A Credibility Test on E Commerce Website.

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV4IS27013

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A Credibility Test on E Commerce Website.

Jeevan Gowda K

4th Semester, Department of MSIT Jain University, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dr. Suchitra

Head of the Department, Department of MSIT Jain University, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

AbstractThe definition of credibility is capable of being believed and trustworthy. Customers check the trustworthiness of the product, price and delivery before placing an order. Design of the website Interface also plays a great role in making the customers trust the site. Identifying the challenges that affect the credibility of a site is a problem to be addressed.


    People have always made important decisions based on information, evidence of authenticity and reliability or credibility, believability has always been important. If an article says that the area where people live will experience a major earthquake in the next six months, it is important that you should know whether or not to believe the information. Creditability comes from lot of trustworthiness. Coming to an E-Commerce Websites Increasing of credibility can be of showing the buyers reviews both the positive and negative reviews. Is there sufficient evidence presented to make the argument persuasive. Are there compelling arguments and reasons given. Are there enough details for a reasonable conclusion about the information showing the transparency of the product as well as the sellers. Making it clear that you are not just concerned about the revenue figures, but actually want your visitors to spend their money right and are helping them make an informed decision. Provide honest reviews about the products they are interested in and see your trust factor working for you. Are there compelling arguments and reasons given. Showing the reviews of the customers. Secured payment gateways such as like SECURE PAYMENT, NORTON SECURED. 100% money back, cash back, lowest price guarantee, it doesnt matter which one is it that offering as long as emphasize customers well on web page. Be sure to place them well and contrast them to bring proper attention. Customers should know that their risk of purchase is minimal. Guarantees convey that they can confidently buy, that they can count on for a good deal. If a good follower count and an active and engaging Facebook or G+ account, make sure that instead of plainly saying Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, can boast about the number of followers or likes to show that no fraudster and have an active community of people who are interested in knowing about what to offer on website. The more credible and business are perceived to be, the easier it is for customer to decide to do business. Why do certain businesses almost always attract and keep more customers than their competition? The single biggest factor can be stated in one word Credibility.


    The concept of trust is not new. E-commerce and the substitution of the physical with the virtual added new importance to the role of trust. With the rapid expansion of internet, Ecommerce, is set to play a very important role in the 21st century, the new opportunities that will be thrown open, will be accessible to both large corporations and small companies. On the one hand, there is an imperative need for trust for the conversion of Internet visitors to online shoppers, dictated by the reported reluctance of consumers to engage in Internet purchases. In addition, trust is an essential prerequisite for establishing and maintaining customer relationships[5]. Trust becomes a necessity for e-commerce, not only as a facilitator of customer acquisition, but also for enabling relationship building and ensuring customer loyalty. Leading online stores such as Indiatimes Shopping, Jabong , Flipkart and Myntra say that almost half, and in some cases more than half, of their sales now come from tier-II and tier- III towns and cities. E-commerce in the country grew 128 per cent year-on-year last year, with 25 per cent traffic coming from places outside the top 20 cities, it says. Ensure privacy. Virtual advisors. Meet expectations (delivery, service).The consumers are primarily buying electronics, books, Accessories online. And although spending per online buyer remains low, some 59% of online consumers in metropolitan India already make purchases online at least monthly. Flipkart.com is already seeing demand for its products outside metropolitan India: 50% of its sales are outside Indias 10 biggest cities.


    1. Survey on the website. Average revenue from each visitor to the site.

    2. Homepage is the entry point to site, and it sets the tone for brand's value and site's offering.

    3. In a medium as anonymous as the Internet, the concept of transparency means being clear about who you are and your motives and goals. [4]Transparency is especially important on ecommerce sites. Customers want to know that the people behind the site are honest and trustworthy, not someone whos using the site as a front for fraud.

    4. It has a high traffic volume and will more quickly collect data. Search boxes, Scrolling banners etc.

    5. Publishing a blog takes commitment, but its a great way to show your business personality to customers, and to show them that behind the site is a living, breathing business.

    6. Demonstrate security with standard graphics that customers have come to expected. Credit card icons show that, have taken the time to select and integrate true payment-processing into site, instead of relying solely on PayPal or checks by mail. Unfortunately, that extra word may not appear the same on Chrome as it does on Internet Explorer. This is especially true for Internet Explorer 7, where a headline can run over another piece of content or crowd another part of store.

    7. The browser that supports tab and mobile resolution. Content changes beyond simple descriptive text: headlines, images in sliders, and promotional banners.

    8. Changing settings that may impact checkout, such as payments, data collected, cart or checkout promotions, and links. The payment gateway that navigates correctly.

      i) Promotions make sure you arent promoting expired or out-of-stock items. Volume discounts. Checking whether the promo codes works better. Follow up on promises and thank customer for their business. A customers first order with store solidifies (or demolishes) any credibility created on actual E-Commerce site.


After careful observation, it has come to my conclusion that e-commerce has undeniably become an important part of our society. A good platform for shoppers sitting at one place and shopping all the requirements without wasting time for travelling. Can avail more benefits, it could be the more offers and discounts on the product, also more choices. User Interface attracts more users. Options and accessing to a products should not be more complex it should be a universal kind. Transparency to be focused more so that user never doubts. More secured payment gateways. Creating more opportunities for profit and advancements for businesses, by increasing in the trustworthiness. Showing the honest reviews of the users and sellers information along with the ratings and reviews gives a good view about the website and services it provides to its new users or potential users. Keeping the words. Delivering in time. However, just like anything else, e-commerce has its disadvantages including consumer uncertaintie, but nothing that cannot be resolved or avoided by good decision-making and business practices. In the E Commerce, the Internet is available 24/7, therefore, buyers can visit the website and shop. Business when it is more convenient to them.


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