Mind Reading Computer

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Mind Reading Computer

Gayathri Menon

Department of Computer Science Carmel College Mala

Diuthy R.D

Department of Computer Science Carmel College Mala

Abstract : Mind reading is fellowship of human pyschology and computer technologies.Some equipment are used for mind reading.Inspired from psychology computer vision and machine learning , the team in the computer laboratory at the university of Cambridge has developed mind reading machines-computers that implement a computational models of mind reading to infer menta states of people from their facial signals.


People express their mental state,including emotions,thoughts and desires,all the time through facial expressions,vocal nuances and gestures.This is true when they are interacting with machines.Mind reading is the co- ordination of human psychology and computer techniques.Some equipment are used to gather data for further prediction of mind is known as theory of mind reading. Mind-reading devices or computers systems presents the data about mental states of people as the keyboard and the mouse present the text commands. Mind reading refers to telepathy, it is the transfer of data between individuals by the means of other than the senses. Also, refers to the thought identification and it avails the neuroimaging applied science for mind reading.


The mind-reading computer system presents data or information about the mental state of the people easily just like the keyboard or mouse presents the data or information on the given instructions. Just imagine a future and we are

surrounded by all the devices, vehicles and the internet services, people will know our mood and react to us depending on our mood. This helps the car manufacturing technology because in these days car producers are working to make a car that can analyze the mental state of a driver that whether the driver is angry, drowsy or distracted and much more. In this project, further improvements are going on and these will help to know the mental state of the person depending upon the body postures and gestures. The projects are going on to support the avail of mind reading even in the online shopping.


The mind reading actually involves measuring the volume and oxygen level of the blood around the subject's brain, using technology called functional near- infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). … The headband then measures how much light was not absorbed, letting the computer gauge the metabolic demands that the brain is making. In the working of mind reading, the technology called functional near-infrared spectroscopy (FNIRS) is used and this measure the amount of oxygen level and blood around the brain of the person i.e. subject. Also by wearing a headband and it transmits the light into the tissues of the head, the light is absorbed by the blood-filled

tissues and active tissues. The results of the above are compared by using an MRI, after wearing the functional near-infrared spectroscopy sensors the subject will be asked to count the squares to do other work or task. After this, the subject will be asked to tell the complexity of the task and this rating will be compared with the results of the functional near infrared spectroscopy system


The mind reading has its applications in many fields and some of its applications are as follow


  • By using the mind-reading system the bankruptcy can be predicted.

  • Mind reading has its application in facial recognition.

  • It knows what the eye can see.

  • Mind reading helps in converting the thoughts into speeches.

  • It also helps the paralytic patients.


    The use of mind reading has many advantages and some of it is as follows:

  • It can be implemented on the wheelchair and the wheelchair can be moved through the mind control. It permits the people who cannot use the normal wheelchairs and other wheelchairs easily due to their disability.

  • This will aid the spacewalking astronauts and physically disabled persons.

  • This type of system can send instructions to the rover on the other planets and also aid injured astronauts to control devices.

  • This can be availed to exchange information on sly, people can avail them on crowded buses without the problem of being overheard.


    Along with the wide range of applications and advantages, the mind reading has some of the disadvantages and they are as follows:

  • Before implementing the systems the scientist needs to train the systems about all the patterns to predict the result.

  • Because of this scientific development, the scholars are questioning on the theories of criminal justice of the system.

Thus, we can say that mind reading is a technology helps to overcome many problems by furnishing the best results.


Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a method of comunication based on voluntery neural activity generated by the brain and independent of normal output pathways of perifera nerves and muscles.The neural activity used in BCI can be recorded usin invasive or non-invansive techniques.We can say as detection techniques and experimented designs improve,the BCI will improve as well and would provide wealth alternatives for individuals to intract with their environment.Electoencephalography is the process of recording the electrical activity in the brain.


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