Role of Computers in Development of Rural Areas

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV3IS20027

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Role of Computers in Development of Rural Areas

Miss. Snehalata D. Ulhe

Department of MCA

Prof.Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research Badnera(Maharashtra),India

Abstract Computer and internet providing new access and approaches for rural development. Different sectors like agriculture,education,health can get benefit from these technologies.There is gap among rural speople and computers.There is need to provide opportunities for rural people to learn these technologies.

Keywords-Computer,Internet,Information technology,Rural Development


    Computer has become the essential part of life in this era of Information Technology. The computer with internet provides us information about anything at anytime. In early days when computer was just introduced, people were interested in keeping their information secret. But nowadays they like to share information. In future, Poverty will be measured in terms of Information. Even though the computer is available at various centers it is not sufficient. Most of the people do not know how to use it. Indias 70% population lives in rural areas. Rural and native people

    weather forecast

    Transport & marketing






    represent the "last mile of connectivity". The percentage of literacy in India is approximately 66%and computer literacy is approximately 6.5% which is matter of great concern.

    Computer Literate Population

    Illiterate population

    Fig 2 Different sectors related to rural development

    Progress of our country is directly proportional to development of rural areas and people living in rural area. If people in rural area become computer literate then they can acquire knowledge in various fields like education, agriculture, business, and health & government sector. Therefore, we can see a novel and developed India.

  2. COMPUTER AND AGRICULTURE Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Most of the

    Literate Population

    Illiterate population

    Literate Population

    Computer Literate Population

    people in rural areas are directly or indirectly reliant on agriculture. Farming involves risk & uncertainties. We can use computer for betterment of agriculture sector. We can use computers for following purpose:-

    1. Technical knowledge and guidance from expert for cultivation of crop like Shed-net or poly house.

    2. Testing of soil, supply of water in proper quantity (drip irrigation).

    3. Management of water, fertilizers, pesticides etc.

      Fig 1: Literacy according to Census 2011

    4. Expert consultation for diseases on crops via video- conferencing.

    5. Graphics or 3-D diagrams of crops and lands are easy to understand for rural people.

    By making proper use of resources, expenses and wastage of money can be handled for reduction of cost. If people in rural areas become computer literate and if they know how to use computer to get information. They can definitely change activities and develop their standard of living also.


    Rural youths are not in a position to learn and get higher education, pre-dominantly computer education. With the help of computers teaching and learning can be made interesting. Even if students feel some subjects boring those subjects can become interesting by use of presentations, videos, graphics, animations etc. The expert lectures can be arranged for students. Some entertaining methods can be used for study. If students are eager to gain knowledge then he can take it from all directions with the help of computers and Internet.


    In many villages there is facility of public health centers but the doctors at PHC are not provided with many facilities. With the help of Internet doctors can consult with specialists. Even he can show the condition of patient to expert and get their advice. Doctors keep themselves updated about epidemic disease and their prevention. And they can spread awareness in their villages about particular disease and preventions which should be taken.


    Internet can give idea about the weather so that people will become aware about future weather condition and prepare themselves for those conditions such as heavy rain, flood, extreme heat or cold. It will be useful for farmers also for taking care of crops in their farms.


    Village people may also have different ideas as well as qualities. Many times there may be great artists but they do not get exposure as they live in small villages. Using Computers and internet they can show their art globally, get buyers which may change their lives. Even farmers take very much efforts for cultivation of crops but they do not get output as per their effort as there are traders in chain. Using

    Internet farmers can directly search buyer to sell their agriculture products and get more benefits.


    It is seen that there are number of schemes designed by government for the rural people but people are unaware about that schemes. Using the internet people can become aware about the schemes and take benefits from those schemes. Practically, it is not possible to provide computer in each and every house in rural area. So, government can establish at least one Information center in each village. Such information center should provide guidance, access to the computer and internet at very negligible cost .So, the people will become aware about computer and make use of computer for their betterment. ICT is one of the good project initiated by government of India.


Use of computers & internet is growing every day. Rural people are not aware about technologies. If they become computer literate the world of information is open for them. They can collect information about their sector and work accordingly. Rural people can increase their business. If students are trained properly they can acquire lot of knowledge and improve their skills. If computer literacy in rural areas increases the development speed will automatically increase.


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