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DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV9IS03067

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Online Project Manual

Rekha Patil

Dept. of Information Technology Vidyavardhinis college of Engineering and Technology

Vasai, India

Tejashree Patil

Dept. of Information Technology Vidyavardhinis college of Engineering and Technology

Vasai, India

Saurabh Yadav

Dept. of Information Technology Vidyavardhinis college of Engineering and Technology

Vasai, India

Prof. Archana Ekbote

Dept. of Information Technology Vidyavardhinis College of Engineering and Technology

Vasai, India

AbstractThe online project manual system has been devel-oped for tracking final year projects status. The most perspective of this project is to make the superior interaction between co-ordinater and project members, external pannel in overseeing the method of project selection and up to the project accommodation. It automates the entire tracking of final year students projects in the context of the bottlenecks. This includes submission of new project ideas, editing /updating the projects status, reviewing the projects status, submission of details relating to project progress report, project co-ordinates and project members meetings and decisions were taken to remove the implementation bottlenecks of project. The as now designed system are a paper-based system. In that the students have to fill the project approved form, documentation related to the project and project weekly report that should be submitted to the project co-ordinate or project guide. So sometimes it is very tedious process for project coordinator to manage all this documentation in case of more numbers of students projects, the loss of forms may be happen and this process is very time-consuming process. The online project manual is created to manage all these data online on web based system and developed to save the time-consuming process of final year project monitoring or supervision system.

Index TermsProject management, Project monitoring, Project module.


    Project management is a crucial, and standard course within the college syllabus. its not solely a core course in most business colleges however conjointly one among the fore-most widespread elective courses across field because of its general pertinency in all careers. A project may be a temporary endeavor designed to produce a novel product or service given bound resource constraints. To manage a project with success needs the event of distinct technical skills and management methods. A course of project management is meant to introduce project management methodologies that make sure the completion of a coherent project through effec-tively initiating, planning, executing, dominant, and managing

    risks of a project. Whats more, acquisition of the project management tools, practices, and support factors required for effective teamwork also necessitates extensive education. Learning project management prepares college students with managerial insights for future management positions. Even when fresh college graduates first participate in a real world project, the global vision of the project will help them better fulfill their responsibilities as a project team member. Project management is that the method of designing, scheduling, resource management, demand analysis, planning and test-ing to attain project goals and objectives. while not project management, its troublesome to finish comes during a given time. Therefore, project management is needed to get rid of such barriers in project development and to attain specific goals. To deliver any project of magnitude with success and on time, sensible project management could be a necessity. This is especially true in software system development. Project designing, scheduling and chase pursuit vital activities of project management.

    After the acceptance of a project, each student team com-poses a list of software development tasks. A project guide assigns tasks to project members. Each student on the team prepares a weekly progress report. The faculty and project group communicate about the projects progress through these weekly reports and the project deliverables that are handed in at assigned times. The delivered report are reviewed by the faculty mentor and returned to the project members with comments and suggestions. Most importantly, faculty must be sure that teams are meeting their schedule and quality targets.

    The most important part of project planning is to itemize the tasks, develop an initial schedule and assign team members as needed to accomplish those tasks and assign the grade to the project members.


    Online project manual is an online planning system for designed and implemented to enhance the communication avenues and project planning. It is to provide feedback from faculty on student project progress, to offer online guidance for project planning and to produce automatic grading system. The main motivation is to avoid time consuming process. As you know monitoring of students project manually and giving them grade is very time consume process so through this system we are going to save the precious time of faculty with qualify analysis report. In students case also they can save their time by updating their required documentation/project work on system instead of go to Professors place or cabin. The main advantage of this system is to provide Accuracy in grading system. Also project guide can view the uploaded document of the project at any time. It stores the previous project data that will help to project members for view which projects are done in last years to avoid repetition of same project topics. It exclude the manual work of tracking projects also It manages the use of proper resources in time. It maintain schedule of the projects that is the start and end date of the project accomplishment and reminds prior to the end date. The system saves time, efforts and cost of the organization. It is easy and flexible to use.


