Smart Real Time Data Logging System for Industrial Automation using I2C Protocol

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Smart Real Time Data Logging System for Industrial Automation using I2C Protocol

  1. Sarojini1 Assistant Professor, Department of ECE,

    Government College of Engineering Srirangam

  2. Ramalingam3* Research Scholar, Department of EEE,

  1. Vijayakumar2 Assistant Professor, Department of ECE,

    Government College of Engineering Dharmapuri

    Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology Karaikudi

    Abstract- This proposed paper work aims to develop a I2C protocol based industrial machine status and data monitoring system. It was the I2C bus for addressing the machines and it also has the capability of connecting up to 256 machines. We can do this in a single I2C chip. In order to reduce the cost, manual work and interfaced with ATmega 328 microcontroller and to improve the efficiency by using I2C bus. The industrial remote machine monitoring system plays an important role in industrial application and they are to a large extent universally.

    The aim of the present work was to design and implement completely machine-controlled microcontroller- based data acquisition system to measure the temperature and appreciate monitoring the switching status of the machine ON/OFF and also the data is hold on in memory with date and time in an exceedingly working environment for industrial application using ARDUINO. The system consists of a temperature sensing element (LM35), bus protocol, RTC module, data logger with a memory card for storing data and time and additionally note that time at which the machine stops the function. The sensor and machine on/off status circuits are interfaced to the arduino and the processing data will stored in micro memory Card (SD card) and all data send to an android app or web server using the Ethernet connection synchronously. The collected data will be displayed on the webpage and also the user allows downloading the information directly from the web server. Such an intelligent smart system diminishes human effort and automates the repeated tasks in industrial applications.

    Keywords: Data logger, SD Card, ARDUINO, RTC, I2C, Industrial automation


      As the advancement in the technology is happening all the system in the industries are becoming complex [1] and are also being used in the harsh environment. Because of the Complexity of the system and the environmental condition human intervention to know the system status is difficult. The Proposed system will be used to know the processing status of the system and to control it if the system is in critical condition.

      The embedded system has to work in real time and must be low cost providing high performance. Industry automation can be possible in either wired or wireless. Many technologies are available for industry automation. But I2C

      is superior among all this these technologies. As I2C has the feature of low cost, easy to implement, Error checking, high data transmission rate. Hence this project describes the I2C based communication between the electronic devices for industrial automation [2].

      In general industrial machine monitoring is a process of periodically monitoring the status of the machine to reinforce the overall products productivity. The information sent by the machine monitoring system is incredibly important for the managers and higher officials to analyses the production factors and also to resolve problems like production delay, production misfortune, and improper sustenance as the breakdown takes an extended time to get reported and fixed. This delay leads the devices to be unused for several days. Such issues are resolved by this machine monitoring system which monitors the status of the machine from any locations. Industrial automation expedites to extend the product quality, irresponsibleness and production rate. This paper work is to enhance a completely arduino machine-controlled data acquisition system for factory automation. The projected system is the industrial based machine status monitoring using data logging system [6].


      In the existing systems we used the CAN protocol, web based applications, ZIGBEE and GSM protocol to monitor the machine status, temperature and other physical parameters [2]. In CAN based system it provides the communication between the electronic devices for industrial automation. And in ZIGBEE and GSM, the machines temperature, voltage, humidity and ON-OFF status of the machine were monitored and recorded.

      They will be updated on the web server and later downloaded by the user at any time. Further they also used remote based machine status monitoring system. The limitations of the existing system includes that the CAN bus are costlier and we can't interface many machines at a time. Moreover in the existing system only the switching status of the machine, temperature and humidity levels were measured [6].

      But in the proposed system we can monitor and store the date and time, machines ON-OFF status. And also we can monitor the more number of industrial machines at a time without any manual control. Here the data are stored automatically in the SD card and computer terminal. And we retrieve the data whenever it is needed. So it reduces the time consumption, man power and also avoids the manual errors.


        1. System Design

          This project Real Time Data Logging System for Industrial Application using I2C mainly projects on both the hardware as well as software. The hardware implementation is done using the ARDUINO microcontroller, Toggle switches, RTC, LCD and I2C and the software implementation is done using ARDUINO IDE software and it is simulated, uploaded to the flash memory in the ARDUINO controller. This method enables data analysis which would be useful in storing the data in micro SD card. Using the SD card we can retrieve the data at any cost. In this system we use RTC module for displaying the data and time and also note that time at which the machine stops the function.


          This project "Real Time Data Logging System for Industrial Application using I2C" as the various hardware components such as the Microcontroller, LCD, relay, SD card module, RTC and I2C bus. The Design Flow of Data Logger shown in Fig 1. Such an advanced technology system reduces human work and automates the repeated tasks in industrial applications.

