Tremplin Save Time In Every Project

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Tremplin Save Time In Every Project

Prasanta Kumar Paul/Student2nd year MTech Computer Science & Engineering Depertment Manipal University Jaipur


Lokesh Sharma/ Assistant Professor-I Computer Science & Engineering Depertment Manipal University Jaipur


Kotta Krishna kamath

Managing Director of ESurveying Softech, Bangalore, India

Abstract – Tremplin is a software tool which can develop database application without Coding. This software saves considerable amount of time spent for the developing Code, Testing and maintaining Uniformity. Hence it is rightly described as Save Time in Every Project.It helps to avoid Bugs and Uniformity can be brought in whole Application. Tremplin can auto generate code for data entry screen containing New, Save, Delete, Import and Search Functionalities the main advantage of this software is Speed and Accuracy.Here Tremplin Generate around 60 70% of code related to Data Entry Forms of Office Automation Software which More focus can be given on business logic. In addition, Tremplin offers features using which database definition in Excel can create database in the software and also generate Inno Setup File for helping you create your installation file in a more organized way. Tremplin generates code in Visual Studio C#. It generates code depending on Selection of database i.e, on My SQL,MS SQL, SQLite or on MS Access as database.

Keywords: Tremplin, sql, Document Creator, Codein, Variety of Form, Quickly create database, software security, report


    Tremplin is software which generates partial code automatically based on Developers input for Projects involving Data Entry Screens. Tremplin saves considerable amount of time spent for the developing Code, Testing and maintaining Uniformity. It can be used by software developers who develop database application.

    It can be also used by people who dont know coding but have strong interest in development. For example those who develop complex work sheets in Excel with formulas can use Tremplin and develop applications.

    At the outset this is not a new concept at all. There are already around 20 applications,

    which attempt to address this issue. Some call them Zero Code some call them Code Less and are some solutions which work on pre written concept.

    Tremplin is little different from all these products as here there is no attempt to make Zero Code. Here only a portion of the project is being automated and not the whole Process. Initially Project will be done in .Net with C# Code and Win forms. Later if required WPF Forms would be generated. Then Tremplin will be generating Web based application with Asp.Net Code.


    Tremplin is made feature rich to ensure that you can develop applications easily only with

    good knowledge of SQL Statement. All other steps in developing applications are addressed by providing appropriate features. The mission of Tremplin is to enable users to develop enterprise class applications with minimal investment.

    1. Codein.Net:

      Tremplin develops code in C#.Net which is the most popular application for developing windows desktop application in Client Server environment.

    2. Flexible Data Connectivity:

      Tremplin supports most popular databases like MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Access and others you can easily connect to any of these databases.

    3. Generate SQL Quickly :

      Tremplin comes with free third party application, using which users can quickly generate SQL statements visually while developing applications.

    4. No dependency on 3rd Party Control: Tremplin is designed with the intention to develop applications at a very economical cost and hence does not require any additional 3rd party controls to be purchased for developing database driven applications.

    5. Interface Design :

      Using Tremplin presentable User Interfaces can be designed. Tremplin includes a feature rich form designer using which forms can be designed with almost the same ease as you design forms using Visual Studio IDE.

    6. Variety of Form Types :

      Choose among a wide variety of default form, use any of these predefined forms and create its good user interface quickly via a wizard. You may add more controls to forms created or even a new form user friendly Interface can be created from scratch.

    7. Software validation :

      Tremplin extends property of each control depending on the field type, this helps user to incorporate strong validations for each control defined in the application.

    8. Special .Net Controls :

      Absolutely no need to code for requirements like Open file dialogue or Email Link or such common requirements. All such features can be achieved with Special Controls designed in Tremplin.

    9. Expression Editor:

      Using Expression Editor included in Tremplin many business logics can be incorporated easily into Tremplin without learning Full time Coding.

    10. Software Events:

      You can include manual codes for any control defined in Tremplin for any valid event of Control defined with tin Tremplin.

    11. Menu Design:

      Define fully functional multiple Level Menu in Tremplin including assigning Icons for Menu Items. Also you can call External applications by defining it as property of a Menu.

    12. Quick Data Import:

      Tremplin allows configuring an Excel Template. If end-users enter data in those templates, then applications defined with Tremplin can easily import data. This functionality ensures proper validation of data before it fully imports it and saves a lot of data Entry time.

    13. User Management:

      You can define Role based applications and depending on developers grouping respective Menu Items will be enabled for respective users only.

    14. Work Flow:

      Depending on User login, some applications expect that only few data to be made available to the user. For example, some lead information to be made available to the specific marketing manager. This can be achieved using Work Flow in Tremplin.

