One Touch Job

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV10IS04008

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One Touch Job

Adwaith K

Dept. Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

Akshay K

Dept. Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

Jithin Prasad V

Dept. Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

Vyshnav K

Dept. Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

Asst Prof. Sneha B K

Dept. Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

AbstractIn todays competitive economy, a lot of graduating students from different programs find it hard to look for the appropriate job after graduation that is related to their undergraduate programs. One touch job is a mobile and web application that helps students in their journey for their career. One touch job is an application which helps users to develop technical skills and find a job suitable for them. This system is a platform for students to learn new skills and improve the skills they already have. The users can choose the technical skill they need from the wide variety of skills available in the world. The users can participate in quiz and test their knowledge. Users can also showcase their projects through this app. Companies can give details about their recruitment through one touch job and users can apply for them. It will be easier for companies to find capable employees. The front-end of the platform is developed by using React. The backend of the platform by using Node JS.


    This application aims to bring out and develop the technical skills of students at an early stage and help them find jobs that are to their liking. The companies can hire freshers with good technical knowledge and skills.

    The training and placement cell plays an important role in improving the overall performance of the student. The main objective of the training and placement department is to manage the details of the placement, student details, overall academic details of the students, and their technical skills. Once the details is stored in the database, it would be easy for the training and placement officer to filter the students based on the criteria of the campus drive. The overall system of the training and placement officer is managed by the administrator. The students need to register themselves for the placement through this application. Once the registration gets successful, a unique user ID and password will be created for an individual student. If the students need to make changes in their personal and academic profile they can send a request to the placement officer. The students may also receive the notifications regarding the upcoming campus drive.Automatic resume builder and skill development is given through the application


    The main purpose behind pursuing this idea of developing an application where users could build skills and find the particular jobs suitable for them is because most of the graduating students dont have the necessary technical skills required for the job industries. With the help of this application users can build technical skills suitable for them and find jobs according to their calibre.

  3. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM This proposal is aimed at development of an application sys-

    tem through which the students could develop their technical skills and find their desired jobs. The companies could hire students who have technical skills of their needs.The users can showcase their skills by developing projects. To collect the data, store it and transfer it between the website and the application a common database solution is proposed.

  4. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Initially the users need to register themselves. Once

    the registration gets successful the students will be given a unique id and password also their details will be stored in the database.Users can upload their profiles and companies can view them.


    1. Working Mechanism

      The user has to first sign up into the application which registers the user onto the central database and thereafter the user can log onto the application wherein user can develop skills and check the placement details.

      The user can learn different skills from the skill section of the app. The details of the company and the details of their hiring will be given in the placement section. User can scroll through these and apply for the companies suitable for them. The other module in this software package is the company module which can be used by companies to add their details

      Fig. 1. System Architecture

      of their hiring. The companies can add details like job de- scription, job role, qualification details, salary details.

    2. Functionality of the modules

      1. Mobile and Web App for Users:

        1. Sign In and Sign Up: The user can Sign In and Sign up into the application for placement and de- veloping skills using google firebase authentication services.

        2. Skill Development: The user can select a skill that they want to develop and there will be links of different courses.

        3. Placement details: The user can select from differ- ent companies who are looking for employees. The user can select the company suitable for them and apply for the job.

        4. Projects: The user can develop projects and upload them in the project section of the app.

        5. Portfolio: The user can make their portfolio by adding their details in the portfolio section.

        6. Skill Quiz: Users can test their knowledge using the quiz section of the application.

      2. Web app for companies:

        1. Sign Up: The companies can register into the application and add details like company name, location, description.

        2. Placement details: The companies can add the details of their recruitment. They can add details like job description, eligibility criteria, salary.

        3. User Profile: The companies can look through the profile of the users and the users skills and the projects they have done will be displayed there.


    1. Description and priority

      The One touch job is an application which helps users to find a job and helps them to develop their technical skills. This application has moderate to high priority due to the growth of job vacancies in the technical industry and only few students possess the technical skills required for the industry.

    2. Stimulus/Response Sequences

      Users enter the app and users can select between options such as placement, skill development, projects, portfolio. In the placement section there will be details of the company that are hiring and users can apply for them. In the skill development users can learn different technical skills. In the project section users can upload their project and in the portfolio section users can make their portfolio.

    3. Functional Requirements

      Client/server architecture: The term client/server refers primarily to an architecture or logical division of responsibili- ties, the client is the application (also known as the front-end), and the server is the DBMS (also known as the back-end). A client/server system is a distributed system in which,

      *Some sites are client sites and others are server sites.

      *All the data resides at the server sites.

      *All applications execute at the client sites


    One of the major sgnificance of this application is that the students can develop their technical skills at an early stage and it will be easier for them to find jobs. The companies can hire the students who have technical skills required for the job industry.Quality of the employees will increase and the cost of their training will decrease. This application can bridge the gap between students and companies. Some of the added benefits and advantages of this application during campus placement training for your institute include:

      • Innovative and high quality tests offered with varied difficulty levels

    • Quick results and instant solutions with in-depth analysis.

    • Correct answers with explanations for each questions as soon as you finish your test


This application will be a guide for students who are beginning their journey to find their career. The users can learn skills from the wide variety of skills in the technical field and apply what they learned by developing projects. The users will be able to find jobs for their liking and utilise their skills efficiently. The users can also apply their skill in the freelance works. Finding jobs will be easier in this application. Job seekers and employers will have a better connection using this application.


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