JIGISHA: Online Higher Education for Girls in Rural Area

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JIGISHA: Online Higher Education for Girls in Rural Area

1st Ms. Supriya Kulkarni

D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management


4th Mr. Prathamesh Buva

D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management


2nd Ms. Aparna Likhitkar

D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management


5th Ms. Pooja Singh

D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management


3rd Mr. Rushikesh Thakare D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management


6th Mrs. Kavita Suryavanshi D Y Patil Institute of Master of Computer Applications and Management


Abstract In this paper an attempt has been made to explain the strategies adopted to provide online girl higher education in rural area. Education is life of every Indian woman. Education is the path of gaining knowledge and improving abilities. It results with the experience that girls gain from environment and the supporting world around her, which allow her to live as knowledgeable productive members of the society. Main focus is on the girls higher education issues in rural area such as improvement of their education carrier through our center. The main objective is to provide a higher educational platform for girls in their own village.

The strategy is to set up E-learning lab where girls will get online higher education. Website will be provided one common portal for e-learning over various courses from higher secondary to graduation. This center will be helping hand for the girls of rural area who want to achieve their aims and want to fulfil their dreams. The outcome will be of getting a girl will high education and will become a mentor for others. In future our center will provide opportunities for learn earn and return.

Keywords: higher education, rural area, e-learning, learning platform


  1. Higher Education

    Education is the key factor in the development of the country and the people living over there. Women empowerment refers to the ability for women to enjoy their right to freedom and benefit from resources, assets, income and their own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well-being. It results in building the personality of an individual. In other words, the pathway to human-development goes through the lanes of education. Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills, and self- confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process. The education of women and girls has a tremendous impact not only on their own development but also on their families and communities.[1].


  • To provide a higher educational platform for girls in their own village.

  • To increase female access to higher education in rural area.

  • To provide online education in their own village.

  • To provide both material and moral training which is very essential to create an ideal and responsible citizen.

  • To improve status of village and nation in education sector.

  • To enhance their status and stature and to ensure the gender equality of the woman masses.

  • To empower girls to achieve through education.


    In present, the condition of higher education of girls in rural is still poor. There are many issues related with higher education of girls. Due to lack of many facilities taking higher education is quite difficult for them. Hence dropout rate of girls is more as compare to boys. There are approximately 34 million adolescent girls out of school. Another shocking fact is that 2 third of the 796 million illiterates are women. According to the 2011 census, the male literacy rate is 82.14% and the female literacy rate is only 65.46% in India. All these statistics certainly revel the kind of discrimination that woman face in the today world.[11]

    1. Factors affecting girls higher education in rural India:

      1. No proper transport services, security.

      2. Lack of educational facilities.

      3. Lack of educational environment, no support.

      4. Gender inequality.

      5. Economical poor condition.

      6. Early marriage.

        Lack of reliable communication. Many of our students dont have internet access at home, or reliable cell phone service. As a result, its very difficult to give the students homework, as many of them dont have the ability to look up resources at home, post their work, or get into contact to get help.[4]

        The main problems faced by girls in rural areas is that they must be enrolled in the school in the beginning of the year but they arent able to make it till the end, either they are forced to marry or told you arent meant for education rather help their mothers with a household. Many parents think educating their sons is an asset to the family whereas educating their daughter is a waste of money because she eventually will get married and will with her husband they wont get any monetary benefit from her directly.

        Very often if the parent is willing to educate their daughter the accessibility to a college becomes a problem and sending the girl away to a town alone is considered unsafe.[2]

        Lack of proper transportation. Most villages have poor connectivity from one place to another and that is often one of the main reasons why, despite efforts by local governing bodies to build schools, often go in vain. Children, most of the time have to walk miles to reach these government funded schools and this often demotivate them to attend school on a regular basis.[3]


    1. Lab with updated computer system, goal good internet connection and the better learning environment.

    2. This is a web base application.

    3. Web-site will provide a common portal for E- learning for various courses for higher secondary to graduation.

    4. Courses will have live lectures which will be conducted by professors. Live videos will be saved and will be accessible for reference at any time.

    5. Virtual mentoring and education facility as per students need.

    6. It will have open discussion session to clear students doubts regarding any topic.[5][6][7][8]

      1. Use case diagram:






  3. ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION: JIGISHA will be the educational platform for the girls of

rural areas. Higher Studies show that education raises womens standard of living in economic.

A girl will get higher education in her own village so there will be no more any issue of transport and security. She will independent mentally and financially also she will become strong to her and to her family. She will economically stronger.

An education woman is better able to educate children and other girls so she will be mentor for others. A girl will be highly educated and the benefits will throughout the whole community.

She will participate in th Business and labour market and boost economic productivity.

It is an attractive proposition: invest in women and girls leads benefits flow not only to them but everyone around them.


Without education we cannot develop ourselves. Ensuring quality higher education is one the most important things we can do for future generations. So JIGISHA is oneplatform for the girls who really want to win the whole world.

In rural areas online learning platform can have a transformative power. After implementing JIGISHA, girls from rural area can access new area of knowledge that could define their future career paths through our centre. Our centre makes it possible for them to complete higher education in their own village and do what they really want to achieve in their life. Our online courses help them to choose professions, find a good job with high salary and access global education platforms.

As this centre will be in their own village so parents encourage girls for taking higher education which results into the bright future. Effective online learning environments engage girls toward higher levels of thinking promote active student involvement.

Investment in a girls education is the best investment as the outcome will of getting the educated nation. In future our centre can be able to provide postgraduation degree and professional education as well as opportunity for LEARN EARN and RETURN and will provide higher education facility to economically weaker boys of rural areas


We are acknowledgement everyone who directly or indirectly played a role in completing this research paper . Our

HOD mam, each of whom has provided patient advice and guidance throughout the research proses.


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