Vol. 3 - Issue 11 (November - 2014)

Retrofitting of Existing Howe Truss for Additional Loads
| Total Downloads : 761
Authors : Tej Sai M, Dr. B Panduranga Rao , Kantha Rao M
Magnetically Levitated Vehicles: Suspension, Propulsion and Guidance
| Total Downloads : 1094
Authors : Rakesh Chandmal Sharma, Manish Dhingra, Rajeev Kumar Pathak, Manish Kumar
Quadcopter System Modeling and Autopilot Synthesis
| Total Downloads : 102825
Authors : Shady. A. Kader, Prof. Dr. Adel-ezzat El-henawy, Dr. Oda, A. N
Optimizing College Degree Plan
| Total Downloads : 370
Authors : Harmeet Singh, Joon- Yeoul Oh, Kai Jin, Hua Li, Hee Joong Yang
Applying Re Modified Minimum Moment Method to Construction Projects in India
| Total Downloads : 586
Authors : Mr. Shrikant R. Baviskar, Mr. Pankaj P. Bhangale
Vibration Signature analysis of Centrifugal Pump through Pattern Recognition System
| Total Downloads : 701
Authors : Biruduganti. Rahul, B. Kishore , Mrs. Satyanrayana
Ultra Low Power High Speed Comparator for Analog to Digital Converters
| Total Downloads : 1181
Authors : Suman Biswas, Dr. J K Das, Rajendra Prasad
Survey of Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A Review on the Development of Expert/Intelligent Tutoring Systems, various Teaching Strategies and Expert Tutoring System Design Suggestions
| Total Downloads : 643
Authors : Shanky Sharma, Snehal Ghorpade, Anikit Sahni, Niti Saluja
Extraction of Waste Flowers
| Total Downloads : 1729
Authors : P. S. Masure, Prof. B. M. Patil
Design and Construction of a Microcontroller-Based ac Power Control System
| Total Downloads : 2197
Authors : Akinkuade S. T, Itakorode O. D
Farm Field Protection with Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 378
Authors : Shoukath Cherukat, Ganesh R Nair, Abdul Jawad S, Manoj N
Real Time Eye-Tracking using Web Camera
| Total Downloads : 522
Authors : Riddhi Chavda, Madhura Barve, Amit Doshi, Ruhina Karani
Performance Analysis of 16 Channel WDM System via Dispersion Mitigation and Various Modulation Formats
| Total Downloads : 582
Authors : Munish Patial, Harpreet Kaur, Surinder Singh
Water and Wastewater Auditing for KMF, Dharwad
| Total Downloads : 466
Authors : Neha Santi
Development of a Matlab Guided Based Interactive Platform for Edge Detection in Noisy Coloured Images
| Total Downloads : 389
Authors : Sadiq Bashir Olaniyi
Recommendation Framework using Pattern Searching Mechanism, HD Technique, Social Data
| Total Downloads : 176
Authors : Saurabh R. Deshpande, Jyoti R. Yemul
Energy Auditing on University Teaching Department and Central Library of Rajeev Gandhi Technical Institute Bhopal
| Total Downloads : 320
Authors : Ankur Soni, Mukesh Pandey, Anurag Gour
A Modified Multiband Bow Tie Antenna Array used for L band Applications
| Total Downloads : 523
Authors : Tapan Nahar, O. P. Sharma
ADRC for Two-Area LFC
| Total Downloads : 434
Authors : K. Nagarjuna, Dr. M. S. Krishnarayalu
Maintenance of Time Synchronization in Wireless Adhoc Networks in Case of Node Destruction
| Total Downloads : 204
Authors : Swapna. P. S, Bejoy Varghese

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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