    The author describes in this paper that they had designed and developed a system for teaching students about project estimating, planning, tracking in course where there is no student project. The exercises in the course was designed to be implemented via spreadsheets that is Personal work breakdown structure (PWBS).The progress of the work is displayed as a burndown, burnup chart. This system is basically designed for the distance education project members that means, those project members who cannot feasible or interact daily with their colleges but they can learn how to manage the project schedule task and planning and estimating, tracking that uses the burnup and burn down chart that displays the progress report of the project tracking. PWBS important factors are estimating, allocation of project, tracking progress and display progress. The work breakdown structure is the important functional area which describes that the large task was divided into smaller tasks or we can call it as sub-task. Every task display in a row and represented in a spreadsheet. And the estimation that defines the task completed by the students is in terms of hours. Every bottom level task should be estimated in terms of hours. Allocation of schedule expresses the total hours that allocated to all tasks which define a guideline for allocation of time also Tracking progress tool describe the graphical representation of the project progress. [1]

    Jeff Zhang [2] describes in this paper that the project focuses on the implementation and designing of online system which provides project planning .in this paper the author describes that th online project planning and tracking system has been implemented .In which the two main categories are the student team members and the faculty . The students are responsible

    for team planning about project and can access only their project information. The faculty mentors are responsible to assign the team users to projects and can able to view the all the project information and their progress.the system also provides the online electronic submission were the students can submit there work electronically and the faculty can view and access there progress

    .the one of the main objective of the system is to provide the students with project planning and guidance for their projects.

    Syila Izawana Ismail [3] describes in the paper that they had developed the Online Project Assessment and Supervision System (OPENs).The main aim was to make it as a standard system for the final year project. The main focus to design this system is to develop a medium of interaction between the students and the coordinator. The two main elements of the OPENs are project evolution and weekly report monitoring. The system builds using the PHP technology and the java scripting and for a database MySQL is used. The author has given a wide survey on project assessment and supervision system that helpful for the monitoring of the student projects. The objective is the project proposal and reporting of data with better communication.

    In this paper, Grzegorz Galezowski[4], describes the latest issues with industrial project management and the author has created the web application to reduce the efforts in managing the project .in this paper author aims to create the groupware system that available via web browser in terms of dynamic web pages. The groupware system is basically defined when an application is used at the same time. Groupware is used in the aspect of the communication, management, availability of knowledge and the tracking of the project. This project includes the communication platform is the virtual whiteboard through this the employee can share the data globally. Also, the conference, event management, and issues that clearing the project doubts are the other way to communicate. Milestones are the important factor that defines the gates, it is set before the implantation of the project and issues tracking that helps the employees in error removing, in this the employee can send their issues relating to the project and other employees who can solve the error can help that employee.

    The author describes in the paper that processes related to the undergraduate final year projects have continuously been a manual handle which needs a part of paperwork and seem in some cases be a lumbering and tiring errand for the staff in charge. The manual handle some of the time leads to time wasting, blocking of extend work since the understudy carrying out the extend work isnt able to overhaul the teacher on the level of execution of the extend. Moreover due to inaccessibility of a substance administration framework or store, guile of previously carried out final year project is experienced. It may be detected by the project administrators or the work force in charge that this particular project has been done but where is the confirmation Where is the framework that out appropriately bounces the subject back when the student puts it forward or bring forward a list of projects that has watchwords show within the chosen venture subject.

    This project work therefore, dispenses with or decreases the mistake of permitting an understudy to carry out a project that has been done some time recently as well as cutting down on the fetched and time required by the understudy to deliver a quality specialized report. It moreover makes a difference to avoid the imitation of signatures ordinarily experienced amid the ultimate clearance organize of the understudies after the conclusion of the extend work. Amid the clearance stages, the completed stages will be famous by the computer until the ultimate arrange of the clearance arrange is completed and the print button can be clicked upon by the understudy to bring forward the completed clearance frame. In this work, we created an intranet entry stage that can coordinated all the forms over into one framework.[5]

    In this paper the author describes that in order to improve the administration effectiveness and normative for innovation project administration, an application online framework of innovation projects administration which the C language and B/S system based on the Visual Studio .NET 2008 are uti-lized to created and presented in this paper. The proposed framework accomplished the cooperator with projects appli-cations personals, application manager, analysts and project administration division to oversee the arrange projects. The proposed framework capacities incorporate the projects ap- plication, review, the acknowledgment and accomplishment change of plan projects which can obtained the institution-alization and normative for innovation projects advancing. The project application, the project analyzing data and the project maintaining data can be progressed helpful for the applied individual. The manager and the ventures management department can impalement the ventures advance following and the application of institutionalization. The application impacts are demonstrated that the administration productivity was expanded by using the proposed framework.[6]

