G-Old Multipurpose Application for Elderly

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV10IS04012

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G-Old Multipurpose Application for Elderly

    1. Thejus Dileep

      Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery

      Kerala, India

      Suhas T C

      Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

      Sarang Dev S

      Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery

      Kerala, India

      Sanjayan P

      Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery

      Kerala, India

      Ambili M P

      Asst. Professor

      Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering Thalassery Kerala, India

      AbstractThe app makes the usage of smartphones easier and more convenient for the elderly who are either new to services of smartphones or who find it hard study and use different apps for different functionalities.By familiarizing and using a single app they can use features that were previously scattered over a number of apps or those which were not present.

      Index Terms G-OLD, Android apps, Pharmacy, Social Worker, Quick Help


        The G-OLD helps to familiarize one single app makes more convenient for elderly and use features that were previously scattered over a number of apps.Designing an app will allow elderly people to get used with the basic functionalities vital in their daily life. The app bridge the gap between technology and elderly people.The app use minimal design to prevent cogni- tive issues in senior citizens.This project is also a contribution in the field of mobile app development.


        The main issue with elderly people not using smartphone is that the functionalities of smartphones are too complex for them to learn easily and even if they learn a specific functionality it may not be enough to fulfill other needs.Most application now days are single function centric .Hence they may not be similar so it will be difficult for elderly people to learn the functionalities of each and every application.The proposed application will solve this problem by in-cooperating multiple functionalities in to a single application.


        This proposal is aimed at the development of an application the which makes the elderly to familiarize with a single application to make use of multiple functionalities This system has the following features.

        • User login portal.

        • Medicines can be bought by the user from the pharmacies from the details of medicine given by the user

        • Easier access to transport facilities as number and names of cab and rickshaw drivers of the mentioned place of the user is available.

        • Emergency feature to get aid during an emergency situ- ations.


        The system architecture is shown in fig 1. A client server application is a distributed system consisting of both client and server software.The client process initiates a connection to the server,while the server process always waits for request from any client,when both client and server process are running on the same computer.The major components of the archi- tecture are :Mobile App,Central Database,Admin,User,Social worker,Taxi driver,Pharmacy.


        A. Working Mechanism

        The user has to first sign up into the application which registers the user onto the central database and thereafter user


        can log onto the application wherein the following features will be available

        • Quick Help

        • Social Workers

        • Medicine Booking

        • Contact Taxi Drivers

        The user selects the suitable option from the list and gets notified after selecting their choice.


        1. User

          User can access the various functionalities of the applica- tion.

        2. Admin

          Each new registration is verified and accepted by the admin. The admin module also contains list of registered drivers, pharmacies and social workers.

        3. Driver

          Drivers can register through the driver module . They can also update the details after registration.

        4. Pharmacy

          The pharmacies can be registered through the pharmacy modules.They can also add details about the stock and update it.

        5. Social Worker

        Social worker organizations can register through the social worker module.They can register with their details here.


The main significance of G-OLD app is the ease it brings to the life of the elderly who feel left behind in the new era of modern technology.With the arrival of this application elderly can experience the convenience of the digital era by adopting digital methods to fulfill their needs which were once thought only physically possible.As they continue to use the app they will get acclimated to the digital world and will feel that they can do almost everything digitally


With the G-OLD app the elderly citizens will be able to meet their common needs such as buying medicines,booking taxies,fulfill their local needs etc.This app will help the elderly to familiarize with the modern technology and meet their needs through it.And they will not feel left behind the current generation.


In future further functionalities and updates can be added to the app to enhance the user experience.


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