Har Khetko Paani

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV6IS15019

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Har Khetko Paani

Har Khetko Paani

Sadiqa K1 Uzma M2 Poornima V3 Husainsab T4 Mr. Vijayakumar S M5,

1CSE Dept 2CSE Dept 3CSE Dept 4CSE Dept 5Asst. Professor, CSE

1TCE , Gadag 2TCE , Gadag

3TCE , Gadag 4TCE , Gadag 5TCE , Gadag

Abstract- India agricultural country wherein most of the population depends on is an agriculture. Research in agriculture is aimed towards increase of productivity and food quality at reduced expenditure, with increased profit. The purpose of Agriculture is not only to feed ever growing population but its an important source of energy and a solution to solve the problem of global warming. Water supplies to the plants are extremely significant, as that can adversely affect both quality and quantity of crops in agriculture production. Many studies show that many farmers in India facing severe problem of water supply for agriculture farms. Farmers require continuous water supply for their farms which might be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. Therefore looking for fast, less expensive and accurate method to automatically detect the location of the water suppliers using the technology which is very much common today that is GPS and get the water supply.


    Har Khet ko Paani is the idea help the farmers regarding agriculture, in order to give water supply time to time to the land, this website and android application further serves as a portal which provides complete information about the farmer and the land records like owner of land, place, locality, GPS co-ordinates etc.

    The increasing demand of the food supplies requires a rapid improvement in food production technology. In many countries where agriculture plays an important part in shaping up the economy and the climatic conditions are isotropic, but still we are not able to make full use of agricultural resources. One of the main reasons is the lack of rains & scarcity of land reservoir water. Extraction of water at regular intervals from earth is reducing the water level as a result of which the zones of un-irrigated land are gradually increasing. Also, the unplanned use of water inadvertently results in wastage of water. In an Automated Irrigation System using Website this saves us a lot of water. In recent times, the farmers have been using irrigation technique through the manual control in which the farmers irrigate the land at regular intervals by turning the water-pump on/off when required. Water deficiency deteriorates plants growth before visible wilting occurs. In addition to this slowed growth rate, lighter weight fruit follows water deficiency. This problem can be perfectly rectified if we use Automated Irrigation System in which the irrigation will take place

    only when there will be intense requirement of water, as suggested by the moisture in the soil.

    The proposed application is designed using web application technologies like php and mobile app development like android. Here in the proposed system we design a portal for both farmers and water suppliers. Each users will be uploading their informations in the portal then they need to download and install their apps in the android powered cell phones, app will give the details of the farmers and their address, landmark, with GPS co- ordinates this makes water suppliers to locate farmers land immediately with GPS directions and then reach quick and supply the water.


The biggest challenge is most of the peoples in India dont know how to use the website and access information out of it for this reason Volunteers are allowed in the Web application where they can help the peoples in order to understand the usage of the application. And the volunteers can get the details of the farmers in the portal in order to conduct camps and activities. Earlier there is no any software components for the system Har Khet ko Paani it is the next upcoming product of Government of India, earlier system was traditional peoples used to call water suppliers throw phone and get the waters and it is very difficult to identify the location of farms for the water suppliers to locate the farm address and supply in time.


It the important requirement, the system must be available and operational 24hours.


The system must user friendly, it must be easy to learn how to use both the web application and android application.


Security is most important requirement, the patients data must be kept secured. The authorized users can only access the data.


The system must be reliable in terms of its functions and it must deliver all its functions efficiently.


Fig 3 System Architecture


Fig 4.1 Sever Side Infrastructure


Fig 4.2 Registration


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