Metier – A Service Provider Android Application

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV9IS03024

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Metier – A Service Provider Android Application

Mr. Swapneel Vaidya Department of Computer Engineering Vidyavardhinis College of Engineering

and Technology(Mumbai University) Vasai, India

Ms. Shraddha Khadye Department of Computer Engineering Vidyavardhinis College of Engineering

and Technology(Mumbai University) Vasai, India

Ms. Sonika Khanduri Department of Computer Engineering Vidyavardhinis College of Engineering

and Technology(Mumbai University) Vasai, India

Abstract Due to rapid developments in the technology, the smart phones have proved to be a vital source of communication and now have grown to be an imperative part of our everyday lives. Now a days in India, People are facing problems in finding and hiring nearby profession experts to avail repairing job and maintenance services for their properties and offices. Because of unavailability of this kind of system, new people coming to city are also dealing with predicament of discovering a fine worker in their vicinity. To overcome this problem, its immensely necessary to provide a platform in order to bridge the communication gap between the technical employees and end-users which can provide a convenient and understandable interface for both by making use of the cutting-edge developments of technology. To get the most of smart phones, this project proposes an android utility or application for the android smart phones with the name Métier. Métier can be a great start to achieve this objective. It is an android app that is a platform for the consumer and experts possessing different technical skills to communicate.

Keywords(Android recruitment system, local technical professionals, Maintenance and Repair system, Geo based home services)


    Now-a-days the focus of a person is to spend time with their ones and a business model that provides them door step services is in high demand[1]. Today we are living in a technologically superior era where the whole lot from education, business, and finance to amusement is accomplished through a cell machine. There are more than

    2 billion users reachable on Facebook and likewise on different social media, users are in same echelon. Smartphone enterprise is growing day by day in India, almost 72% of mobile users are using smart phones and 52% access internet through it. Due to extensive applications of smart phones a large number of businesses are shifting on latest gadgets. We can make an order via just some clicks on our smart phone devices and the desired tasks can be obtained quickly and easily[2]. Metier is an android application that provides a platform for connecting users and service providers on a global basis. This system provides a medium to get your domestic work done. With a single click, the user can book highly skilled professionals and can get their services done on time. Different services like that of an electrician, carpenter, mehendi artist, photographer, cleaner, pest control etc. are

    involved in the system to satisfy the users[8].


    The routine services are very commonly required in urban and sub-urban households, with the busy lifestyle it has become difficult to find skilled workers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc. in the locality and in the time convenient to both the parties. Introducing a mobile application for this purpose will create a platform where a servicer can be easily found and the quality of service can also be ensured [2].

    According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the number of smart phone users in India have gone from 199.8 million to 373.88 million from year 2015 to 2019, and is expected to rise by 84% by year 2022. Moreover, the mobile internet users have been steadily increasing due to the increased availability and cheaper data plans, this has led to over 35% growth in terms of number of users in past year [11]. This can be regarded as more users being open to the scope of such services.

    In current scenario, in order to find such operative, the solution to solve this problem are defragmented offering contacts scattered in the web and there is no structured method of determining the location and quality of service provided by these workers [5]. The proposed solution comprises of module to determine the location of the person seeking utility and use it to find servicers in the nearby locality, making it accessible for them to reach at clients place at time convenient to both. By making use of location-based model, the unsuitable or impractical match is eliminated[4].

    Due to migration from rural areas to cities, one of the challenges faced by individuals is finding jobs and livelihood. Skilled workers have limited reach and opportunities through conventional ways of recommendation or mouth publicity. Through the platform provided, a servicer can reach to a larger population in the locality, and have a network of all potential customers.[6]


    There are two logins available for the user, which either can be for a customer or servicer. All the relevant information of the user is recorded through

    registration. The uploaded documents by the servicer are scrutinized by the admin, and eligible servicer is registered on the application as a servicer. The customer side activities can be traced as given in the flow chart.

    The customer's location is traced and the servicers available in the traced locality are fetched from the database and displayed to customer. The customer then chooses the servicer according to his choice and sends a request to the servicer. He can then contact the servicer and manage further activities.

    The payment is done through Paytm api integrated to the application. The customer then gives a feedback of the servicer.

    The servicer side activities can be traced as given in the flow chart.

    The servicer manages his profile which is visible to the customer. The servicer confirms the request which he has received, he can either accept or deny the request. Once accepted the servicer and customer can contact each other for managing further activities.


    The UI of this application is quite easy to use and understand. This application provides a variety of different services to the user. The user can easily book a service according to Them. The service provider on the other hand creates his profile and can accept or decline request that he receives from the customer. This application makes use of google maps and is quite useful during real time movement of the user. The user after receiving the service makes payment using the paytm api that is integrated in the system and can also rate the service provider.


    The users were in need of this business model that provides them comfort and satisfaction.

    To improve the quality of the services provided Métier can improve on the following points:

    1. Installation of the app should be easy so that that number of users can install the app.

    2. The service provider and user both should know the ingredients of a product to avoid unnecessary allergy reactions.


    1. This app focuses on smartphones with only android os.

    2. In order to use this application there should be proper internet connection.

    Future scope:

    1. To implement the application to run on other operating systems like windows and iPhone.

    2. Integrate other payment gateways.


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