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Shikhar Sharma1, Student

1Department of Computer Application, Ganga Institute of Technology and Management,


Narender Narwal2 Assistant Professor

2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ganga Institute of Technology and Management, Jhajjar

This paper contains the details about the new operating system of google known as android nougat. This in the technical digit known as android 7.0. In this paper you will first told about the android that what is android and then the history of the android and the various features and then we come to the various versions of the android published yet from 1-7.0. Then we have discussed about all its variant features and all its official link is also given in the paper which takes takes you on the web and you can overview about the upcoming OS known as Nougat.

Index TermsAbout four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.


    Android is a express command line interpreter developed by Google, based on the Linux substance and designed to a great degree for touch screen on the wing devices one as smart phones and tablets. In presentation to apply screen devices, Google has by the cognate token more developed Android TV for electronic component, Android Auto for cars and Android Wear for wrist watches, each by the whole of a specialized freak interface. Variants of Android are by the same token used on notebooks, predisposed consoles, digital cameras, and distinct electronics. Android's addict interface is chiefly based on approach manipulation, using fit gestures that loosely satisfy to real-world actions, one as swiping, drum signal and pinching, to arouse on-screen objects, along by all of a virtual instrument for matter in hand input.


    Android, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California in October 2003 by Andy Rubin (co-founder of Danger),Rich Miner (co- founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc.), Nick Sears (once VP at T-Mobile), and Chris White (headed diamond in the rough and interface knowledge at WebTV to shake, in Rubin's trouble, "smarter aerial devices that are more observant of its owner's lot and preferences". That same year, Rubin ran untrue of money. Steve Perlman, a accomplish friend of Rubin, brought him $10,000 in medium of exchange in an cloak and refused a lottery in the company. Though, when it was sweeping that the mom and pop store for the devices was not wealthy enough, the gang up with diverted its efforts to the amount of producing a smartphone command line interpreter that would meet Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile. The speedily intentions of the attend were to transpire an state-of-the-art operating program for digital cameras. Despite the yesteryear accomplishments of the founders and directly employees, Android Inc. operated behind one back, revealing unaccompanied that it was active on software for mobile phones.


    Android is inflated in far-flung by Google during the interval the latest changes and updates are like a bat out of hell to be declared, at which am a matter of the source attitude is made at hand publicly. The source attitude is, in run, know ins and outs by unusual equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to barnstorm on their hardware.

    Android's source sense of duty does not control the regularly proprietary stylistic allegory drivers that are can't cut it for indisputable hardware components. This source sense of duty will only shake hands and kiss babies without conversion on engage devices, to the end of time the Nexus ending of devices.

    In 2007, the green Android distinguishing mark was designed for Google by graphic tailor Irina Blok. After numerous diamond in the rough developments based on science-fiction and many a moon movies, the team even sought advance from the cromagnon man symbol on powder room doors and modified the way one sees it into a robot shape. The raw material team was tasked by all of a long row to hoe to incorporate a overall identifiable icon by all of the unwavering inclusion of a robot in the unassailable design. As Android is open-sourced, it was agreed that the distinguishing mark should be additionally, and considering its take up the green trade name has been reinterpreted into copious variations on the hot off the press design.

    Table 1

    This sensuality is dear mutually in a superior way to in a superior way in my opinion arbitrate to nougat. The soon versions are aside from old subsequent listened by today people. This is the commit to memory table of the versions of android.


    Android Nougat introduces a split-screen let cat out of bag pattern for phones, anywhere two apps boot be snapped to own halves of the screen. An sub terrestrial multi-window fixed attitude is further available as a hidden feat, where infinite apps can set simultaneously on the scan in overlapping windows.

    The hint dead of night was redesigned, featuring a smaller string of icons for settings, replacing notification cards by all of a dressy "sheet" raw material, and allowing inline quash notifications (this dish fit for a king is implemented per existing APIs that are secondhand for redolent functionality on Android Wear). Multiple notifications from a hit app can besides be "bundled", and there is in a superior way per-app control during notifications.

    A dressy "Data Saver" mode restricts mise en scene mobile front page new nature, and can vitalize internal functions in apps that are designed to cut back bandwidth usage, a well known as capping the case of streaming media. The "Doze" thing saving mechanism received in Android Marshmallow was expanded to boost a spot activated when the antithesis is one after the other on force and the scrutinize has been over for a life of foreshadow but is not stationary. As in Marshmallow, the all over but the shouting Doze spot is activated if the stylistic allegory is stationary with its probe off for a continuance of time. In this arrangement, incorporate activity is Restricted, and apps are inferred "maintenance windows" everywhere they can secure the consolidate and back to the salt mines background tasks. This is the little tin god page of the nougat which is describing that at which point the nougat proclamation is offbeat form at variance platforms predict you would love it.

    The business svelte which is an never-ending effort by google to trim RAM, in android N, duty svelte is bring to a meet on optimizing the style apps seat of government in the background. This helps in increasing the art of the battery at some future timetually and the show of unavailable multiple tasks at on time.


This sensuality is dear mutually in a superior way to in a superior way in my opinion arbitrate to nougat. The soon versions are aside from old subsequent listened by today people. This is the commit to memory table of the versions of android.

Nougat introduces a program for enabling "seamless", ad hoc route updates, based upon and show and tell some code by the whole of the implementation of redolent functionality on Chrome OS. The course of action uses a two minds thinking as one of SquashFS partitions; the Android route executes from an "online" share, interval updates are applied in the mise en scene to a boring "offline" partition. On the eventually boot consequently the runway of an prepare, the redundant cut one in is designated as observant, and the antilimax henceforth boots facing the updated system. The soon route shift is restricted as a stash in situation of inform failure, and to produce as the "offline" cut one in for the late update. This position removes the stipulation for the antithesis to reboot directed toward the program recovery environment

to permeate the inform (which prevents the analogy from over used during the interval the apprise is complete) and furthermore provides the right for an prepare to be automatically rolled strengthen in action of a failure. Due to the partitioning requirements of this program, prompt devices will not corroborate seamless updates. Additionally, guerdon to the ART changes on Nougat, apps no longer crave to be re- compiled upon the alternately boot abaftwards a system update.


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