    Saeed Shadlou [7], in this paper author,they have given a wide survey on the proposal submission system that de-scribes in todays scenario the submission of the proposal is very complex and time-consuming through the paper-based system. Proposal Submission System aims to supply a web proposal submission mechanism, rising the normal and physical strategies of submission. Such a system permits assignment submission to be additional economical and bigger rigor. The web submission provides an electronic copy of assignments that has several edges over ancient physical copy submission of assignments. Traditional paper- based mostly submission had introduced numerous issues to educational faculty and students. The online submission provides flexi-bility for submission despite physical location, saves physical area by victimization electronic copy of the submission and ease analysis method of educational staff. Email provides an answer towards proposal and different documents submission online. However, organizing submissions in the email system is time overwhelming and inefficient. The However, organizing submissions in the email system is time overwhelming and inefficient. The online page management approach to handle the activities of creation, submission and approval is a lot

    of helpful. The author describe various ways in which a proposal can be submitted. Different types of the proposal are there like project proposals, business proposals, proposals related to any system or ideas. The author use the content management system for storing the database of system. The languages used to create the project is .NET framework, java and the MYSQL database with PHP. The objective of Proposal Submission System is to produce an online or web- primarily based resolution for educational use. The system covers a complete method of proposal submission and approval, from creation and submission by participants, to comment and approval by the organizer. Practicality relating to user profile, facilitate and regularly asked queries, contacts, and feedback square measure among the practicality of the system.

    Jyothi N S [8], In this paper author give a successful tech-nique about the task management system, If the team knows how to manage the project and how to deal with problems and create the solution then project team will definitely achieve their success in producing the good product or the system. In this paper, author use the matrix system to manage the task of the project and this functional method has better outcomes. The task will assign using the task matrix method it also called as the Eisenhower matrix. This system is beneficial. In organize the task effectively. Eisenhower decision matrix and Prioritization of tasks are the main keyword are used in project. Task matrix is used when there are many solutions and the many actions are possible for the particular task. The key features are used based on the Eisenhower matrix that follow the 2 x 2 matrix or functional project deliverable are listed and prioritized according to their importance of the task. Author has given a wide survey on a matrix based system and the aim is to making the decision-making system that follows the method like which solution should apply on the task if there are the many possibilities of the task completion. System has the many components that are user-console, application interface, access interface, and database, service layer. User console that basically manages all the registration method of the system and the login of the users. HyperSQL database is used to store the overall database of the system. Access interface that used to manage the task using the web browser. The methodology of implementation contains the construction of Task Matrix, Prioritize the tasks, Types of Prioritization Models, Eisenhower Decision Matrix Model. And the task are divided into the four parts are Important and Urgent, Important and Not Urgent, Not important and Urgent, Not important and Not Urgent. According to this method of matrix that help indecision-making of task management is follow.

    RT Hans[9], the main agenda of this survey is teaching students about earned value management concept using a web-application. In this survey, author has created the system for the first year students that they can understand the information of the project knowledge, project designed and analysis on earned value management related to their projects. That will later helpful in their final year project. The aim of this project is to create the online learning platform that gives better understanding in producing the successful product and helps

    in solving their problems related to their projects.


    Existing system of project management is manual. Project coordinator or guide gives task for student manually. Student complete the work which is given by the coordinator or guide and submits manually, in this system all work is done by manually so it can take more time to complete project related work. Project coordinator or guide requires remembering in mind when student completed the work so it is difficult for Project coordinator or guide which student completed the task and when. In the existing system does not help users to get right information at right time and user cannot manage project development easily to achieve the main goal.

    Limitations of existing system 1.It is time consuming.

    1. Right information is not retrieved at right time. Fig. 1. DFD

    2. Any updates to the data by team members or the Project coordinator or guide cannot see immediately by the rest of the team.

