Smart Collage Management System

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV7IS09017

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Smart Collage Management System

Suman Chatterjee,

Student of MCA Acharya Institute of Technology

Manish Kumar Thakur, professor department of MCA, Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalire, India

Abstract – Smart College Management system is an android based application which is the new technical way to manage all department related jobs. Smart Collage management system is helpful for students as well as the colleges. In the existing system all the activities are done manually. It is very costly and time consuming. In our proposed system, students can view results using Android phones. The data will be stored in the college server. To store the data SQL server will be used. The Admin, Faculty or the student should be a register user. The faculty can login into their college account through the app itself and update the academic result like internal exam marks obtained by the students. In this system students have easy access for viewing the marks, The application will check user authentications. Students are not permitted to manipulate any data. The proposed work has two modules: A. Student B. Teacher C. Admin. In the students module, students need to register their university registration number, college registration number, student name. Admin module maintains the students marks of internal college exams. Other than this the advanced features are: In case of natural calamities such as floods, etc. notification to students will be sent from admin office through app directly. Any new notice for a particular semester will be uploaded by professor through application notifying to respective semester students. The students can download deferent subject notes according to their departments. Application also includes logic to support above mentioned facilities to its students, however if the person downloading the application is not a student but an aspirant who has completed HSC and wants to know about the college then it only includes the advertisement of the college. Senior college toppers can also share their tips and tricks with other students via chat interface. Students attendance is also monitored by the application.

Keywords – Android, Results, Attendance, Notification, Notes, Feedback.


    The design and implementation of the system is to provide service in institute and colleges. The system is to provide comprehensive student information system and user interface is to replace the current paper records. College Staff uploads attendance, results, share subject notes and college notifications through a secure, online interface using android devices. All data will be stored on the collage server and validated on the server before actual record alteration occurs. The system plans for student user interface, allowing students to access tips and tricks as provided by their seniors. All data is stored securely on SQL servers managed by the college Administrator. This system will decreases the paperwork and time needed to

    access student records. Previously, college relied heavily on paper records for this initiative which had its own disadvantages. This system provides a simple interface for the maintenance of student information. It can be used by educational institutes or colleges to maintain the records of students easily. Achieving this objective is difficult using a manual system as the information are scattered, can be redundant and collecting relevant information may be very time consuming. Our proposed system ensures to overcome these limitations. . Online Attendance and Feedback System is software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes. If facilitates to access the information of a particular student in a particular class. There is another part which is feedback, the student can give the feedback at anytime from anywhere to faculty. This feedback can be reviewed by the admin or the management committee of the institute through which the confidentiality of the feedback of the faculty can be maintained. This application is developed for daily student attendance in colleges and institutes. The teachers can send the attendance summary and feedback about the students to their parents. It can also be useful in an organization or company at a certain limit not the whole application.

    Existing System

    The system which is used nowadays has some drawbacks which need to be improved for better performance. The system through which the feedback is taken is not good enough. The views of each and every student are not expressed through these systems. As the technology is developed day by day we need to use this technology so we can get an efficient result in adequate time. For attendance management in the present system all work is done on paper. The whole session attendance is stored in register and at the end of the session the reports are generated. We are not interested in generating report in the middle of the session or as per the requirement because it takes more time in calculation. At the end of session the students who dont have 75% attendance get a notice. This is a very time consuming process. In the present system the result is viewed on the notice board. It requires lot of paperwork and is time consuming. Moreover, there is no system still present through which students can take advice from senior students. College cannot even provide urgent notifications to students in case of emergency.


  1. The existing system is not user friendly because the retrieval of data is very slow and data is stored manually. The use of the some technology can be complicated and time consuming. These system need to handle by specialist for maintaining and update the system which can again be very costly.

  2. It require more calculations to generate the report like attendance calculation, percentage calculation etc. so it is generated at the end of the session. Hence requires more time to display the report.

  3. All calculations to generate report is done manually so there is greater chance of errors. Here the faculty has to suffer a lot through the calculation and if there is a loss of some report then it may cause a lot of problem. This is time consuming also due to exaggerating calculation. Even after that there are some miscalculation which is very frustrating for the faculty. These calculations also effects the marks of the students which will finally led to their percentage.

  4. In this existing system the papers can miss placed and documents can be loss. This will cause extra work for the admin department stuffs.


