Design and Implementation of Black Box in Multimodal Transport

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV10IS12026

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Design and Implementation of Black Box in Multimodal Transport

Abhishek M D1, Eshwari2, Praveen M J3, Sneha B M4

1,2 CSE Department, Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Blore-560090, India

3ISE Department, Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Blore-560090, India

4 Faculty CSE Department, Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Blore-560090, India

Abstract:- A vehicle accident is a major public problem in many countries. It occurs due to rider's poor behaviors, Vehicle bad condition, bad weather situations, and opposite vehicle mistakes. To predict those situations, the black box concept is introduced. The concept of the Car Black Box is almost the same as the Flight block box concept, where they mainly focus on which stores the vehicle condition such as engine temperature, speed, and CO2 content. It also introduces the automatic speed controller to avoid crashing between the vehicles. It is a low-cost system that provides solutions to the existing automotive control systems. And it also monitors the vehicles current condition on the display LCD. The main aim of this paper is to find out the accident and spot at any location and intimating to hospital or family member through GSM as well as vehicle temperature monitoring. This project is monitoring the vehicles conditions and other features. It provides the following contribution to detecting traffic accidents via microcontroller and stores the values of GPS, sensor values and time of accident occurred, etc.

Keywords: Black Box, Speed Controller, GSM, Micro-Controller, Sensor, GPS.


    In this modern, fast-moving, and insecure world, it becomes an elementary need to be aware of ones safety.

    Maximum risks occur in situations where an employee travels for money relations. The Company to which he belongs should be aware if there are some difficulties. Heres a system that functions as tracking and a security system. Its the intelligent vehicle control for critical remote location applications. Pace and security are dealing in this system. The Information is received from GPS antenna present in the GPS module, which is recieved from the satellite in NMEA (Ntional Marine Electronics Association) which revels the position information.The information recieved from the GPS antenna will be sent to the base station to decode.We use the GSM module which has an antenna. The Base station provides the complete data. When a car crash occurs suddenly, the situation of life and death occurs. In this program works on GPS and GSM module incorporating a report of occurrences of accidents via GSM communication platform to the nearest agencies such as hospitals, police stations, fire services, and so on, giving the exact position of the point where the crash has occurred. Many campaigns have been conducted by the people for awareness but the numbers of death and disability are very high because of late assistance to people who got through the accident. In the existing system, most of the vehicles associate only tracking system. Presently tracking system is introduced in vehicles to save peoples life.


    PAPER 1:

    Title: Implementing Vehicle Black Box System by IoT- based approach


    A vehicle black box is an eventual vehicle tracking system that sits on the dashboard for observing the performance of the vehicle and driver behavior ensuring the safety & security of the vehicle as well as the driver. The main purpose of this project is to create an Internet of Things (IoT) model of the Vehicle Black Box System (VBBS) that can be mounted in any vehicle all over the world. The camera and the sensors will be mounted in the vehicle to monitor activity within the car, wh

    PAPER 2:

    Title: Black box system for car/driver monitoring to decrease the reasons for road crashes

    Description: –

    In today's world, people are dieing from accidents every year. Exceedig the speed limit is a contributor to car accident. The principal target of this paper is to track the driver's conduct and physical condition on the road based on the vehicle's speed to reduce the likelihood of an accident. We use a surveillance device that can be put in every car fitted with the OBD-2 standard (On-Board Diagnosis) to monitor the vehicle's current speed in this paper. A Group of sensors and microcontroller are used like PIC microcontroller, shock sensor will be installed in a device.

    PAPER 3:

    Title: Black Box Modelling of a Bidirectional Battery Charger for Electric Vehicles

    Description: –

    This paper proposes a black-box modeling strategy for a bidirectional battery charger (BBC) for Electric Vehicles (EV), whether the BBC is operating in the vehicle to grid (V2G) mode or not. Due to the increasing penetration of EVs, the number of battery chargers connected to the grid is also increasing, being a challenge to assess the impact of such a growing number of battery chargers on the grid performance. At the same time, there is no detailed information (static and dynamic) on the commercial chargers used in EVs and connected to the grid. In this approach, a behavioral black-box model is proposed.

    The generation of the model requests performing a number of simple tests on the BBC in order to identify the model parameters. The model was thoroughly tested by simulation, and compared with the results of the generated black-box model and the detailed switching model used as a reference.


    Arduino Uno is used as the main controller board. An accelerometer is used for detecting vehicle accidents. An accelerometer will check the three axis of the vehicle accident that occurred or not. A gas sensor is used to detect alcohol consumption. If the temperature goes beyond a particular value, then the engine of the vehicle stops immediately.












    Figure 1: Block Diagram

    The GPS module will receive latitude and longitude coordinates from the satellite. Sending alert messages is done by the GSM module. IoT cloud is used as a black box for recording data from the Arduino board through an internet connection. The LCD display was used to display the GPS values and the sensor values. The coding was written in embedded C language and compiled using Arduino IDE.


    The Implementation of this paper is to design and develop a Black Box vehicle monitoring and tracking by Messaging System Using GPS and GSM Modules. In order to fully understand both GPS and GSM technology, the study of how both technology works are essential to complete the whole paper. The objectives of this paper are:

    • To study and investigate the basic operation of the GPS, the GSM module.

    • To design and develop the Temperature and Accident.

    • To come with my own hardware of vehicle monitoring and GPS/GSM tracking system.

    • Using IOT cloud technology to record sensor data as a black box.


    In the above project, we are thinking implement by using an Arduino board. we analyze software and we have installed it. Then we can use sensors in this project and we can start the implementation.


We would like to thank Asst. Prof. Kusuma H P. for her valuable suggestions, expert advice, and moral support in the process of preparing this papr.


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