    3. All work is done manually.


    The system designed and implemented to enhance the communication avenues and the project planning/tracking re- quirements of student projects. The system provides real- time feedback from faculty on student project progress, to offer online guidance for project planning and to produce automated tracking of student projects The major themes that emerged are the increased efficiency in developing, recording and tracking of student project plans, the visibility and immediate accessibility of this information and the improved and timely communication among the student team members and faculty. The project team members update their weekly

    1. User module:

      Fig. 2. Block Diag

      progress report through this system so faculty can view and give feedback to them. Important part of this system is automatic grading system. The faculty gives grade on the basis of student team members weekly progress report and at the end average of grade is automatically generated.

      1. Paperless online project manual system. 2.User friendly and accessible at any time. 3.Web-based transparent platform.

    1. Keeps all the data time to time.

    2. An unique-id for each project for project reference. 6.Automatic mailer notification for the system authentica-



    A. Admin module:

    In this module, all the students details and their project details accessible in the system. The overall system can be handle by admin.

    This module is connected with admin module with details like number, student name, project title, email id no, phone no, id no. Etc. User will access this system solely the higher than detail registered within the admin module. After registration they will produce their project group and transfer their all the project related details.

    1. Registration:

      The Registration section permits new users to complete the registration method. During this section the project members and project guides square measure allowed to register during this system by providing username, email, password and alternative details.

      1. Login: – As the registration is completed the user will log in to the system. During this section, itll raise the user to produce the username and password. And once the project members, project guide or staff are logged within the system they will view information of the project. D. Project management module: In this module, project members will read all the previous projects details like abstract, project

    Fig. 3. project choose module

    1. Project Guide or faculty:

      In a project team, all team members working on one single project. All of the groups members should use there necessary skills of study, design, coding, planning, scheduling and documentation. Through online project manual system, the project guide or staff will communicate with the students or groups and monitor individual student participation. They will additionally read the weekly progress reports of the project teams and provides comments and suggestions to students. Project guide will provide the marks to project members on basis of weekly report that are mechanically regenerate into grades. And within the end the average of all grades is mechanically generated.

    2. online submission:

      Online project Manual facilitates communication between faculty and student team members by providing online sub-mission perform. Through this technique, students will submit all their work like project details, weekly progress reports of projects electronically. These information are keep within the information of online project manual. The college member will read these reports and provides comments and suggestions.

    3. Grade system:

    This is the important a part of our project. In online project the manual, automatic grade is generated. faculty members decide the vary of marks and grade is given to cluster members like, members have twenty five marks then the grade are given as, between 17-25 Grade A, 9-16 grade B, and 0-8 Grade C on their weekly written report and at the top average of all grades are mechanically generated.

    Fig. 4. Work Flow

    papers. User will access those details solely registered within the admin section.

    1. Project Check module:

      In this module, we are able to compare the project titles and different details to information (seniors projects) from the admin module.

    2. Project members:

      After registration project team member will log in to system and they will read the last years projects. They will choose their project and when the acceptance of a project is done then every member in the team will update their weekly report through this system.


    Fig. 5. login

    Fig. 6. dashboard

    energy needed to manage and supervise the project of final year students in colleges. Different phases for grading of the project group members are designed and also provides a decent interface that is simple to know by the users or project teams and project coordinator and helps in adapting to the utilization of this web application.

    Fig. 7. manage student

    Fig. 8. manage project

    Fig. 9. project details

    Fig. 10. view marks

    Fig. 11. assign marks


    An online project manual System (OPM) is a very effective application that may be accustomed to an excellent extent. OPM has many benefits over the traditional system. A number of these advantages are centralized knowledge, up-to-date status reportage, E- mail notification, simple use, backups, etc. The use of this application reduces the additional time and


This project is an outcome of teamwork of all members of the group without which knowledgeable undertaking would not have succeeded. Here we take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed in the successful completion of this paper.

We are highly indebted to Prof.Archana Ekbote for their guidance and constant supervision as well as providing nec- essary information regarding the project and also for their support in completing the project.

We would like to thank our principal sir, Dr. Harish Vanku-dre and our head of the department Mr.Aashish Vanmali sir, for their kind hearted support. Lastly we acknowledge Authors and students whose work has been quoted in this paper


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