    The system architecture has a smart phone with android OS, a web services, a database server and the user as its components. The android smart phone or tablet must use 3G,4G or Wi-Fi network for internet connectivity to ensure better performance The user will login to the application through an android smart phone. The user-type is verified with the database server and access is given to the appropriate user. The web application also can be used to login and perform certain operations such as ensures that internet is on. In this module, application generates PDF file dynamically using java program.

    Notification Module:

    This module allows the department Admin to update students about any college related information like exam dates, events, seminar etc through notification message. The students can view notifications provided by the interface provided by application. Admin can send message to only available options like all student, all faculty, specific facult and to all.


    The detailed workflow of this application is as follows: The application is divided into 3 sub- groups-

    1. Admin

      • Admin Registration

        The first step in this application is to get the HOD, staff members and teaching faculty to register. They need to first register their phones IMEI number in the database. The respective person will then provide his or her phones e-mail id and password for registration. An OTP would be then sent via e-mail address on the phone by the admin or faculty.

      • Admin Login

        After registering the admin is allowed to log in. He or she can now view admin homepage where there are options to take attendance, upload results, send notifications to student. He can also view the attendance taken and uploaded results.

      • Take Attendance

        Here, system will validate admin to check whether admin is applicable to take attendance for any subject which he/she selected from the application after validation is success. Next function of this module to check the time-table database to know when to allow admin to upload attendance. If admin is legitimate to take attendance and applying the operation at correct lecture time, now he can take attendance.

      • Upload Result

        Admin can upload students term-test marks through application. The same authentication will be performed by system as Take attendance module. This will not be complete without HODs permission as HOD can only allow faculties to upload marks.

      • Upload Final attendance sheet

        A report is generated which has the students name, roll no., students attendance. This module categorised student according to their attendance.

      • Send notification to students/faculty

        Admin can send notification to students or teaching faculty or some selected faculty or that faculty he wants to communicate his message to. Notifications related to college meeting, seminar important information, training and placement related information.

    2. Faculty/ Teaching Staff

      • Take Attendance

        Teaching faculty can take attendance of students during the lecture i.e. within that time frame. If he or she takes attendance anytime else he is not allowed to do that. The attendance data will be stored in the collage database according to date and after every month the percentage will be generated. The generated data will be stored for future use.

      • Upload Result

        Faculties can even upload results of the students. The Students can directly check their marks through the application.

      • View Uploaded Result

        Result that is been uploaded can be viewed by the professor through the application. It will be stored in the collage database for future use.

      • Check notifications

        Faculty can receive important announcements, information regarding meetings from the HOD or admin through these notifications.

    3. Student

      • View Attendance

        Students can view attendance uploaded by the faculty or admin. They can check the attendance at any time but they cannot manipulate the data.

      • View Results

        Students can even view results uploaded by the HOD or faculty. They can check the marks at any time.

      • View notices sent by college

Notices are sent to the students by HOD or admin. Useful information, college notices, important announcements are received on students registered phone. They can view it anytime.

4. REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS A] Hardware Requirement

  1. Intel Quad core 2.30 GHZ Processor or above.

  2. Minimum 100 GB HD.

  3. Minimum 4 GB of RAM.

5. Standard Keyboard and Serial Mouse.

B] Software Requirement

  1. Android Studio.

  2. GCM Server

  3. SQL Server (Either on local host/domain)

  4. WAMP / PHPmyAdmin tool


The application will be very simple and it will also simplify the and speed up the result preparation and management process.

  1. An application will also do the promotion of the collage.

  2. As the current system is manual it does not require any sophisticated training for the User of the system and now days android is the most used OS.

  3. It overcomes the limitations of the web based system as our proposed system is developed on Android OS and it will be more handy for the user. It will take less time to perform all tasks.

  4. Students do not need to check the notice board every day and every one will stay updated.

  5. This project will cater facilities to all the existing versions of android devices. The mistake probability will be the lowest because of the automatic generation of the result by the application.


      This android based project will do the task through the application. It will decries the paper work. The admin, faculty or the student will perform all the task very easily and more convenience way. The application offers reliability, security, time savings and easy control. . It can be used as a base for creating and enhancing

      applications for viewing results, tracking attendance for colleges. Students and their parents will also view results, attendance and curriculum details using this application. Also students can view details, notifications anywhere and anytime. The application will greatly simplify and speed up the result preparation and management process. The proposed system will decries the work time of the admin as well as the faculty. This will brings more perfection to the work.


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