Online Training and Placement Management System

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV4IS22035

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Online Training and Placement Management System

Santhosh Kumar H

Mtech Scholar 4th Sem, Department of CSE AMC Engineering College

Bengaluru, India

Mrs. Srividhya V R

Assistant Professor, Department of CSE AMC Engineering College,

Bengaluru, India

Abstract: The management of Training and Placement is supported by paper-based systems, databases, spreadsheets and E-mail communications. Training and Placement is the crucial part of any educational institute in which most of the work till now is being done manually. The aim of this project is Automation of Training and Placement unit of AMCEC (AMC Engineering College). The project will include minimum manual work and maximum optimization, abstraction and security. This is a web application which will help students as well as the administration authority to carry out each and every activity in this department.

The system is an application that can be accessed throughout the AMCEC (AMC Engineering College) organization with proper login provided. This system can be used as an application for the Training and placement officers (TPO) of the college to manage the student information with regard to placement. Students logging should be able to fill the registration form. The key feature of this project is that it is a onetime registration. The application provides the facility of maintaining the details of the students. It also provides a requested list of candidates to recruit the students based on given query. Administrator logging in may also search any information put up by the students. This project will aid colleges to practice full IT deployment. This will also help in fast access procedures in placement related activities.

KeywordsAMCEC, updation,file system, online training and placement management system, TPO.


    The use of the Internet and the World Wide Web has revolutionized the provision of information and the facility for the user to take action on the information obtained. Use of the Internet to enable students and companies to manage the placement process with the active involvement of the Placement Coordinator. This led to a unique web-based training and placement management system.

    Online training and placement management system provides information on placement providers and the placements they offer so that students may view and assess their opportunities. AMCEC (AMC Engineering College) will have well-developed web sites to inform their students of vacancies and how to prepare for their work integrated learning experience.

    Online training and placement management system is an application to facilitate students in AMCEC to register and fill the application form. The users can access easily to this and the data can be retrieved easily in no time. In the student registration form, we can give personal details,

    educational qualifications, and professional skills. The job details of the placed students will be provided by the administrator. The job provider and the placements coordinator to take effective actions on the web as a follow- on from the information they have viewed. The administrator plays an important role in our project. He provides approval of student registration and updating.


    In the AMCEC (AMC Engineering College) existing system lead to many problems .These are as follows-

    Problems in existing system

    • Maximum manual work: in the existing system all the work that is done by human intervention. Humans should do all the work.

    • Errors: due to the manual intervention there are maximum chances of errors.

    • Maximum human interface: the interface between the student and administrator is maximum;

    • Time consuming: due to above problems every procedure becomes time consuming.

    • File system: the records were stored in modified access sheets hence sorting problem.

    • No hierarchical: the files were not stored hierarchical format hence searching problems.

    • Updating records: due to above problems the updating was very difficult and ambiguous;

    • Duplication of files: due to above problems the duplication of records was usual hence data redundancy;

    • Less alertness: the students may not get the information on training and placement activity hence they miss the opportunities.

    • Synchronization problem: there were smaller amount interfaces among student and training and placement department;

    • Alumni record: the past students records are not maintained.


    The existing system is doing all the processes manually. The administrator should refer all the records kept for years ago to simply know details. This so tedious and time consuming. This process is so difficult when the number of users increases.

    There are a lot of limitations for the existing system. In manual Training and Placement all the work that is done at AMCEC (AMC Engineering College) is by human intervention due to which there is a maximum chances of errors. The interface of student and a TPO is maximum which makes the system time consuming.

    At AMCEC the records are stored in modified access sheets hence sorting is a problem. The files are not stored hierarchical format hence searching is a big problem due to this the updation is very difficult and ambiguous this leads to the duplication of records is usual hence data redundancy;

    The students are not being made aware of the Training and Placement activity hence there might have been loss of opportunities. The Access sheets were less optimized

      1. suppose we want students having 65% aggregate then the student with 70%, 75% aggregate are also selected whereas required result is only students with 65% aggregate.

        The system now at AMCEC Training and Placement department could not take acknowledgement from the students

        attending to particular event hence lots of confusion at the last

        moment. There are fewer interfaces between student and Training and Placement department. There was no record kept

        of the past students. There is less communication between past

        or present student with the Training and Placement department.


    The proposed Online Training and Placement System management system meant to give more easiness to the users that they can add and retrieve information so quickly.

    There are mainly three types of users they are administrator, student and HR. The administrator is the master user; he gets the most number of priorities than the other users. The different functions involve the case of an administrator are updating, approval, sending information to the students regarding placements. The administrator can view and approve the various application forms. Students can register and view the details. The placement officer can login through HR section view the details of the HRs, placed students, and training details.

    The proposed online training and placement management system is intended to avoid all the drawbacks of existing system. It will add some more features than the existing system. The proposed system is a cost effective way of doing the manual processes done in the existing system. This helps the AMCEC (AMC Engineering College) organization to win the war in the existing competitive world. The proposed system is intended to do the following:

        • Online Registration: Traditionally the job of registration was done manually at AMCEC by passing the registratio form to the students. But this was too much time consuming and also erroneous.

          So the major need was for the automation for registration by online registration by students themselves.

        • Security For Administrator: The files in which the data is stored is stored in Access file sheets that too separately for each class of department; so the files could be accessed by any one accessing the computer. These files may be confidential. So there is a special need for security.

        • Optimized Sorting of data: The modified access sheets were not that efficient as, when we want to select students having 65% aggregate then the student with 70%, 75% aggregate were also selected where as required result is only students with 65% aggregate.

