8051 Microcontroller based RFID Car Parking System

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV9IS110046

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8051 Microcontroller based RFID Car Parking System

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Shubham Aniket, Rahul Mahesh Awari, Samriddh Singh, Swapnil Shekhar

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu Vellore 632014

Abstract – The importance of automation is increasing day by day. In this paper we propose a car parking system which uses RFID sensors to check if the person is in the database or not. If the person is in the database, then his/her car will be allowed to enter the car parking and then the motors will rotate clockwise which will mean the opening of the car parking gate, after some time the door will rotate anticlockwise which will mean the closing of the car parking gate.

Index Terms – 8051 Microcontroller, RFID, Motors, Car Parking


Automated car parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars that typically uses a very rigid method. The intention is to compact more cars in the same space, reduce the space needed to park the same number of cars. The issue of car parking has problems like with how to control the number of the car inside it, how to monitor the movement in/out side of the parking lot, how to check whether there is a place inside for more cars or not, safety to park & overcrowding of cars in the parking space. We aim to solve these problems by designing a system to control the parking area using a microcontroller. An Automatic RFID based car parking system is a smart parking system which will play an important role to reduce traffic in the city. Cars parked callously on the streets limit the space. So with a smart parking system this problem can be solved. Moreover, this kind of system will reduce the manual work and save time.


Fig. 1 Block Diagram of Proposed System

person enters his/her password then the microcontroller will search whether the password is available in its database or not, if the password matches with the password the user entered then the motor will rotate clockwise for some time indicating opening of parking gate and then close after some time indicating closing of the parking gate. The LCD is connected to the microcontroller which will display all events happening like opening of door, closing of door, password match confirmation string, password mismatch string.


8051 MicrocontrollerVirtual TerminalL293D Motor DriverLCD DisplayDC Motor

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