Result of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media

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Result of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media

Chhaya,Heena Madan Chandigarh School of Business, Jhanjeri, mohali Chandigarh Group of college, Jhanjeri, mohali


As technology increases day by day, it takes other more system indulge in it and spread more and more worldwide. Now-a-days, the term technology is all define with a term named Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence technologies are being used across the globe to automate and improve the regulation of different activities. Thus, use of Artificial Intelligence is growing to win more and more customer via social media. Artificial Intelligence lead the mankind to a different direction where they are being manipulated as what the advertisement the source wants to see you, you can only see that and get influence either in right or wrong path which directly means that it indirectly affects the users well-being along with many contradictions. This paper gives the view of a model to better understanding the thought process of the new chaotic life. Other than that, with AI, the social media operate a variety of tools are being used to target right audience. Artificial Intelligence makes a great profit for the business and entrepreneurs related to technical field. AI creates a path for media user to optimizing contents then recognition of image and many more services.


Artificial Intelligence, social media, Communication, Global, World Wide, Machine language, Cell phone, Smart phone.

  1. Introduction

    It would no longer wrong to mention that we stay in a generation of social media. A wide variety of tools are persisted to enforce each day to boom the site visitors in this digital international as era enhances. The complete globe is now connected via the use of social media, and it is far keep growing, there are many greater customers upload regular in social media. There are 3.81 billion energetic social media population worldwide, in this procedure of including customers; there is a big role of Artificial Intelligence, that is seeping it circulate into the user experience on social systems, for layout a higher adventure of customers within the process. The Internet gives a platform that facilitates communication and networking. It supports expertise sharing [7] and social interplay [8] which might be essential

    elements for human improvement. The set off development within the subject of Artificial Intelligence has extreme implications for the economy in addition to society at big. Artificial Intelligence helps to succeed agencies and groups, which is becoming an increasing number of commonplaces in todays global and social platforms looks to be doing same.

  2. What is Artificial Intelligence

    The boom of Artificial Intelligence receives dramatically turns into increasingly institutionalized inside the twenty first Century. In this period of interdisciplinary science, laptop technology, cybernetics, automation, mathematical good judgment, and linguistic [1], questions were raised approximately the specific concept of AI [2]. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essentially the capability of a digital laptop to implement duties normally accent with wise beings. On the Forties-50s earlier, the opportunities of Artificial Brains had explored by way of the scientists, who are in the subject of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science and were also trying to define the intelligence of the system. In 1950, Turing presented the well-known Turing Test which defined to the idea of Machine Intelligence [3]. On this history, the origins of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be traced to the workshop hung on the campus of Dartmouth College in 1965, wherein McCarthy persuaded contributors o take delivery of the idea of Artificial Intelligence [4]. So, it is the grand starting of the first Golden age of AI

  3. Social Media

    Social media is collective digitally-mediated technologies which facilitate the advent or sharing or swapping of information, ideas, profession pursuits, and different form of expression thru laptop network and communities. There are many customers across the globe who access social media services through net-based totally packages on computers and laptops, or also can down load the offerings that offer the functionalities of social media to their cell devices, smart phones and pills etc. Today, there are ratings of Social Media sites, which provide numerous services and have distinct fan followings for the cause of playing very awesome identification. All of them have a few comparable traits. Some key capabilities of social media web sites:

    1. Provide free web deal with: Each member is allotted a unique web address (internet provider deal with) that turns into the web identification of a person or a commercial

    2. Provide loose web space: Members do not need to personal or percentage web servers. They can post their content material at the loose space available or offer via the web sites.

    3. Enable members to create unique pages: Candidates can create topic-based pages on a few social web sites. The pages can then be used to publish articles, files or photos associated with a topic. The pages also can be used for many extra purposes want to promote commercial enterprise, college/colleges.

enterprise. This is used for figuring out, connecting, and sharing content.








Series 1

2005 2010 2015 2020

Fig 1:Graph of Social Media users as per year

Vogue of Social Media

Over the past few years, the popularity of Social Networking websites had raised steeply. Social Networks provide many styles of systems, offerings, and blessings to its users like serving them to connect with new people, connect with their relatives, their buddies, and colleagues. Information is rapidly spreading among individuals in networks, because of the large grouping of the network have an impact on of friendships and contacts. [5] Apart from hook up with others, they can also share their critiques with likeminded people that they can be used effortlessly, which makes the utility/software user-friendly. Users can join companies in exceptional websites through which they can percentage their hobbies with likeminded people. There are many commercials which customers see on their profile and through clicking at the given link, they redirect to the economic site of that commercial which means social sites






















Fig 2: Communication due to Social Media Artificial Intelligence for Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is a key which help to create platform- specific content by conducting extensive topic research and providing information on search intent. The main work to identify patterns and behavior of the user to help brands understand which type of content is getting more engagement. Artificial Intelligence, particularly machin

and constantly may be up to date with headlines. There are numerous motives, why social media like Face e-book, twitter and so forth are become famous in 21st century and make the entire international more advanced in phrases of connections and advertising. Social media rely upon cellular and Web-primarily based technologies to create surprisingly interactive platforms through which people and groups share, co-create, speak, and regulate person-generated content material. [12] All the social networking sites are designed in this sort of way

are also have a key function that assist corporations to reach markets to their capacity customers without problems. Also, companies can skip information (logo messages, services, and products) without problems to consumers which create huge networks growing that join market data. Also, many groups have started recruiting human beings via social networks like LinkedIn.

language (ML) plays a significant role. [6] In the markets of social media, AI helps a lot to increase the number of interest customer in the correct segment of content. Artificial Intelligence automates and improves the efficacy of different activities. Advancement of machine learning systems is equipped to replicate the discreet thinking and analysis patterns demonstrated by humans. Cell phone is no more a tool; it becomes a device called Manipulated Intelligence Machine. These mobile phones not only control your attention but also control your thoughts, emotions, behavior, and ideas. So that is exactly what Artificial Intelligence is doing. For example, if a person is unknown about cooking and suddenly, he rises with the interest of cooking food. So, to cook a Chinese dish, as others he also searches for the dish on internet and watch a video. After that consequence, he continuously gets the recommendation of cooking channels or courses of chefs in all his social sites like Facebook,

YouTube, Instagram etc. According to the report of the Global Web Index, users use the top three platforms (Facebook, You Tube, and WhatsApp) for networking, entertainment, and messaging.[11] So things are happened like this AI continuously recognize your interest and ideas and simultaneously suggest you more which further become an addiction to many of people as it is not good always, in fact it becomes badly now-a-days. Although some studies have argued that InfoSec issues can be effectively managed by focusing on human behavior [9], others have argued that focusing on human behavior alone is not sufficient [10]. Beyond the use of technology, there is a vast algorithm which track your browser, your search elements and people just got as addictive as nicotine because when people use phones there is some dopamine which released out in our brain and compute our brain to use it as much as before.


Many studies have its own perception, some studies talk about the good effect of AI, some says bad effect of AI. We interact with AI technology every day from our self-smart phones to social media. The result is all depends on users that one should not let the technology have control on them but they (people) should rule over the technologies. After this, the full picture of chaos effects makes intellectual to neutralize the result and conception.


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