Food Conservation Application – Mobile App Connecting Provider and Consumer

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV9IS05022

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Food Conservation Application – Mobile App Connecting Provider and Consumer

  1. Kabilan, C. Karthickraja, A. Karthik

    Department of CSE, Kings College of Engineering, Punalkulam, Pudukottai-613303.

    Mr. M. Arun Assistant Professor of CSE, Kings College of Engineering, Punalkulam, Pudukottai-613303.

    Abstract : We propose an application that helps people to conserve food efficiently by providing that food to people in hunger. The idea behind this project is to serve the exceeded food from hotels and marriage halls to the people in need specifically the ones in home and orphanage. In this project, a mobile application assists donor to find nearby orphanage and home and lets the donor contact the acceptor and share details about the availability of food and related information in just few clicks. Then the nearby acceptors can see the food ready to be donated and claim that food after confirmation with donor. This application will be an impactful changeover of many lives.

    Keywords : Mobile Application, Excess Food, Food Donation.


      These days, in highly populated countries like India, food wastage is a big issue. A lot of food is thrown away in garbage bins, streets, and landfills have proof to prove it. Marriages, canteen, restaurants, social and family get- together and functions expel out so much of food. Food wastage is not only an indication of pollution or hunger, but also of many economic problems. Instead of wasting food we can put them in use by donating them to various organizations such as orphanages, old age home, NGOs, etc.

      participants to ensure the food delivery.

    2. This is an internet based mobile application for the NGO named Jan Visas Singh This system creates a common collaboration between a donor and a volunteer from the NGO where the donor uploads all the food details at the same time volunteer receives a notification ofavailability of the food once the donor uploads its successfully.

    3. This system will create a common collaboration portal for hotels/restaurants and charities, charity can directly contact restaurants who have food remaining and report generation which will show how much food is donated by which restaurant and providing reward points for them.

    4. This paper introduces the basic architecture and application framework of Android operating system, gives a detailed description of main structure of Android applications and the methods of developing applications based on Android application framework.

    5. This research project aims to create an app that the encourages smart use of food in the consumer's household, reducing food waste and its effects on budget, energy & bringing attentions to consumer's food. This is achieved through alerts on expiration dates, allowing input of groceries, & providing tips on food storage.

It has become a habit to waste food exceeded from the large amount of preparation in hotels and similar areas without giving a second thought. It sounds normal just because it happens everywhere, so its no longer a problem. But the truth is that it has a huge impact on many lives.

Food wastage happens because there is no alternative to save them at ease. We people must pay attention to this issue and bring possible improvement over it cause it greatly concerns today unprivileged people and also our successors on this planet. That is where our project shows up and solves the major problem. Thus, this application is not only useful for avoiding wastage of foods but also to feed those people in need.


  1. FOOD WASTAGE REDUCTION THROUGH DONATION APPLICATION – The users need to register into the application and can offer or request for donation. The notification will be sent to the other and they can either accept or deny the service given. This can be tracked by the



      The proposed application is android-based, developed on Android Studio using java and xml requires internet connection and will provide a platform for donors and seekers after they successfully register into the system.

      If a user wishes to donate something, he/she can send a message in application. This message will be shown as notification in donations tab to other users. This message will be stored in backend in the database. Once a notification is sent, the orphanages who wish to claim the donations can respond.


      This phase involves login & registration for both the guest and Agent. The users details are maintained confidential by maintaining separate account for each user. At the same time only, the agent can view the details of the registered guest.


      This phase involves the notification to the agent by the guest. The user will send the notification which contains the location of food available via notification bar. This is achieved by using notification button.


      In donor module, the donor gives the wastage of food to the orphanage. The donor gives the request and shares their location for the purpose of collecting the exceeded food. The donor provides the information of exceeded food, location of availability and also views the orphanage details and agent.


      In Agent module, the Receiver maintains the orphanage details. It can also maintain the donor details. The Receiver can view the foods ready to be donated which are posted by donors, details about the food & location of food availability.


      The surplus food from the functions and gatherings can be donated easily. The visualization impact of the donation can create a positive impact on the users. Minimizing food wastage and feeding the hunger is the main goal of the food donation project. We conclude that by creating this application for efficient food conservation, the process of people who like to donate the exceeded food and accept that food made easier.


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