Introduction Of M-Governance In Farming For Market Analysis

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV2IS4105

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Introduction Of M-Governance In Farming For Market Analysis

Neha Padgilwar*, Salim Amdani**

*(Department of Computer Science& Engineering, Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad

** (Department of Computer Science& Engineering, Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad


Agriculture is the main occupation in India. About two-third of the population is directly or indirectly depends upon agriculture. We do call farmers as the feeders of the nation. But when the farmers have the final crop production in their hands they dont get the expected income because of the middlemen in the markets. These middlemen are commission agents, traders, etc. Most of the time, they have to sell their products to local agents at very low cost. This is due to the lack of information regarding different prices for the crop at different markets, i.e. Mandi. If it is possible for the farmers to check the Mandi which will give him the maximum value for his production, he will definitely yield much more. The proposed system will suggest a mobile application which will sort this problem. Also it will remove the monopoly of the commission agents and traders by providing transparency for the crop prices

KeywordsAgriculture, farmers, Mandi, mobile.


    In India the farmers of rural India do not get the actual price of their crops. There are a lots of causes responsible for this. some of the main factors responsible for this are:

    1. The first and most important factor is the poor level of illiteracy among the farmers.

    2. Lack of awareness.

    3. Bad government policy.

    4. Rural areas of India are still not connected with the city.

      The problem is very worst because the farmer who are the actual hero of our country not getting the actual fruits of their hard work. When the farmer try to sell their crops they do not reach to the actual trader so the mediator come to the farmer and buy their crops at the 25% price of the actual market price. And the game do not ends here the mediator again sell this crops to the another mediator on some profit and next mediator again sell this product to the next there is a two or three levels of mediator come into the process before reaching the product to the actual trader of the corps. Farmers of India do not get the seed, fertilizers, equipment at the actual price again the two or three levels of mediators come into the pictures. Indian farmers do not get the information about high quality seeds, fertilizers and about new equipment. Farmers in India are still very far behind in comparison of developed countries like china, America, Canada and France. Indian farmers are not getting the information about new technique of farming. Indian farmers do not get any information about weather and knowledge about the correct crops according to the soil. Already there are some works that have been done in this area government of India have also taken some steps to increase the awareness among the farmers. Government has started the forecasting of weather on national television for the farmers. Broadcasting the programs related to the farming by agriculture scientist, they give suggestion related to farming, helpline number has also been started but yet a very less efforts have been taken. India is one of the largest and the best country in the field of Information Technology but there is a very less usage of Information Technology in the field of agriculture. The sole purpose of our paper is to fill this gap by utilization of IT. Now a days the mobile users of India is growing exponentially today the

      74.6% of the total population of India is using the mobile phone so we have planned to develop a mobile application that will be helpful to solve these problems. Till now there is not any good mobile application in India to solve all these problems so our system will be a unique application in India and for Indian farmers.


    The route to market is filled with middle men for Indian farmers. Crops are sold at a mandi, a market yard regulated by the government. Typically, farmers go through at least one and sometimes three commission agents, who take the crop to traders. Traders may also collude on prices. The result is that the farmers get as little as 25% of the value of the final price of their raw produce against 40-50% in America and Britain.

    The proposed idea of market price information collection and dissemination through mobiles in India can have the following effects:

    1. The bargaining position of farmers with traders can be improved.

      1. Information reduces transaction costs by reducing risks. Farmers with timely and reliable information and the ability to interpret it can decide which market they should send their crops to maximize returns or, indeed, whether to send their crops to market at all.

      2. By contributing to more efficient marketing particularly improved spatial distribution, market information should be beneficial for consumers as well as farmers and traders, thereby creating a level playing fields between producers and traders in a region. Information on retail prices may also under certain circumstances, assist consumers to bargain.

      3. Such a system would not only be of use to farmers but also to the government and help to bring the agricultural economy to a more equitable level.


    The concept behind is that in this system is that we will collect the data from the market and this data will be given to the farmers. There will be a menu based application in which the submenu will be also there. The user need to just click the option and the data will automatically go the server and then the server will automatically reply by fetching data from the database .The application will be platform independent that will work on all types of mobile platform like Android, windows, Apple, Blackberry, Symbian, and many more . When the users will use this application they have to registered and they will have to login for this. Here the market traders will also register. The whole idea behind registration of traders and farmers is that if the farmers need to sell their products they will post on the portal and this will be going to the every registered trader. Now the trader who wants to purchase the crop can directly contact with the farmers who has posted the news for sells. In other case if the trader need some crops they will post it onto the portal through application and this will go to the server and then it send the message to every registered farmers. The farmers who can fulfill the need of traders will directly contact with them and then the either trader will come to the farmers for purchasing of product or farmers will go to traders to sell their product. This application will contain the information about each and every crops that is cultivated in India. The price will be updated on the application every time whenever it will change in themarket. There will be a terms of use also because it might be possible that once the farmers and traders agreed to sell their crops and later anyone of them can denied to sell and there will be a legal obligation also. Once the farmer and traders agreed to purchase and sell they will get the price according to the time at which the deal was done. This will bring the reliability and stability in the application. This mobile application will work on some high quality mobile and internet connection will required to functioning this applicatin.


since the most of the farmers in India are not so much literate and dont have the awareness about the advanced mobile application so we will have to make the User Interface as simple as possible so they dont feel hard to user it. As in India numbers of local languages are spoken so we will have to make the application that will have the multiple languages, and there will be a need of gathering information about market price and there will be a need of some infrastructure so it will need investment also. The benefit of this application will be that it will completely remove the broker or mediator in the process of purchasing and selling of farmers crops. So farmers will get the more prices of their crops than before. The disadvantage of this application is that it will require advance mobile and internet connection. Later in this application we will also add the functionality to show actual price of fertilizers, seeds and agriculture equipment so in future the farmers can also directly purchase their essential things required for farming directly from actual traders. So first this application should be implemented in states

that have higher literacy rate like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, Karnatka and Maharashtra. The

government of India should bring a plan to provide the advance mobile to farmers at discount and the collaboration is necessary with telecommunication Provider Company so that the internet connection will be cheaper for the farmers.


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