Trends and Problems of E-Commerce in Sultanate of Oman

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Trends and Problems of E-Commerce in Sultanate of Oman

Dr. Balamurugan Muthuraman

Assistant Professor, Administrative and Financial Sciences, OCMT, Halban, Sultanate of Oman.

Abstract:- Internet business represents electronic trade. Web- based business is performing business on the web and electronically. Over the most recent couple of years, the fame of internet business has thoroughly created because of its snappy and advantageous method for trading merchandise and local and worldwide administrations. Sultanate of Oman will blast stage for web-based business plans of action; the nation effectively revealed 20% development in an online business retail business year in 2014. The paper is centered around the calculated research with exploratory cum distinct nature based on auxiliary information. This paper clarifies the idea of web- based business, plans of action for web-based business, contrasts between customary trade and electronic trade, benefits, and confinements of online business. It likewise features different patterns and issues of web-based business and furthermore with the basic chance and development factors required for online business in Sultanate of Oman.

Keywords: E-Commerce, Challenges, Opportunity, Trends, Online, Growth Factor


Web-based business is just known as through purchasing and selling of item and administrations for the organizations and by the client over the web. Online deal is quickly expanding through which purchasers are exploiting low- value item offered by the distributor or the producer in the online mode. Web-based business is the use of electronic correspondence and computerized data handled through innovation in business exchange to create, change and rethink holding for esteem creation between the association and the customer. It likewise gives a typical stage by which wholesalers or the retailer's deals and promote their items and offer data in online mode by utilizing data innovation. This pattern is said to build up the site address, shopper security, and protection concern. Since the most recent couple of decades, E-Commerce has quickly outfitted its ubiquity because of a brisk and advantageous method for trading merchandise and ventures both locally and all- inclusive. Today current E-Commerce is the spine in GCC nations and it has turned into a piece of Gulf public activity. The Middle East is blasting, with GCC nations expecting a 40 percent development in internet business by 2020 that scopes USD 41.5 billion. Oman is required to have an all out piece of the overall industry of 12 percent over the GCC nations. As indicated by Internet World Stats, there were more than 3.3 million Internet clients in Oman as of December 2017, which comprised just about 70 percent of the populace.


The paper has the following destinations:

  • To clarify the idea of E-Commerce.

  • To consider the Oman prospect in E-Commerce.

  • To ponder the benefits and confinements of E- Commerce.

  • To consider different issues looked by E- Commerce in Sultanate of Oman.

  • To examine fundamental elements for development pattern of E-Commerce in Sultanate of Oman.


The present investigation is theoretical with exploratory cum enlightening in nature. It depends on the investigation of optional information. The optional information is profited from different diaries, magazines, look into articles and digital books.


There are some basic variables which will critically add to the development of E-Commerce industry in Sultanate of Oman. i.e., legitimate prerequisites to create a receipt for an online exchange, different installment alternative, substitution, ensure, speedy administration, the item quality, the devoted all day, everyday hours client care focus ought to be there. It likewise gives different kinds of chances to retailers, wholesalers/merchants produce and furthermore individuals.

  • Service for merchant: Wholesalers may accept the open door of E-trade which is equipped for building up the system with presumed makers and connecting the business with on the web. Online business helps in diminishing the expense of entire business preparing.

  • Service for makers: Producer can accept the open door of E-trade by connecting themselves on the web, by giving viable data and learning about their item to their sub sellers and clients. By this, they can achieve their item legitimately to the retailers and buyers. Makers get a powerful stage where they can indiscriminately accept and trust for speaking with their client by sharing data without sending any flyers.

  • Service for individuals: Consumers can buy with a tick of mouse the item according to their decision without moving from their home or office, They can likewise benefit different administrations like railroad booking, lodging booking, e-banking, and so on which have been huge open doors for the customers. Internet business likewise enables purchasers to associate in electronic networks and to trade thoughts and musings.

  • Service for retailers: A retailer can spare his deceivability by connecting their business with the online conveyance. They can likewise make, profit a lot more data about different things to the purchasers. They can likewise advance and promote their brands of different items by using the stages of online web media.


The benefits of E-Commerce are as per the following:

  • Lower Cost: Doing e-business is a savvy procedure, which decreases the strategic issues and making an open door for the independent company on a standard to contend with mammoths like, or General Motors. Indeed, even in business bank process it likewise demonstrates its viability by lessening cost contrasted with manual exchange to online exchange where the distinction of the sum is very less per exchange.

  • Economy: E-Commerce can be viewed as an especially conservative style of working together where physical capacity or manual exchange isn't required. It very well may be just finished with the help of web-based interface and one of a kind creative item offered to the client with keeping up the prudent spending plan of the item according to the societal need.

  • Higher Margins: E-Commerce implies keeping up a higher edge in the business. For instance, the expense of exchange in preparing an air ticket might be around 500 Bz. As per the excursion producers, a similar ticket can be handled less price alongside the higher edge, with this the business by the assistance of E-Commerce can create more benefit and it additionally controls and spares times when the manual exchanges are done through an electronic medium.

  • Better Customer Care Service: E-Commerce implies giving better and speedier support of the client. Powerful online administration makes the client more joyful. They furnish clients with its very own record where they can pick the administrations according to their decision which helps by sparing time and cash. These days numerous organizations' item and administrations are on marry based measured where they are

    particularly center for giving powerful administrations to the client whenever. For a precedent, Homeshop.18, Flipkart, Ola taxis, Floris restorative applications and a lot more are particularly centered around client care delights.