    15. Call External Applications from Tremplin: Running External Applications from Tremplin generated projects are possible as Tremplin allows configuring external application and passing parameters to those applications.

    16. Document Creator :

      Users can create automatic base files for Database Details, Request for Proposal, Software Requirement Specification & Help Documents from within Tremplin once they define the project.

    17. Quickly Create Database :

      With Tremplin users need not even create databases manually in database applications. Even by defining a database field properties in Excel in specified format, Tremplin can generate database from Excel file.

    18. Software Security:

      An application developed by Tremplin can be made secure as it comes with Simple built in application protection algorithm. Users just need to change one sub-procedure to implement their own security code generation algorithm.

    19. Version Control :

      When you use Tremplin earlier version of the data gets updated to Latest Version. A similar feature will also be part of product development with Tremplin. Only database alteration quarries to be added every time database version gets changed. This feature enables any version to current version database update.

    20. Reporting System :

      Using Reporting tool provided with Tremplin all types of dynamic repots (detailed, grouped, sorted, summary) reports can be generated. Tremplin also allows users to generate reports defined using 3rd party controls such as Crystal report, active report in case users design complex reports.

    21. Multiple File Management Capabilities:

      When users develop File based applications or Server based application by default Tremplin ensures multiple file (project) management capability in generated application.

    22. Ready for Deployment:

      Users can generate Installation Script Files from Tremplin once a solution file is generated. Create the setup by just running the installation script and the setup is ready for distribution.

    23. Standard Product:

      Generated solution will have a standard product features such as Multiple File Management, Backup, Restore, Help and About Screens and all the forms, modules, classes and related files will be arranged systematically in the output directory.

    24. Default General Features :

      Features like showing status on each transaction, Showing Progress while executing lengthy process, Daily tip Wizard is part of Tremplin.

    25. Software Setting :

      All the controls generated in Tremplin will take default properties unless explicitly changed. Before you generate the final solution file, just make the

      necessary changes in default settings and Tremplin will generate code referring to extensive setting provision in Tremplin.


    Tremplin is designed considering the fact that even the professionals without knowledge of coding should be able to develop database applications. We have developed Tremplin in such a way that computer users who have inclination towards database can develop applications without studying big manuals, taking any professional coding courses. Tremplin aims at improving work force efficiency by saving time and increasing productivity.


    1. Through Better Product Design

      Tremplin is End to End Solution for developing database application Starting from Database design to Creating Installation setups for distribution can be done with Tremplin.

    2. Only SQL Knowledge is Sufficient

    You can design applications in Tremplin only with knowledge of SQL. You need not know complete software development or coding to develop applications in Tremplin.


    Save Considerable Development and testing Time.

    • Develop application with small investment: No need of 3rd Party Controls including reporting Tool.

    • Develop Complete Applications.

    • Quickly Adapt to Tremplin: Shorter Learning Time, Good Sample, Complete Documentation, User Friendly Interface.

    • Build Reputation by developing Hassle Free, Quality Output within short time which will call for few support issues


    • TREMPLIN project is very user friendly application but its having some Limitations as listed below

    • TREMPLIN project has been developed in the c# application which support only desktop application but now its not supporting for the web application

    • The user who knows how to handle the database query and table can handle TREMPLIN project but it may difficult to handle for the common user.


    The project TREMPLEN has been developed with adding new features to the existing system. In this software which generates partial code automatically based on Developers input for Projects involving Data Entry Screens. This software saves considerable amount of time spent for the developing Code, Testing and maintaining Uniformity. Hence it is rightly described as Save Time in Every Project. All the objectives of the system specified are yet to be achieved. The Goals that have been achieved are:

    • Time can be saved.

    • Bugs can be avoided.

    • Uniformity can be brought in whole application.

    • More focus can be given on business logic.

    • Allow Reusing of portion of Project.

    A consistent and efficient system has been successfully developed, implemented and tested. The system has been developed using C# as front end and multiple database as a back end. The system is very flexible and user friendly, so further changes can be incorporated into this system easily. Adequate documentation provides for maintenance and future enhancement.



It is easy to extend the system that we have proposed. In future we can implement some features for TREMPLIN project. This project has been developed in the C#.Net application which support desktop application in future it will support the web application in ASP .NET.

Tremplin project is a Customize and user- friendly software[9] for the multiple Database. Some of the Future Enhancement of the project is listed below

  • Charts

  • Calendar

  • Themes Editor

  • Language Selection

Tremplin System is offering a maximum of stability, cost-effectiveness and usability. It provides the most flexible and adaptable standards management system software solutions[9].


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