked catalogue, curated collections,product tage and love shopping for engagement of current and potential customer. Stories and reels can be created in different creative fashion for more intutive engagement [9]

The agency utilises Facebook Ads as a very productive platform. It had about 1.23 billion active users, worked with both B2C and B2B model businesses, and assisted develop revenue generating business models on a larger scale. It is a simple-to-use advertisement platform that can be set up in less than ten minutes and is completely hassle-free to administer. Following that, an objective can be selected, an audience can be created based on the desired demographics, ads can be run on multiple software platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, budgets can be established with a variety of different styles, and finally, it can be launched and tracked seamlessly. Collaboration is facilitated by the fact that advertising can be monitored across the majority of key devices, ads can be automatically put with the option of resizing and formatting, and new themes can be set with KPIs and analytics tracking. Some common Facebook Ads are :

Link Click Ads

Video Ads

Boosted Page Posts

Multi Product (Carouse 1 Ads)

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Facebook Lead Ads

Canvas Ads

Collection Ads

Page Post Photo Video Ads

Page Like Ads

Page Post Text Ads

Mobile App Ads

Desktop App Ads

Event Ads

Viswanath, Mislove, Cha, and Gummad (2009) examined the development of user activity and the strength of social bonds on Facebook over time. Only 30% of Facebook conversations between pairs of people continue month after month. Many of these continuing activities are facilitated by Facebook features such as birthday reminders. This demonstrates that Facebook users make advantage of the social plug-ins available on the platform. Recent research by Nelson-Field et al. (2012) examined the value of Facebook's reach as a media platform. It shows that heavy consumers of brands are more likely to be 'fans' of firms' pages than light customers, highlighting the value of utilising Facebook alongside other marketing vehicles.

Website Development, Hosting and Other Misc Activities

A content management system (CMS) is frequently defined as a productive collection of interconnected components that enables users to manipulate, manage, and alter data in real time. It is an interactive tool that is critical for quickly constructing web pages. Apart from static or dynamic websites, Content Management System's architecture is somewhat different since it is distributed, i.e. various individuals from different countries may communicate via a single CMS.

The beauty of a content management system is that it enables organised content management capabilities such as the storage of text documents, photos, video, and any other sort of online material. Multiple editors and sections are supported by the CMS platform, which is utilised as the foundation for a huge number of major websites.

WordPress is the most frequently used content management system on the web, and according to one figure provided at [19], WordPress manages 48% of the top 100 blogs. One of the primary aspects of the Word Press content management system is its ability to mould the contents in whatever way the user desires. Supportive themes and plugins have been provided by many developers to improve the efficiency of data transmission between websites. According to the website "85ideas," there are the top 10 plugins that enable you to convert your website's content into a Wiki. One of the most popular plugins is "WikiLite," which was created by a group of developers known as "WPMUDev." For the designing process, more than 100 themes are offered. Collaborative content contributors are the primary stakeholders who alter the data over time. By utilising the "Elementor Pro" plugin, the WordPress CMS Tool may assist you in managing several forums on a single website. Once installed, this plugin integrates with the WordPress Dashboard, allowing the administrator to build various forums for his or her website. Another feature that brings comfort to the administrator is the forum's autonomy. WordPress is a highly interactive content management system (CMS), since it has the capacity to mould its themes to function on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. When an administrator activates a theme from the dashboard, the default theme structure is Desktop View. By tweaking the theme's layout, the user may adjust the theme's responsiveness to his or her liking. It it one of the most powerful open source software which is utilized by the agency to create and manage client le websites.


SSL ("secure socket layer") is the industry-standard way for securely connecting a web server and a browser. It ensures that all data transmitted between the web server nd browsers remains private and fundamental, allowing you and your website's users to feel secure.

Clients put their information on the cloud and never again have it locally. This ensures the accuracy and accessibility of the information documents stored on the scattered cloud servers. All information streams via the web should be safe in cloud computing with the explicit purpose of avoiding as well as predicting the leakage of sensitive information. This involves the use of strong system activity encryption technologies, such as SecureSocket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), to ensure systemactivity security. SSL (Secure SocketLayer) is a Netscape-developed standard that permits secure communication between a computer programme and a web server; it enables the web software to validate the web server. SSL stands for SecureSockets Layer, which was invented by Netscape and is the de facto Internet standard for secure messaging.

Ed-Tech Program

Slowburn Studios works towards developing numerous Ed-tech-related products & courses, they are a technology company that specialises in teaching and learning solutions via the use of digital, cloud, process automation, analytics, and sound learning design principles. Curriculum design and course creation, content development, customer education, digital learning infrastructure, professional learning, and digital content and curriculum development are only a few of the significant innovations included in this sector. Scale, speed, and quality are the three critical factors that are taken into account when it comes to Ed-Tech business transformation. Scale represents organisational ethics and efficiency through partnerships with industry-standard publishers and technological solutions. Speed represents subject competence and domain knowledge gained through industry knowledge. Quality represents content compression for the greatest student experience. Additionally, the organisation utilises academic support and counselling for potential student customers through the Ed-tech programme administration.


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