A Review Paper on Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV4IS32003

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A Review Paper on Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)

Femina Khan Mohit Kumar Sharma

B. Tech scholar Assistant Professor

Department of electronics and Department of electronics and

Communication Engineering Communication Engineering Vivekananda Institute of Technology-east Vivekananda Institute of Technology

Jaipur, India Jaipur, India

Abstract- Li-Fi means that Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi technology, projected by the German someone Herald Haas, Herald Haas projected the technology that transmits information the info the information} through illumination by causation data through the light-emitting diode light-weight bulb. the most aim of this paper is to develop a Li-Fi based mostly system and live its performance with relevance existing technology. Currently days the Wi-Fi is that the additional fashionable wireless technology that cowl among buildings, whereas Li-Fi is right for prime speed wireless knowledge transmission in confined space. Li-Fi provides higher information measure, efficiency, availableness and security than Wi-Fi and has already achieved high speed within the workplace. By mistreatment the low-priced nature of LEDs we will implement this method public net access through street lamps to auto cars that communicate through their headlights. Because the speed of sunshine is higher thence the info transmission speed is such a lot quicker that the present system. Within the future we will implement this technology for quick knowledge access for the laptops, good phones, and tablets are transmitted through the sunshine in a very space.


Herald Haas was developed LI-FI Associate in Nursing promoted LI-FI in his 2011 Ted international speak by giving Presentation of an LED light-weight bulb to transmit information with the speed ten times a lot of quicker. As the speed of sunshine is extremely high that the knowledge transmission speed via the sunshine is additionally high. Li-Fi stands for the Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi is transmission {of knowledge of knowledge of information} through light-weight by causation knowledge through Associate in Nursing LED bulb that varies in intensity quicker than the human eye will follow and therefore the quicker data transmission speed. Li-Fi is that the new technology has label the quick and low cost wireless communication system, that is that the next optical version of Wi-Fi. Li-Fi uses light-weight.

Fig 1. Light source

This technology communicate with the assistance of visible radiation communication spectrum and has no aspect impact as we all know the sunshine is incredibly a lot of a part of our life then a lot of quicker. During this spectrum ten, 000 times extra space obtainable is out there is on the market is obtainable is accessible is offered} and conjointly a lot of handiness as a LED light-weight bulb and street light-weight area unit available already. There area unit some normally used samples of wireless networks like- control systems, Bluetooth, infrared and supersonic device devices, VHF radios, skilled LMR, SMR, 2 means radio together with FRS, GPS, conductor phone, satellite TV etc Wi-Fi affiliation inside the Building and round the 10-100 meter vary to attach our Laptops, P.C., palmtops etc. this paper deals with the visible radiation communication which can utilize a large and quick rate like 500MBPS. Study created comparison between WI-Fi, Wimax, LI-Fi and different vital parameters of the communication method.

Li-Fi will be the longer term technology for wherever knowledge for laptops, PC, sensible phones, and tablets are going to be transmitted through the sunshine during an area. Its safer as a result of if you cant see the sunshine, you cant access the info. As a result, it will be enforced in high security areas like military wherever RF communication is susceptible to eavesdropping.

Fig 2.LED Lighting


    Transmission of knowledge is finished by single semiconductor diode or multi semiconductor diode through an understandable lightweight. On the receiver aspect there's a photograph detector that convert this lightweight signal that emits electrical signals to the connected device transformer and level shifter circuits square measure used on each the aspect to convert and maintain a voltage level between transmitter and receiver

    LiFi may be work underwater wherever Wi-Fi cannot use underwater, thus we are able to implement this method in military operations. As per existing result been reportable from the utilization of metric linear unit wave (mm Wave) communication within the twenty eight Gc region in conjunction with visible radiation. Advancements promise a theoretical speed of LIFI 10Gbps that means one will transfer a full high-definition motion-picture show in just thirty seconds.

    The construct of binding along the function of illumination and communication offer the potential for tremendous price savings as power-line communication (PLC) and power- over- LAN (PoE) for installations method, and new installations severally. and since lighting is predicated ,on the in indoor environment s even in day time, the energy used for communication will much zero as a results of the piggy-backing of knowledge.


    Li-Fi overcomes the constraints that square measure placed on the user by the Wi-Fi system.

    1. Capacity: lightweight has ten thousand times quicker information measure than radio waves. Also, lightweight sources square measure already obtainable. So, Li-Fi possesses additional capability and conjointly the equipments square measure already obtainable within the market.

    2. Availability: As lightweight sources square measure gift all over therefore the provision isn't the difficulty. There square measure range of sunshine bulbs worldwide; they only got to get replaced with LEDs for higher transmission of knowledge.

    3. Security: lightweight isn't visible therefore it's safer.

    Lightweight waves don't penetrate through walls. So, they cant be intercepted and exploited.


    1. High speed knowledge Transmission.

    2. Li- Fi uses light-weight instead of oftenness signals.

    3. Within the craft VLC is use for safty.

    4. within the medical devices and in hospitals Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi and net area unit

      Prohibited as this technology doesn't wear down radio waves, thus it will simply be employed in such places.

    5. We are able to use the LI-FI underneath water in ocean wherever Wi-Fi doesn't work.

    6. Security is another profit to handle the penetrate through walls.


    As increasing variety of individuals and their varied devices access wireless net, the airwaves are getting additional and additional clogged, creating it additional tough to induce a reliable, high-speed signal. The projected system might fix issues like the scarce radio-frequency information measure and conjointly allow net wherever ancient radio primarily based wireless isnt allowable as in craft or hospitals. Li-Fi might emerge information measure of radio waves. And it'll actually be the primary alternative for accessing net during a confined area at cheaper price. In future the restrictions of artificial lightweight are going to be overcome for quicker transmission. Also, the direct line of sight is going to be overcome.


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