Solar Based Electronic Voting System Linked with Aadhar using RFID for Safe and Secure Voting

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV6IS07062

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Solar Based Electronic Voting System Linked with Aadhar using RFID for Safe and Secure Voting

H. Karthikeyan , V. Raghul Gandhi, L. Dinesh .

V. Prabhu Asst. Prof/EIE, M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur.

Abstract – The crucial focus of this paper is to plan and develop a daylight based electronic voting machine for approval for managing the wired electronic voting issues. This wander consolidates the general particular idea behind using Aadhar card for voting. At the period of voting in the races, the Barcode- Scanner will be used to decipher the Enrollment ID engraved on the Aadhar card in which our database is starting at now set away/enrolled. By then, it drives the accompanying finger approval to arrange. If Indian government gets the biometric voting system for the voting reason we can without quite a bit of an extent make the duplicate of the special stamp in the midst of the choice. A database including singular purposes of enthusiasm of all voters can be secured in RFID tag and it is differentiated and the unpretentious components in the server for affirmation in the midst of studying. The database is secured in PC using visual fundamental.


The target of voting is to enable voters to practice their entitlement to express their decisions with respect to particular issues, bits of enactment, subject activities, established corrections, review and to pick their administration and political agents. Innovation is being utilized increasingly as an instrument to help voters to cast their votes. To permit the activity of this right, all voting frameworks around the globe incorporate the accompanying advances: voter distinguishing proof and verification, voting and recording of votes cast, vote checking, distribution of decision comes about.

Voter distinguishing proof is required amid two periods of the discretionary procedure: first for voter enrollment to set up the privilege to vote and a short time later, at voting time, to enable a national to practice their entitlement to vote by checking if the individual fulfills every one of the necessities expected to vote verification. Security is a heart of e-voting process.

Along these lines the need of planning a safe e-voting framework is vital. More often than not, systems that guarantee the security and protection of a race can be tedious, costly for division heads, and badly arranged for voters.

There are diverse levels of e-voting security. Along these lines, genuine measures must be removed to keep it from open space. Likewise, security must be connected to conceal votes from attention. There is no estimation for adequate security level, on the grounds that the level relies upon sort of the data. A worthy security level is dependably a trade-off amongst ease of use and quality of security technique.

Existing System

An electronic voting framework is a voting framework in which the decision information is recorded, put away and prepared essentially as advanced data. E- voting is alluded as "electronic voting" and characterized as any voting procedure where an electronic means is utilized for votes throwing and comes about because of checking. E-voting is a race framework that enables a voter to record their votes in an electrically secured strategy. Various electronic voting frameworks are utilized as a part of vast applications like optical scanners which read physically stamped votes to totally electronic touch-screen voting frameworks. Specific voting frameworks like DRE (coordinate account electronic) voting frameworks, RFID, national IDs, the Internet, PC systems, and cell frameworks.

Proposed System

AADHAR based Electronic voting frameworks have numerous points of interest over the customary method for voting. Some of these focal points are lesser cost, the quicker arrangement of results, enhanced availability, more prominent exactness, and lower danger of human and mechanical mistakes. It is exceptionally hard to outline perfect e-voting framework which can permit security and protection on the abnormal state with no trade-off.






SIM 900A




SWITCH PC(Data base)


Block Diagram Description

ISSN: 2278-0181

ICONNECT – 2k18 Conference Proceedings


The superior Microchip 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller joins 32KB ISP streak memory with read-write-compose activities, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, 23 broadly useful I/O lines, 32 universally useful working registers, three adaptable timers/counters with look at modes, interior and outer interrupts, serial programmable USART, a byte-situated 2-wire serial interface, SPI serial port. 6-channel 10 bit A/D converter, programmable guard watchdog timer with inner oscillator, and five programming selectable power sparing modes. The gadget works between 1.8- 5.5 volts.

Power Supply:

In our task, the information control is given by the controlled power supply .here, the 230v AC input is wandered around the transformer to 12V and is urged to a rectifier.the yield from the rectifier is a throbbing DC we have to change over it into unadulterated DC voltage, the yield voltage from the rectifier is filtered to empty any AC section show even after rectifier now, this is given to a voltage controller to get an unadulterated reliable dc voltage.

RFID Reader:

A Radio-Frequency Identification framework utilizes labels, or names appended to the articles to be distinguished. Two- way radio transmitter-beneficiaries called cross examiners or per users send a flag to the tag and read its reaction. In this venture, RFID tag contain the data identified with singular voters. Our small scale controller ATmega2560 contains the accompanying subtle elements, for example, Name of the voter, voter ID, Date Of Birth of the voter. At the point when RFID label put close to RFID per user, RFID per user initiate the subtle elements of specific data of RFID label which is preloaded into miniaturized scale controller memory.

MAX 232:

The MAX232 is an incorporated circuit that believers signals from an RS-232serial port to signals appropriate for use in TTL perfect computerized rationale circuits. The MAX232 is a double driver/collector and normally changes over the RX, TX, CTS and RTS signals. As specified in the above detecting circuit there is control robbery then it will send the message to microcontroller according to our program and it will send the message to GSM through Max 232.

GSM Modem:

In this modem in which the telephone transmission of signals can happen. It can be used for by far most of the errand works for signal transmission process. It is an open and electronic cell development used for transmitting compact voice and data organizations works at the 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. At

whatever point control thievery happens, the banner is given by max232 in a split second it sends the SMS to the customer.

LCD Display:

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is an electronic show module and finds an extensive variety of uses. A 16×2 LCD show is the essential module and is generally utilized as a part of different gadgets and circuits. These modules are favored more than seven portions and other multi- section LEDs. The reasons being: LCDs are conservative; effectively programmable; have no constraint of showing exceptional and even custom characters (dissimilar to in seven fragments), movements.

Solar Panel:

A photovoltaic (PV) module is a bundled, associated gathering of commonly 6×10 photovoltaic sun-powered cells. Photovoltaic modules constitute the photovoltaic exhibit of a photovoltaic framework that produces and supplies sun based power in business and private applications.

ISSN: 2278-0181

ICONNECT – 2k18 Conference Proceedings

Process Description:

RFID labels contain no less than two sections: a coordinated circuit for putting away and preparing data, adjusting and demodulating a radio-recurrence (RF) flag, gathering DC control from the occurrence peruser flag,

and other specific capacities; and a receiving wire for getting and transmitting the flag. The label data is put away in a non-unpredictable memory. The RFID tag incorporates either a chip-wired rationale or a modified or programmable information processor for preparing the transmission and sensor information, separately.

The Arduino venture gives the Arduino coordinated


The task demonstrates the increase in the security of the voting system. RFID is more advantageous than barcode scanner and biometric sensor. Even, the RFID tag is also used for tracking purpose. In case of biometric scanner, the fingerprints can be duplicated but in RFID the information is stored inside the chip. So, the security of voting is increased and the fake votes are minimized.


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