Groupware Project Management System in a Cloud

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Groupware Project Management System in a Cloud

Mr. N.Franklin Martin (1) Mr. U.Suresh Kumar (2)

Student Assistant Professor

CSE Department

CSE Department BVRIT, Vishnupur, Narsapur. BVRIT, Vishnupur, Narsapur.


Groupware Project Management System in a Cloud is a web and cloud-based project management system web application which is designed to provide the project management layout and the project management control functions. To understand project management system you need to understand that what the project management in a cloud is all about. Cloud-based Project Management System is about the structuring of the series of various tasks and the current schedule associated with the other tasks, in order to achieve possible outcomes. The nature of the project tasks and the projects schedules is associated with the various functions such as cloud project planning, project contract negotiation, project's risk management, project cost management system will only depend on the greatly nature of the cloud-based projects that the user and administrator can do the management.

  1. Introduction

    The Groupware project management system in a cloud aims to provide the project manager with the various tools to manage the project tasks, project schedules, project's communication and the file sharing on the cloud. But beware, that the project management system will not bring all the things to the project managers and Users and developers may find that the other free software FOSS tools and are more appropriate to the particular project requirements. You will need to do the investigation on the project management system and the project management system application testing to find the product bugs and

    the best suits according to the organization requirements.

    Project Management System assumes that you understand the basic concepts of the project management system in a cloud environment and that you are trying to achieve the goal in looking for the project management tool which runs in cloud environment. The full range of the project management system modules are totally outlined in the various Module Descriptions in different forms.

    Project Management System is used in the huge range of web applications and the cloud environments, from the small offices to single people by trying and to manage their custom project workload, companies, government depts., non-profit organisations, educational institutions etc.

    Project Management System is also used to manage from day to day user activities of the project based progression. The difference between the project management in cloud and with the help desk, that is having the project desk functions which are about to interrupt the over driven and unplanned or unexpected project tasks.

    Project Management is also for managing the defined project workloads with a defined project resource base who are also co-operating in order to deliver the project on the portal. Project Management was also originally named.

  2. Original Theme & Classic Theme

    • The original and classic theme of the flagged Project Management System on a cloud is an open source alternative to the other organization products as well as the other expensive and highly commercial web applications.

    • Right from the start project management had its core aims in a number of valuable requirements such as project Clean, project simple and the consistent user interface of a project management focus which is not another CMS – Content Management System, the groupware environment for project or all things to all people for project based collaboration tool.

    • The cloud project management environment in cloud is Open source which is open access with the free usage. And the right up until the aims remain to be the core aim of the current project's administration team.

    • Surely, we'll still have the functionality that is required for the project management system, but the over the years the project management system has undergone with some formidable updates from day to day approach, In additions to the code changes that is fully intended to keep the activity up with the other ongoing support by the user communities and the user forums.

  3. Package Requirements

    Operating System

    Runs on both Linux and Windows Operating Systems


    LAMP or WAMP

    Directory Services

    Active Directory/LDAP

    Admin Page & Dashboard

    Displays the Adminstrator Configuration and web icons on the dashboard



    Operating System

    Runs on both Linux and Windows Operating Systems


    LAMP or WAMP

    Directory Services

    Active Directory/LDAP

    Admin Page & Dashboard

    Displays the Adminstrator Configuration and web icons on the dashboard



    Table: 1 Requirements & Configuration

    Packages Open Source Packages

  4. Project Process – Architecture

    Figure: 1 Architecture: Project Management System Process (Groupware)

    Project Management System process is a small and the compact project's process management tool with the eye catching GUI (Graphics User Interface). The project management has the simple and the intuitive designs and the dynamic user interfaces in the management system. It is very easy to use with the dynamic elements in the supporting system and the customization of the input also displays project management process.

  5. Design of Modules

    • Document Management

      The free data can be accessed anywhere from the confines of office walls in order to get the online document management with functionalities of Storing, organizing, accessing & collaborating on the organization's files from any PC or handheld.

    • Calendars

      With the online calendars, users can organize the project schedules, project set up meetings, project sync with the Outlook and more.

    • Social network Collaboration

      Project Management System enables the feature called social network collaboration which find and follow the people and user skills, users can have the conversations, to the keep track of each and everything.

    • Web-Mail

      Users can easily set up the to manage through the feature rich and spam free mails.

    • Database Management

      Access from anywhere, manage from anywhere, and share the data from anywhere with the network connection. Users can create the web forms, project contact databases, project lead tracking, project support ticketing systems etc.

    • Discussions & Forums

      The communication and the discussion within the organization profile is made easy with unlimited discussion forums threads for the teams, project departments, project partners or the customers.

    • Mobile Device Support

      The online collaboration solutions supports the mobile devices which allow the customers to share the critical issues using the web enabled handheld mobile device.

    • Task Manager

      Keep on the top of the multiple projects and tasks within the project task management to centralize the assignments, project management and the tracking of the various tasks.

    • Contact Management

      Users and administrator can manage the contacts to create the custom contact records and organizing the lists with features of importing and exporting the contacts etc.

  6. Project Management Features

    • The latest version of the project management system on the cloud allows the management of the unlimited projects to access at the same time. There are no limits for the project milestones or project tasks list or project activity list which is assigned to the each project.

    • The project management system allows creation of any number of the member profiles in the admin mode to make the user management easier and faster. Access is very much limited by the usr level permissions granted which is based on the roles of the assigned to the additional members.

    • The project communication capabilities is supported with the inclusion of the integration with instant messaging and the offline messaging services etc. It has the effective way of time tracking system and the file management system to create the project for the organization and the management is made easier.

    • It supports the export of reports, import of reports and the notifications to convert it into the PDF Format, Excel sheet format for the data processing system.

    • The reports that are generated for the time tracking and the logs tracking reports are generated for the regular activities. RSS feeds are enabled for messaging with the user profiles which can be exported as the virtual cards. The email notifications can also set to be sent out as it is required.

    • It also incorporates the calendars synchronization modules through the task export functionality in the system.

    • It is also available in the different languages with the customizable themes, graphics and the complete UTF8 format support.

    • Project management system includes the search functionalities, tag assignments in order to implement the current time effective project management system with the basecamp files which can be imported into the project management system to make the easier migration and to implement the cross functionalities.

  7. Conclusion

    The groupware Project management system on a cloud is a software tool that can assist within the organization, out of the organization and the moderation of the various projects throughout its life cycle in a cloud environment. Most of the groupware project management system provides the project managers to have access with the basic enhancements such as project visibility which shows the project in cloud as a whole which is allowing one to the accurate prediction of the results of the project constraints such as project scope, project time, project costs, etc. The project management resource visibility also shows the various resources which is available in the existing project by allowing from one to the proper distributions with prioritization work. The metric visibility also shows the status of the certain elements in the current project which is in relation and leads to the end of the goal by providing the cloud storage as an enhanced feature for the groupware project management system.

    We here by conclude that Groupware is the collaborative system for managing the user projects by assigning the individual tasks which is hosted on cloud server, files can also be hosted by the user, as the user is allocated with cloud the storage. Groupware Project Management System on a Cloud is a open source application which is specially designed and also best fits for various organizations and educational institutions. It is an excellent web application for managing the individual user projects.

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