Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV2IS120780

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Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud

Sindhu. U (1) D. Jyothirmai(2)

Student (M.Tech.) Assistant Professor CSE Department

CSE Department BVRIT, Vishnupur.

BVRIT, Vishnupur.


Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud is a free and the open source framework management solution for the enterprises and to the end users. Its a complete data leak management solution with the advanced data loss prevention management with the agent and the agentless oriented, fully managed, centrally operated, freely distributable source to the enterprises and also to the end users, the current Open Source Framework involves in data leakage management especially in cloud environment with zero data solution. The data loss prevention tool is build and it works completely on Open Source Framework in cloud zone which can be released under the free license or open license, which is available to the end users and is open to use. It works on both Linux, Windows and UNIX. It uses MySQL Server for the database connectivity, it mainly depends on open database connectivity and the MSSQL credentials. The Open User Data Loss Management Console application or software can simultaneously access to the cloud service and it can identify the case-sensitive data among the hundreds of individual data or the thousands of the multiple data from the cloud server without any data leakage.

  1. Introduction

    Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud works on independent

    standalone server and on open source framework without any data leakage. It works on various Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows Operating System (x86/x64), UNIX Operating systems, Linux Operating System and databases such as MySQL database, MSSQL database etc., It enables to run the standalone web application framework which supports data leak protection from huge data loss. It uses different file system enabled with advanced data prevention technique with the advanced data protection suite with the advanced centralized data loss management system on the web with the advanced frontend data leak management tools in order to manage the file protection agents with the extended file data protection system with the advanced data leak detectors, it is a agentless data leak management detectors which works on the operating system such as windows operating system and the UNIX Operating System with the advanced and extended file leak management system detectors which can identify the highly sensitive data leakage in the current system.

  2. Requirements

    • Recommended with a standalone Cloud Server which works on Windows Operating System or Linux Operating System.

    • Pre-requisites for Cloud Data Servers

    • Open Source Framework support Environment

    • Data Leak Management Software installed on Cloud Servers

    • Data Leakage Monitoring tools

    • Data Leakage Alert Management System

    • Web Data Protection Service with advanced security tools

    • Quality of Service (QoS) Support for Data Protection

    • Web Cloud integration with centrally managed data loss prevention identification Console

  3. Data loss prevention and Data Leak Management Technology

    • Data loss prevention and Data Leak Management Software Console is enabled with the advanced leak management feature with the data leakage prevention solution.

    • It is an application open source framework which is highly scalable, flexible, reliable and more affordable that with the main point solution with the data leakage prevention technique on the cloud with the super-fast performance and advanced security management with extended security.

    • It has the multiple layers with the different privileges and policies with the user credentials which is easily manageable and highly flexible with work environment which helps to protect the complete end-user data or corporate user data with data protection and client data privacy on the cloud servers.

    • It is like the most independent and indispensable open source application framework which works with many cloud based web applications and the end-user accounts which is applicable with the potential risk with risk management for data leakage user sources in the cloud environment.

    • The cloud environment with data leak management is to achieve the high security to the end-user without any issues with the performance and the memory/data loss.

    • Side by side it protects and restricts with the advanced end-user policies and the admin policies on the web cloud which mainly protects the data leakage of e-mail, data leakage from the web memory on the cloud and the other data of the end-user with all the advantages of the data security and data protection with the unified data leak management technology in the cloud environment.

    • The main concept of the data leak management and protection application framework is to protect the end-user data privacy and to make the regulatory, compatibility and the application compliance with the high end security system for data with the high-end requirements for cloud data user with advanced data flexibility and data scalability.

    • Application framework also enables the integration of advanced firewalls with the extended network based high security appliances.

    o Current Data Leak Management Solution also offers the extended gateway for the data leakage advanced prevention for controlling the end-user data transmissions over internet, Cloud Access, email, Online file transfers and the Cloud connectivity data applications.

  4. Architecture

    Figure: 1 Architecture Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud

    Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud architecture redefines the advanced data leakage protection/prevention management system with ultimate solution which offers QOS-Quality Of Service, the User Data Loss Monitoring Tool, the Web Cloud Integration, Data Leakage Prevention, Data Protection with multi-layer protection with different security policies and User/Admin Level Access to the Web Console – Data Prevention Suite.

    It also offers with the Layer 6 data protection and identity based user policies and admin policies which is based on the user access authentication and credentials such as username and the user work requirement for the data protection to help and protect the highly sensitive user data and the corporate data which preserves the client or user data with advanced user privacy protection system.

    • It also meets the compatibility and compliance with the other 3rd party security requisites and the requirements during the data protection with the high work flexibility.

    • Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud can also run on the standalone cloud server.

    • It is also ships with the integrated data prevention monitoring appliance with high sensitive data leakage detection tool.

    • It ships with the open source License where it don't have to license manually on the cloud server in order to run data leak management web console.

    • It can also be evaluated with the advanced risk management tools.

    • User Data Loss Management in Cloud is also available for the data leakage endpoints on the standalone web cloud.

    • Even, user data leak management console is in any mode suchas the offline or the online mode, however it is required to get connected to the cloud web server.

    • Admin can also protect the user data with the advanced data leakage user endpoint protection with the data leakage prevention through the server storage data servers.

      • It is also possible to do the track copy protection from Cloud Server Storage operations with User Data Leak Management System on the Cloud.

  5. Conclusion

    Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud re-defines the customized data content leak management system using the Data Leak protection Management Console. It is also possible in order to combine the both predefined user data types in the cloud for advanced data protection, the data user also defines the various keywords. It is easy to setup framework, easy to install user data loss management web console, easy to manage, easy to configure on the cloud server and is easy to deploy. After the successful configuration of data leak protection web console with the confidential files which can also partially detect the various appearances of the trained user data in the different data documents.

    Data Leak Management Web Console tool has the advanced high end feature i.e., it can also train by itself by making the use of the user data files, user data folders, User SQL databases and the User ODBC based supporting user data sources.

    We hereby conclude that, Open Source Framework for User Data Loss Management in Cloud can be deployed on any cloud server for advanced data leak management with high sensitive monitoring tool, It is open source and is mainly used by the data centres, individual organizations, Companies, Educational Institutions and research centres.

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