Study on Increase in Productivity of an Organisation by Using Latest Technology

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV5IS11065

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Study on Increase in Productivity of an Organisation by Using Latest Technology

Rajeev Choudhary Astt. Professor,

Geeta Engineering College

Abstract – Various organizations has been facing a competitive environment and striving hard to find methods to reduce manufacturing cost and improve quality and productivity. Lean manufacturing concepts are used by the industries to reduce the wastes and for competing in the international market. The ultimate objective is to study and analyze various technologies being implemented by industry for increasing productivity through a proper utilization of available resources. In any manufacturing industry, its layout and material flow in the shop floor decides its productivity. Material handling system also plays a key role in influencing productivity, throughput time and cost of the product. This research work has been carried out as a case study in some organizations with the objective of increasing productivity. Minimizing the number of defects is important to any industry since it influence their outputs and profits.


    Most workplaces, regardless of size and sector, are united in the pursuit of at least one key outcome: increased workplace productivity. While there are obvious IT infrastructure improvements you can make to increase overall productivity (such as a faster internet connection, better computers or laptops and overall IT technical support), there are a number of more subtle ways many smaller or industrial workplaces can use to improve their productivity through new technology.

    Better way to start is by examining how your organisation can make better use of connected devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and webcams. These allow much greater flexibility in the workplace (so workers dont have to be at their desks to complete work which requires computers), while also giving the unprecedented ability to collect and analyse real-time data. However, key to such technologies being successfully implemented is ensuring they are intuitive, fast to deploy and financially viable. Perhaps the greatest advantage easy-to-use and interactive brings to the workplace is the capacity for employees to receive on- going, real-time feedback on their performance and for innovative practices to be identified and shared.

    Data matching and analysis is also an invaluable tool for businesses of many shapes and sizes. Overall, companies everywhere should work on developing customised productivity systems drawing upon rapid technology advancements that are readily available, which have significant potential to increase productivity.


    Most people can agree that business productivity can be traced to an organization's ability to successfully execute on overall strategy. Businesses need engaged and highly productive employees executing on goals that are aligned with the organization's strategic objectives.And, if execution is the key to a successful businesswhat are the steps to increasing your business productivity for greater execution on your strategic goals? How do you know your business alignment and people performance are working at optimal levels to maximize business productivity resulting in the best possible results?

    Using technology to maximize your business productivity creates the platform to realize true business success. Business productivity software ensures organizations have the tools to overcome the challenges of executing various strategies every day and prospering in today's economic conditions. Increased business productivity can be traced to the automation of processes allowing for faster communication of strategy, increased time spent on strategic priorities and greater task completion rates.

    The following are additional ways by which business productivity software drives business processes more efficiently to gain optimal results:

    Create an open and communicative environment. By centrally locating the performance appraisal information within a formal online framework, managers can more easily communicate business strategy and create measurable goals for their employees that will support overall company objectives. It also allows for greater visibility, thereby allowing employees to see the entire picture and understand how individual goals fit into the company's business objectives. This creates motivated and engaged workforce, thereby increasing the business productivity of an organization.

    Motivate your employees using technology. Based upon the information collected in an online performance evaluation, managers can compare current skills with those required for advancement or other recognition or reward opportunities that present themselves as the manager tracks progress on employee goals throughout the year.

    Monitor business productivity and employee progress on goals. Online business productivity software solutions enable managers to more easily track progress during every phase of goal completion and offer immediate reinforcement or coaching to keep performance and deadlines on track. This process leads to greater business productivity because the organization is staffed with a

    workforce of people who are continually learning new skills and being challenged to do their best. Encourage your employees by rewarding them for their success, using both monetary and non-monetary terms.

    Analyze performance – Today's technology provides advanced reporting and business analysis capability to help someone gain a deep understanding of business performance, customer preferences, and market trends. Company executives and business managers can access performance metrics and analytical reports and use this information to work together to set or redesign strategy.


Generally speaking, employees want to be appreciated for their hard work. Business productivity software and other related technologies can bridge the gaps in communication and convey to every team member that they are valued. With the people working at their highest capabilities and businesses aligned from top-to-bottom, you will be creating a workforce that is engaged, productive and loyal. When the employees are valued they will remain loyal to their organisation which leads to greater business productivity.

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