RTICCT - 2018 (Volume 6 - Issue 08)

Optimization of Algorithmic Processor for Halftone Pixel Image Conversion
| Total Downloads : 33
Authors : H. Umesh Prabhu
Design and Development of Neuroocr based Assistive System for Text Detection With Voice Output
| Total Downloads : 30
Authors : P. Rohit, Siddesh T S, Prathip S, Priyanga R
Conversion of Early Tamizh Brahmi Characters into Modern Tamil Characters Using Template Matching Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : S. Mageshwaran, G. Alagumalaikannan, C. Ravishankar, M. Kavin, S. S. L. DuraiArumugam
Preparation and Characterization of Polyvinyl Alcohol-Alginate(PVA-SA) Nanoscaffold for Tissue Engineering Application
| Total Downloads : 46
Authors : L. Vasantha Priya, B. Parkavi, V. Pragathi, A. Preethi
Avoid Duplicate Entries of Repeating Data in Hybrid Cloud Storage Using Convergent Encryption Techniques
| Total Downloads : 28
Authors : K. Keerthika, G.Manikandan, J. Sagayaraja, S. Vinoth
Automatic Smart Device for Arrhythmia
| Total Downloads : 38
Authors : Narayanan.C, Monisha.M, Muhilarasi.A, Poornima.M,Thawlath Mariyam. A
Coronary Artery Segmentation Using Edge Operators And Region Growing Technique
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : S. Sathya, R. Dhivya1, R. Dhanapal
Secure Fuzzy Extractor based remote user validation scheme for Wearable devices
| Total Downloads : 38
Authors : J. Gowthami, Dr. N. Shanthi
Efficient Clustering Technique with Feature Reduction Mechanism for Network Anomaly Detection
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : R. K. Jeyauthmigha, R. C. Suganthe
High Security System To Inspect Depredations Using Arduino
| Total Downloads : 16
Authors : P. Anusuya, K. Divya, N. Logeshwari, K. Mohanapriya, S. Sampath Kumar
An Effective 8?7.5 GBPS WDM Free Space Optical Communication System
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : K. Arivazhagi, T. K. Shanthi
Design of Parallel Plate Waveguide Antenna with Rectangular Patch Single VIAS
| Total Downloads : 29
Authors : L. Jeniphar, C. Mahendran
Wavelength-Selective Coupling of Dual-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber for Spatial Mode Conversion
| Total Downloads : 11
Authors : B. Suriya, S. Selvabharathi
A Statistical Analysis of Road Accident Data-Using Data Mining Techniques
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : Ram Prasanth T, Spanglar Diaz V, Surendran N, Udhayavel V, Dr. C. Anand, Mrs. N. Vasuki
An Effective Retinal Image Analysis To Diagnose Stargardt Disease Using Automated Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 25
Authors : Ms.K.J.Subha, Abinasri. M, Anu Jothi Divya. C, Chithanya. V. S, Hari Shanmuga Priya. M
Machine to Machine Communication Architectures Evaluation
| Total Downloads : 74
Authors : B. V. S. Bharghava, Mrs. R. Kanniga Devi
Design of D-Shaped Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance in Photonic Crystal Fiber
| Total Downloads : 24
Authors : M. Mercy Anitha, N. Aravindan, A. Sivanantha Raja
Hit and Run Vehicle Identification Using RFID
| Total Downloads : 23
Authors : R. Ashok Kumar, R. Sudharsan, R. Santhosh Kumar, M. Sasidharan, T. Ranjith Kumar
Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Network
| Total Downloads : 34
Authors : Thilagavathi. P, Suresh Kumar. A, Pushkala. K, Yamini. P
IoT Concept for Smart System Monitoring Agricultural Land
| Total Downloads : 27
Authors : Kumutha S, Gayathri Devi N, Mohanbabu S

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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