Embedded Systems in Health Care : Smart Pills

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV2IS01023

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Embedded Systems in Health Care : Smart Pills

International Journal Of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

IFET-2014 Conference Proceedings


K.Sonesh, B.E E.C.E, 2nd year, P.S.G College of Technology Vidhulissa M. BE.ECE DR.NGPIT Melvin francis, B.E E.C.E, 2nd year, Coimbatore Institute of Technology

Embedded Electronic medical device and other technological innovations with the convergence of biotech, nanotech, manufacturing tech, communication tech and device, sensor technologies are making breathtaking transformations in healthcare delivery and creating new health care paradigms.

Bio med devices tech is being applied into wide variety of analytical problems including medicine, surgery and drug discovery, these devices are portable diagnostic imaging and home monitoring such as cholesterol monitors, blood glucose meters and with recent innovations paving way for miniaturization of devices, replacement organs and tissues, earlier use of more accurate diagnostics, and advances in information technology, became available thru Silicon Chip revolution.

The fastest growing markets within medical for semiconductors are SMART PILLS today used to monitor, heart ECG, pulse rate, temperature, oxygen, blood pressure etc., sleep disorders can also be monitored using a thus device. Once swolled the smart pill with the propeller navigates into our body and diagnosis the diseases and complications in our body with 99% accuracy

These smart pills carry camera within them which is used for the navigations as well used as wireles bioscope with the help of the monitor empowered by an android or ios app even a doctor or patient can see the diagnosis through his own phone and this pill can also be used for the treatment of the affected parts directly so the effectiveness of the medicine is increased upto 10 times.

These smart pills once in taken by the patient it revolves around the body and it gives the necessary information and comes out of the body through the excretion of the body .Thus these smart pills with embedded technology will help in the progress in the field of medicine to a greater extent.



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