        • Hierarchical Structure of departmental data: As mentioned earlier the data was stored separately for classes of each department the problem of searching was time consuming and as well the duplication could occur. So there is a need for a centralized hierarchical structure.

        • Instant Notification to the student: The only method for notification until now is by notice board which is not reliable. To countermeasure this problem the notification can be send by E-mail and mobile sms.

        • Alumni Data Base: The alumni data is insufficient and is out of reach of the students. So the proper method to employed to store the alumni data.



    In the online training and placement management System there are following module and their design details are as follows.

    Student Module:

    In the student module first the student should get registered to the system by filling the placement registration form which contains the details such as name, USN, course, email, mobile number and password. Once the student fills the placement registration form the account activation link will be sent to the students email to activate their account. Once the student activates the account they can login to the system through the username and password and should fill the academic registration form. The application form will contain the details such as personal details and educational qualifications. After filling the application form the student should download the application form and should submit in the placement cell. Once the student completes filling the registration form and submits the application form to the placement officer the student will not able to login to the system this is the key feature of this project. The placement officer will check the details of the student and verify it. After verifying the student if his details are correct the placement officer will inactive the student if the placement officer in actives the student then the students will not be able to login to their account. This is done because more often the student can login to the system and can change his details. So in order to avoid this, the option of inactive the student is provided. If the student wants to change/update his details then the student should meet the placement officer to do the necessary changes.

    Admin Module:

    The training and the placement officer is the administrator in the system. The administrator plays an important role in the project. In this module admin will login through username and password, once he logins he will be directed to the dashboard where he gets the complete details of every student of different courses and departments. The admin can add the newly added courses, departments and also can add new batch. The admin can also view the complete list of courses, departments, and batches. The admin can filter the students according to his needs through the search option, for example if the admin requires the student whose aggregate is greater than 65% in BE and greater than 70%in PUC and 10th. The admin is provided the option of search in which he can search the students using the name, mobile num, USN, Email, and registration ID. The admin is also provided with an option of sending bulk SMS and Emails. Administrator can send the bulk SMS and Emails to the students by filtering the students as he needs. Once the students submit the application form in the placement cell the placement officer can verify the details put up by the students. A unique registration ID will be generated for every student using this ID the placement officer can verify the students. The administrator also has the option of sending the templates to the students, its like if the student is eligible to the drive a template is sent to the students email with a unique registration ID, the students should take the print out of that template and should attend the placements.

    HR Module:

    The training and placement officer can also login to the HR section through the username and password. In this HR section all the information related to the HRS are maintained. The placement officer can add the newly visiting company name to the database. The TPO can assign the company, assigning the company is nothing but in which year it is visiting, whats the company criterion etc. The TPO should map the students, mapping the students is nothing but if the students get placed in some company the TPO should update the details such as in which company the student has been placed. The TPO can maintain all the HRS information in this section by adding the details of the HR such as his name, mobile number, HR level, email, company name etc. The TPO can also maintain the information of other college TPO details. In this section the TPO have the option of maintaining the workshop or training details that are going to be held in the college. The admin can download all the details of the HRs, placed students, training details, and all assigned companies in to the excel sheet.


    The term Implementation has different meanings ranging from the conversation of a basic application to a complete replacement of a computer system. The procedures however, are virtually the same. Implementation includes all those activities that take place to convert from old systems to new. The new system may be totally new replacing an existing manual or automated system or it may be major modification to an existing system. The method of implementation and time scale to be adopted is found out initially. Neat the system is test properly and at the same time,

    the users are trained in the new procedure. Proper implementation is essential to provide a reliable system to meet organization requirement.

    Use case diagram:

    A Use case is a explanation of set of sequence of events graphically. It is rendered as an ellipse with rock-solid line up as well as lone its name. Use case diagram is a behavioral diagram that shows a set of use cases and actors and their relationship. It is a relationship among the use cases and actors. An actor represents a real-world object.

    1. Student module

      Fig. 1. Use Case Diagram For Student Module

    2. Admin module

      Fig. 2. Use Case Diagram For Admin Module

    3. HR module

      Fig. 3. Use Case Diagram For HR Module

      Class Diagram:

      Class diagrams are arguably the most used UML diagram type. It is the main building block of any object oriented solution. It shows the classes in a system, attributes and operations of each class and the relationship between each class.

      Fig. 4. Class Diagram For Online Training And Placement Management System.

      Sequence diagram:

      A sequence diagram in a UML is a type of communication diagram that shows how processes work with one different and in what order.

      Student Module:

      Fig. 5. Sequence Diagram For Student Module

      Admin module

      Fig. 6. Sequence Diagram For Admin Module

      HR module

      Fig. 7. Sequence Diagram For HR Module


    The login page of the online training and placement management system is shown in the Fig. 8. The student, Admin can login to the system by sing this login form.

    Fig. 8. Login Page

    The registration page for the students of the online training and placement management system is shown in the Fig. 9. The student can fill this registration form and get registered to the placement department.

    Fig. 9. Student Registration Form

    The admin dashboard of the online training and placement management system is shown in the Fig. 10. The admin can do all the necessary work in the options provided to him related to students.

    Fig. 10. Admin Dashboard

    The HR dashboard of the online training and placement management system is shown in the Fig. 11. The admin can do all the necessary work in the options provided to him related to the HRs, placed students, and training details.

    Fig. 11. HR Dashboard


In the existing system maximum work goes manually and it is error prone system, takes time for any changes in the system. The big problem is the searching and updation of the student data and also no any notification method available for giving information to student expect the notice board.

The proposed online training and placement management system gives the automation in all the process like registration, updation, searching. It provides the detail solution to the existing system problem.







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