Critical Issues in Tracking of the Vehicle by its Registration Number

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Critical Issues in Tracking of the Vehicle by its Registration Number

1st Mr. Nitin Bhopatkar Sinhgad Institute Of Management And Computer Application

Pune, India

Abstract Gradually the use of vehicles in our life is rising exponentially and as no of vehicles are increasing no of issues are also increasing tremendously. Issues like violating the rules of traffic, theft of vehicles, surfing in restricted areas, and number of accidents lead to rise in the crime rates linearly. There are so many websites where we get information about the vehicles through its registration number. Any user can access this type of information. In real scenario if we think about the secrecy of this information any unauthenticated user should not be able to access this information. There is a huge paucity in research done till date to maintain the secrecy of the data. To overcome this security issue there is need to work from the ground level. In this paper we are focusing on the issues that can be resolved by simple solutions.

Keywords tracking, registration number, issue, secrecy, websites, policy, illegal


    In todays world as we know that the data is so much important and as well as its security also. Here we are focusing on the security issues of the personal data while tracking the vehicle through its registration.

    There are so many websites where we get full details of any person. For this we have to take some action or some make a solution to prevent that data

    By this so many crimes can be done For example: –

    1. If someone has to take a revenge from anybody so he can take the information of the vehicle and use that information according to any wrong purpose.

    2. If any user gets the information to any registration number very easily so this information can used in many ways for committing the crimes.

    1. What makes a search illegal?

      There are a number of legal standards and facts surrounding what constitute unlawful search and seizure, which include: … Law prosecution cannot use unlawfully seized proof or information as apparent cause for further explorations of authentication through a legal precedent known as the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine

      Data Secrecy is the big issue in this.


    On March 8 2019, the government agreed a Unpackaged Facts Distribution policy, permitting it to monetize a record of vehicle registration certificates, citing paybacks to the transport and automobile industry, uniform as the problem of privacy and data protection looms large over such sharing.

    2nd Ms. Ragini Tandekar Sinhgad Institute Of Management And Computer Application

    Pune, India

    Fig 1 Source: clears-policy-to-sell-vehicle-registration-data/story- n4aBtGpJgETNuN9vbAW3LL.html

    The policy was vacant along with more than a few other judgments as per the government try to find to varnish a lot of professional before the parliamentary elections were announced.


      1. It is recognised that distribution statistics for other purposes, in the measured method, can endowment the transport and automobile industry. The distribution of facts will also help in service enhancements and extensive benefits to citizens and government. Moreover, it will also advantage the countrys economy. The primary focus is on transporting simpler, better and safer services to the citizens…, the policy states.

      2. The facts shared will be the vehicles registration number and other details (including financing and insurance), and will not have the owners name. All in all, 28 arenas of data for every single vehicle will be shared.

      3. In accumulation to the facts for sale, unrestricted entrance to the vehicles basic data is available to all the registered users through mParivahan App or through the web portal of the Ministry. The evidence accessible shall be circumscribed to the basic details regarding statutory agreements and the owners name. The purpose of this info is to promote statutory acquiescence and also facilitate specific hiring/ renting or purchase/ sale of vehicles and hiring of drivers, the policy notes.

      4. According to the policy, all unpackaged facts retrieved by the organisation shall be processed/ stored in servers/ data centres be located in India. The data at

      5. any point shall not be transported/ managed/ stored in a server outside India.

      6. The policy states that associations can purchase the facts for one calendar year at any time. They will receive the same in four data scrapheaps for each year of the procurement of facts.

      7. The facts scrapheap will be delivered in admiration of the facts as on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October of each schedule year, which will have data up to past day of the formerly month, it says.

      8. Profitmaking associations and individuals seeking unpackaged facts will have to compensation an amount of 3 core for 2019-20 while educational institutions can use this data for investigation purposes for core use only and pay a one-time payment of 5 lakh for the current financial year.

      9. There will be every twelve months increase of 5% from FY 2020-21 onwards, in keeping with the policy.

    The following all points are present in the Government policy. By this we can say that government focusing only on the business perspective. The government talks about the data protection while data sharing. But also, then there is not any presence of security for the data.

    So, we have to take an action for the same.

  4. LITERATURE REVIEW There is no such research for our reference.

    We refer some research paper but in that all papers there is information about how we track or get the vehicle information by its registration number.

    In some research paper author also told that how we can get the vehicle registration number through image processing.

    1. If that reason is

      1. Ethical: User can access the data

      2. Otherwise user get the message that the reason is Unethical.

    2. User LOGOUT. 6.


      We are doing work for making the solution to overcome the security issues. By the research we give a proper solution for data abstraction


      Thus, while doing this research we see that the user can get the information of vehicle and its owner details very easily. In todays world this is the serious social issue. So, for this we are trying to make a proper solution for the data abstraction by that user cant get the info of the vehicle.


      1. Number_Plate_Detection_System_for_Different_Countries_Using_an_ Improved_Segmentation_Method



      4. ent/9789811016776-c2.pdf?SGWID=0-0-45-1586559-p180037601

      5. vehicle-registration-data/story-n4aBtGpJgETNuN9vbAW3LL.html

        There is a huge paucity in research done till date to maintain the secrecy of the data. But we are focusing as per the perspective of security issues while showing the data of vehicle

        1. SURVEY AREA

          There are several website from where we can track the vehicles and get the information very easily. Mostly websites are the Govt. websites, some are private websites where we have to pay some money then we get full info.





            There are so many other websites also present of state govt. and as well as of central govt. websites.

            In the above point II Govt. also mention the problems of privacy and data protection looms large over such sharing.


We have to block all the private websites and mobile applications who is providing this facility to the users. Simultaneously on the govt. websites we have to give authentication to the Police and Crime Investigation Departments and Insurance Companies and in last to Banks only.

Government have to make a rule that – The Banks and the Insurance Companies do not have authority to share or sale this data to anyone, if this happen so strict action should be taken at that time.

Above solution is a Generalise Solution.

We are making a flow for the solution just like this:

      1. First user opens the website

      2. User has to authenticate by LOGIN/SIGNUP.

      3. After that user have to submit the reason for getting the data.



  3. Number_Plate_Detection_System_for_Different_Countries_Using_an_ Improved_Segmentation_Method





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