Semicircular Curved Beam Opening Stregtherend by Various Laminates

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV6IS06014

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Semicircular Curved Beam Opening Stregtherend by Various Laminates

Athira Boselal1

1PG Scholar

Sree Buddha College of Engineering

, Alapuzha Pathanamthitta cluster of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University,

Archana Sukumaran 2

Faculty of civil enginerring Sree Buddha College of Engineering

, Alapuzha Pathanamthitta cluster of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University,

,Ayathil, Elavumthitta P.O, Pathanamthitta-68962 Ayathil, Elavumthitta P.O, Pathanamthitta-68962

Abstract-Sandwich beams offer designers a number This research is consecrate to investigate the behavior and performance of reinforced concrete semi-circular curved beams with openings. Four reinforced concrete semi-circular curved beams were tested in the ANSYS, with opening such as circular, rectangular. The variables considered in the program are strengthening of the beam at the opening region strengthening (confinement) by GFRP ,BFRP ,CFRP , laminates. The beams were tested under the action of two point loads at top face of mid spans with three supports at bottom face of the ends and mid span of the beams. The ANSYS software was use to analyze the finite element method (FEM). In this paper, as a preliminary investigation a curved beam is modeled in ANSYS software and its deflection is compared with reference journal. By checking the percentage error in results the ANSYS software is validated.

Keywords: Semicircular beams, Opening, Various laminates, Finite-element


Sandwich beams are composite systems having high Reinforced concrete horizontally semi-circular curved beams are used in many fields, such as in the construction of modern way intersections, circular water tanks, ring beam carrying domes, circular balconies, etc. In the construction of modern buildings, a network of pipes and ducts is necessary to accommodate essential services like water supply, sewage, air-conditioning, electricity, telephone and computer network. Usually, these pipes and ducts are placed underneath the beam soffit and, for aesthetic reasons, are covered by a suspended ceiling, thus creating a dead space. Passing these ducts through transverse openings in the floor beams will reduce the dead space and result in a more compact design. For small buildings, the saving of dead spaces may not be significant,

but for multistory buildings, any saving in storey height multiplied by the number of stories can represent a substantial saving in total height, length of air-conditioning and electrical ducts, plumbing risers, wall and partition surfaces and the overall load on the foundation . A horizontally curved ring beam, loaded transversely to its plane, is subjected to torsion in addition to bending and shear. Furthermore, it is obvious that the inclusion of openings in beams alters the simple beam behavior to a more complex one. Due to abrupt changes in sectional configuration, opening corners are subject to high stress concentration that may lead to unacceptable cracking from aesthetic and durability viewpoints. The reduced stiffness of the beam may also give rise to excessive deflection under service load and result in a considerable redistribution of internal forces and moments in a continuous beam. Unless special reinforcement is provided in sufficient quantity with proper detailing, the strength and serviceability of such a beam may be seriously affected In practice, the most common shapes of openings are circular and rectangular ones.

Fig.1.1 curved beam balconie

Fig.1.2 curved dome

The application areas of curve beam

  • Elevated freeways

  • Intersection of highway

  • Modern Building Construction

  • Curved balconies

  • domes

  • Curved water tank


      1. To validate ANSYS software

      2. To investigate the behaviour of curved beam with different opening ( rectangular ,circular, )

      3. To study whether the strengthening of opening with which laminates is effective for curved beam

        Table.2.1 Dimensional details of Sandwich Beam



        Outer diameter


        Inner diameter







This chapter describes the methodology of the thesis work..The methodology includes study of curved beam and ANSYS software. The whole thesis work is divided into the following sequential steps. The following flowchart represents the methodology of the thesis work to be completed.

    1. Modelling

      The models are created using ANSYS software. Then obtain the different models should be analysed. Anlysis was performed.After analysis the results obtained are evaluated to find out which type of opening in curved beam is more better for different configruation is most effective in resisting lateral loads. From the literature survey helps to catch the knowledge about the curved beam Here the study is to be carried out for the behaviour of Curved beam .The material properties are selected based on several sources such as literature reviews. Materials used for CFRP,GFRP.BFRP,. beam specimens were made for analysis

    2. Dimensional Details

      A curved beam is modeled using ANSYS software with the reference journal[3]. Finite element analysis results were used to develop static analysis of beams.:

      Fig.3.1 Dimensions of Sandwich Beam

    3. Material Properties

      Curved beam are made up of different materials.The material properties of curved beam are given bellow

      Table.3.2 Material Properties of GFRP

      Table 3.3 Material Properties of CFRP

      Table.3.4 Material Properties of BFRP

      Fig.3.2 circved opening in Beam

      Fig.3.3 curved opening at mid support

      Fig.3.4.rectangular opening at midsupport

      Fig3.5 rectangular opening

    4. Meshing and Loading

      The beam is modeled using a rectangular mesh which is a 4-node mesh. The element size of the mesh was provided as 25mm. Loading is provided on

      the top area, as pressure in 10k N. The loading is two point loading.

      Fig.3.6 Meshing of sandwich beam

      Fig.3.7 Loading of sandwich beam

    5. Analysis of Curved Beam

Analysis was done using ANSYS software. Finite element analysis will provide in depth knowledge about the behavior of the member; it performed with proper boundary conditions and material properties. There are different analyses performed in this study. These include the effects of natural frequencys

,mode shapes ,vibration effects damping effects with point load conditions.


Fig.3.8 Deformation Diagram of Beam

Table.3.5 Force reaction curved of Beam

fig.3.9 model frequencies of Beam IV.CONCLUSIONS

Curved beam is analysed in ANSYS software and the

results where compared. The following conclusions are obtained from the study ie, Circular opening is more effective than rectangular type at various postion ,then CFRP external wrapping better result compare with other type of laminates in compare with rectangular & circular opening wrapping.


I am thankful to my guide, Asst. Professor, Archana Sukumaran in Civil Engineering Department for her constant encouragement and able guidance. Also I thank my parents, friends etc. for their continuous support in making this work complete


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