  • Quick Shopping Comparison: E-Commerce gives a typical stage where clients can analyze their items before shopping. For a precedent, the online shopper stops like Flipkart, Amazon and so forth where clients can analyze the items before purchasing which builds the certain and trust level towards the item and it likewise creates charmed client brain research towards the item, administration, and friends.

  • Team Work: In E-business, electronic mailing process is a standout amongst the best and powerful precedent where the general population can team up among one another by sharing different data and answer for the issue inside the workplace. It likewise makes a typical stage where providers, merchants, colleagues, and clients get associated with one another for sharing musings, data, and qualities for the future better outcome.

  • Knowledge Market: E-trade likewise gives a chance to the new companies for exhibiting their new thoughts with the assistance of their seed cash for future innovative improvement inside the general public. For a precedent, the Aditya Birla Group has many web-based interfaces centering in different areas of the retail business giving chances to the new starters by exhibiting their items on their entry by keeping up numerous base edge and making a veered learning based market.


    There are a few impediments in charge of moderate advancement of online business in Sultanate of Oman. It shows some boundary in utilizing internet business including security issues, the absence of aptitudes, cost and so on. Client protection from transforming from a genuine to the virtual store. Individuals don't yet adequately trust paperless, nondescript exchanges. For the development of E- business in Sultanate of Oman, it needs a concentration and ought to make a nation in the lines of E-business.

  • Issues of Security: Fear of making on the web installment is an all-inclusive mental factor of Sultanate of Oman clients. 60% of the clients don't believe the web as installment channel. Web exchange happens with a charge card, yet Visa itself isn't protected. Any individual who can exchange the information of MasterCard on the web isn't sure about the sales rep character. Purchaser is additionally not certain that card isn't utilized for a pernicious reason which likewise

    causes enormous test for internet business in banking moreover.

  • Customer Acquisition Forces: Successful online business collaboration between business sectors ought to be solid. Issues identified with the absence of inventory network reconciliation, high charges for items, delay in conveyance and absence of legitimate dispatch benefits in certain regions likewise make clients baffled and one of test looked by web-based business. To get individuals to come on a web-based business website and make buy includes substantial expense because of notice and showcasing which is a most concerning issue that beginning time of web-based business startup will confront.

  • Cash on Delivery: E-commerce companies are offering COD as one mode of payment for the buyers. It is seen that majority of the customers denied to make the payment at the time of delivery of the product. 30%- 50% of buyers are also taking advantage of this while the purchase of any product and service over the internet. COD has been introduced to counter the payment security issues of the online transaction but this mode has been proving expensive to companies.


There are not many online goliaths for shopping and voyaging like,, who have beaten the difficulties and speaks to the ideal development patterns of web-based business in Sultanate of Oman. "Web-based business space is a blasting space as web gatherings of people are probably going to twofold in next two-three years and this industry will require ability from different divisions like innovation, item, investigation, sourcing, general administration ability, promoting and showcasing".

  • Customer Convenience: Providing money down choice support of the clients. A substitution certification ought to be there which offers 30 days substitution assurance to their clients. The comfort of gathering orders post work while returning ought to be there. Minimal effort shipment ought to be there.

  • Adoption of Multi-Channel Investments: Multi- Channel internet business is a situation in which an organization can sell through at least two online channels. Cross channel speculations are exceptionally forceful in enlarging both on the web and disconnected purchasing procedures.

  • Unique or Transparent: Establishing notoriety and brand for quality items dependably drives request. The blasting rate of online Visa extortion, online customers just need to shop with secure, legitimate online retailers. You should be forthright and straightforward about your business. Giving understanding into you and your business

    will help manufacture trust with customers and loan you a quality of realness.

  • Location-based Services: Getting the correct substance and focusing on clients with fresh and significant data is of most extreme significance to clients progressing. A committed day in and day out client care focus ought to be there. Clients nowadays are dependable as progressing, advancing the correct item at the perfect time and area become an indispensable perspective.

  • Multiple Payment Option: Standard Mastercards, charge cards, and bank installment alternatives ought to be there. Low Mastercard access and low trust in online exchanges have prompted money down is the favored installment decision additionally offered by the web-based business. The outlook of the purchaser's that dominant part of clients does not realize how to utilize the web they incline toward the customary methodology of purchasing and selling.


    In this paper we examine, E-business is a rising pattern in Sultanate of Oman economy in the post-financial changes period. The insurgency in the IT segment in the ongoing past has been instrumental in the improvement of web-based business. Web-based business gives different administrations to wholesalers who can exploit E-trade and equip for building up contractual workers with presumed makers and connecting their business with on the web. Additionally, Retailers meet electronic requests and ought to be in contact with customers all the time with E-trade. These days, E-business is the broad utilization of a PC coordinate with the web. These advantages are cost-adequacy, brisk examination shopping, better client administration, higher business edges coming about structure economy in business tasks, data sparing and learning market improvement, and so forth. At present, there are a few hindrances in the improvement of web-based business, for example, PC starting venture, innovative issues, PC sick proficiency, lawful issues, and unfavorable outlook of customers, protection and security issues. In any case, these boundaries to internet business will be dealt with at the appointed time and thus online business has splendid prospects in Sultanate of Oman. We have to refresh ourselves to welcome internet business and receive its rewards.


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