Integration of Offensive and Defensive System for Women Protection

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV6IS10014

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Integration of Offensive and Defensive System for Women Protection

Rajarathinam D. R. P (1),Raja. G(2), Sakthivel. V(3), Sivakumar. S(3), Vigneshwaran. G. C(3),Jeelan Raj. C(3)

(1)Associate professor, Paavai engineering college, Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India.

(2)Assistant professor, Paavai engineering college,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India.

(3) Student, Paavai engineering college,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India.

Abstract:- Unfortunately, many incidents have been taking place in womans case. Problems may arise from any direction, such like as women walking on the road after the work, going to shopping malls or many other reasons for which they go alone. People at home are not sure of their return safely. In this case we made a offensive and defensive kit for protecting women from dangerous situation. For offensive we using the electro shock (stun gun) to stun the person who attacking and defensive it has GSM and GPS module to send alert message and their current locations for selected peoples. it has small camera which is used to capture person images when he is doing dangerously and then it has attached with an irritation spray (organic compound) for their self-protection.

Keywords: Electric shock, irritational, GSM and GPS module


In the case of women protection, it has a stun gun (electro shock). A stun gun having an electrically insulated protuberance that extends to a height above the line between the vertical terminations of the exposed electrical target contacts. Before the weapon's target probes can be brought in contact with the target, the insulative protuberance compresses the target's muscle. This action shortens the length of the muscle while increasing the area of tissue involved in a subsequent shocking discharge. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of a sustained involuntary flexing or extending contraction of the muscle. A rectangular ammunition bay may be placed in the weapon with a portion of one partially exposed probe touching the ammunition's negative contact and a portion of the other partially exposed probe touching the ammunition's positive contact. In the event of a ballistic deployment failure, without the addition of any circuitry, the weapon can still act as a manual contact weapon.

the global system for mobile communication is a digital cellular communication is globally accepted can send text messages to the required persons per the provided by SIM uses the mobile service provider and send text messages to the respective persons as per programmed. In industrial sector they shown lot off interest in wireless communication to use in automation as well as to increase the safety and security standards[2].And it have connected it with GPS(globally positioning system) its a smart receiver and it has 16 provides high position, velocity and time accuracy performances and tracking capabilities .it has the ability to calculate position ,time and velocity of any uses triangulation process, which that works on premises that you van find any position from any three

other locations is known[1].it determines longitude and latitude and send them to required person mobile phones.

An irritant aerosol spray container has an opening into which a valve assembly fits and a gasket is positioned between the valve assembly and the container such that the portion of the gasket in communication with the interior of the container is substantially free of material extractable by halocarbon to form color in the extractant.[4].the irritation spray has organic compound like pepper spray, such that for purpose of protection from person who misbehaves, it irritates the person skin and eyes. The micro camera has use to capture person who attacking it can be saved to memory, and it will use to find the person.

A piezoelectric sound generator which comprises a monolithic sintered body obtained by laminating a plurality of ceramic green sheets formed alternately with a Field of Search plurality of electrodes and cofiring the same. Electrical connections between the electrodes in the sintered body References Cited are provided within through-holes formed at the vibrational node of the piezoelectric sound generator.[6]

A small-sized alarm device is hung on a doorknob to emit analarm sound upon detecting that a human body contacts or approaches the doorknob. The alarm device has data processor, such as a calculator and the like, in addition to an alarm and an electro-optic display for displaying data processed by the data processor and information related to the operation of the alarm. To the alarm device is rotatable mounted a hanging member for hanging the alarm device on a doorknob. The hanging member is fit into the case of the alarm device when in not use or is erected from the case when the alarm device is hung on the doorknob.[7]

A combination night Stick and irritant dispenser is presented in which an irritant dispenser is contained in one end of the night Stick and a key lock is positioned in the other end. A Slidable actuator encircles the night Stick and by sliding the actuator forward a pepper Spray or other irritant can be dispensed for protection against assailants or others.[8]

This invention pertains to a hand held, thumb actuated irritant dispenser shaped like a night Stick. The irritant dispenser comprises a cylindrical handle which is threadably affixed to a disposable cartridge containing a canister of pepper spray. The canister includes a nozzle which is oriented So that the pepper spray is dispensed along the longitudinal axis of the canister. An annular thumbar is electrically connected to a battery and a Solenoid which Selectively actuates the canister to dispense the pepper spray.[9]


Fig 1: Block diagram of women protection kit


The stun gun delivers an electric shock aimed at person and temporarily disrupts the muscle function and inflicting pain without causing significant injury. It uses temporary high voltage and low current electrical discharge to overrides the triggering mechanisms in body muscle.. It can run on lithium batteries and it can carried in handbags or held in waist straps

Fig 2: stun gun block diagram


An established communication between a computer and a GSM-GPRS system is achieved by the GSM/GPRS module. An architecture which is used for mobile communication in several countries is Global System for Mobile communication (GSM). GSMs extension which enables higher data transmission rate is Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS). The data transmission between any cell phones and MC which received by SMS that are due to the SIM card mounted GSM modem upon receiving digit command through an serial communication. MC is an contact point that disables the ignition switch. An output is generated at the MC which is accomplished by the command STOP that are received by the GSM modem during the program execution. In order to interact with processor or controller, AT command is needed by the MODEM and then the communication between processor and modem is achieved through serial communication. The controller or the processor sends those command. A result is sent back by the MODEM after a command is received by it. Interaction with the GSM and GPRS cellular network is done by the various AT command that are supported by the MODEM which can be sent by the processor or the controller or the computer.


An information about the position can be obtained through an GPS (Global Positioning System). Above the earth 24 active satellitesare orbiting over 12,000 miles at any given time. A location is gathered by at most 12 satellites that are due to the construction of the position of the satellites. Transmission of information back to earth over radio frequency is the primary purpose of the 12 satellites. Frequency ranging from 1.1 to 1.5 GHz. Position and time can be calculated by GPS module with the information and some math.


A camera can be wired or wireless. The will be connected by cable and it can be viewed or recording device, such as a TV, VCR, memory card or other data storage medium; whereas a wireless camera can transmit a video signal to a receiver within a small radius, where the images may be viewed or recorded. A camera may be activated manually, by remote control or be connected to a motion detector


The irritation spray contains in small box that attached with the side of the contains organic compound (pepper spray). when someone trying to misbehave or attack, the spray will pass through the small pipe and it make contact with the persons face it cause the

irritation. And when it straightly pointed to eyes the person who attacking will be shut down for the minutes .it cause eye irritation. That time of moment will be useful for escaping from that person.


It is compact in the hands of the women for protections. they can carry it anywhere. In cases of unexpected situations, it consists of pepper spray and electric shock which act as offensive for the protection from the dangerous person, if any misbehavior occurs. the electric shock and pepper spray used for safety at an initial stage. GPS module is used to locate the person place using GSM will send the persons location to selected peoples and the selected people can track their location with low time accuracy. Once the operation is enabled, high frequency sound will generate which would transmit up to 250m radius. It is compact and portable.


This KIT helps to protect the women in the danger situation. the GPS location helps to find them easily. This prevents misbehavior to the womens and increases their safety. the organic compound can be refilled and it can be changeable. the electric stun gun produces high voltage .it can stun the person and can prevent from attacks. This kit helps them to overcome the fear and that gives hope to every woman in the country about her safety and security


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