          Fig 2 shows the proposed industrial data logger system. We use various loads for the industrial applicants such as light, fan, machines, A.C, exhaust fan, fire extinguisher and motor. We use ARDUINO Microcontroller as the main controller unit where the input and the output interface can be used. We use12V D.C adapter where the loads can be simultaneously accessed by using the relays an d this can be both automatically as well as manually controlled and it can be turned on and off. It is used as an embedded server with all data back up in an SD


          Fig.1 Block diagram of proposed system

          Fig.2 Flow diagram of proposed system

        3. DATA LOGGER

          The ability of data logger system is automatically collect data of machine on/off status on a every 24-hour per day .the information are stored and retrieved in SD card and also sent the data to web server using Ethernet protocol. all data are written with date and time using RTC module in SD card.

          Fig.3Circuit for Microcontroller interfacing with I2C Bus

        4. ARDUINO

          The ATMEGA328 has 14 I/O lines, serial communication and 6 ADC(A0 to A5) converter. The device operates in 5v. RTC module, SD card and Ic chip are interfaced with microcontroller chip.

          Fig.4 Arduino Microcontroller


          The I2C chip has remote I/O growth for arduino microcontroller by victimization serial clock (SCL) and serial information (SDA) line. it has 8bit I/O expander for 2 line biface bus (I2C) is meant for 5v VCC operation. The device i2c chip is an 8-bit-bidirectional Input and output port (P0P7), as well as secured outputs with high-current drive capability.

          Fig 5. Microcontroller interfacing with I2C Bus

        6. MICRO SD CARD

          It is the tiniest memory card which will be bought; at fifteen millimeter x eleven millimeter (about the scale of a fingernail), it's a few quarter of the scale of the traditional sized sd card.

          This module uses the quality SPI interface for communication, that associate SPI buses, MISO, MOSI, SCK, and a Cs signal pin through programming, the information will simply be browse and compose into sd Card by exploitation the ARDUINO or alternative microcontrollers.

        7. RTC MODULE:

          The RTC module DS1307 works on I2C protocol. Using I2C communication, all Data from different registers can be read by accessing their addresses for reading the module supported DS1307, it may be a low-power, and binary-coded decimal and SRAM is 56 bytes. The RTC module provides the information of year, month, date, seconds, minutes, hours and day. The tip of the month date is mechanically adjusted for months with fewer than thirty one days, together with corrections for intercalary year. The real time clock ds1307 module working in either the 12-hour or 24-hour schedule with AM/PM. In order to use an RTC module, we need to first program it with the default present date and time. Once this is done, the RTC registers can be read any time to process the time and date.

          Fig 6. RTC DS1307 Modules

        8. Liquid Crystal Display:

      The LCD is a alpha numeric display .it has 16 character and 2 row line. it is interfaced with arduino microcontroller. It has three command line RS,R/W and enable line .it has 4 bit data lines are connected to arduino I/O pins. the LCD data is programmed by embedded C language. The microcontroller sends the information to LCD.

      Fig 7. Circuit diagram for Interfacing LCD



          In machinery industry there is a necessity to check all of the machines are working or not working. So here we have to provide a system to monitor whether all machines are working or not working (i.e) working status. In industrial automation, we use I2C that reduces large amount of man power because in this method single person monitor the entire network by a system. It is also reduce the time consumption. It checks the previous status of all

          machines by using data base and to increase the speed of data transmission.

          Fig.8 Hardware Implementation

          Fig. 9 SD card and Machine ON-OFF status output


          • More than one master device can be used in the circuit.

          • I2C requires only two wires for communication

          • This results into smaller and less expensive PCBs.

          • Addition of any extra device is very easy


This project concluded that automated industrial data logging system which it is used to monitor the machine status and also store the data regarding to the machines status from on to till off. It was the I2C bus for addressing the machines and it also has the capability of connecting up to 256 machines. We can do this in a single I2C chip. In order to reduce the cost, manual work and interfaced with atmega 328 microcontroller and to increase the efficiency by using I2C bus.In this project, a data logger system has been used for recording the measurements at set the interval over the period of time. Micro SD card is used for storing the data and we can also retrieve the data. Thus it reduces the manual errors.

RTC is used to provide the real time, date and month. LCD displays the machines on-off status with perfect date and time. All these data are stored in the SD card which is connected to the computer terminal through USB port. By using this project, the managers or higher

officials can able to view the status of the machine at their place, they can also able to analyses the profit loss of the products production. The managers of the particular organization need not to be depending upon any supervisors bug report. In future work we have to implement the data logging system using FPGA and internet of things.


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