Document Management for the Masses

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Document Management for the Masses

Mr. Mohammed Muzammil Shareef (1) Mr. J.Ramesh Babu (2)

Student Assistant Professor

CSE Department

CSE Department BVRIT, Vishnupur, Narsapur. BVRIT, Vishnupur, Narsapur.


The concept of Document management for the Masses is an open source software framework for developing and deploying the document management system on the web, the package is clearly based on the PHP and MySQL Server. It allows users to store any kind of the binary based data, it is just like the usual file system on the open source web network. But there are some of the features that which it extends the normal capabilities of file system with extended capabilities. Document management System makes it very much possible to access your user documents but not only through the intranet but also helps you to organize personal files in your office worldwide over the internet.

  1. Introduction

    The Document management for the Masses was developed under the open source license, which in the nutshell it allows you to use the program for the free of cost and then modify it in any way that you wish to manage. It also gets the feedback from the users when they get bugs and encounter error issues or having troubles in the system. Its a free and open source document management web application or software that is very easy to manage. The Online Document Management System on the web Standard Edition with a completely and totally web browser oriented.

    Document Management System that which it enable the small and the medium scale business enterprises or companies and individuals in order to Scan the document, Index the document, Capture the document, Retrieve the document, Manage the document, Control the document and

    to Share the documents securely on the document server with ease.

    The Document Management System for the Enterprise Edition and community edition software that replaces the paper based document processes with the electronic procedures by eliminating the operations and functionalities. Printing the document, posting the document and manual filing the document of the paper documents and that it will drive the significant cost savings across the various institutions, various organizations and the various enterprises.

    It is very easy to use and proven in worldwide that it is affordable by any businesses to handle it easier and the Document Management System Open source application or Software that is preferred Document Management Solution for the organizations and businesses of all the sizes.

  2. Requirements

    The standalone webserver with the pre-installed hosting environment with the server add-ons is recommended to run the document server on the web browser. The pre-requisites are recommended to be installed on the webserver, document active directory server will be used to manage the document files. Document needs LDAP, MySQL database support to manage the file management system.

    Table: 1 Requirements

    Operating System : Linux Server or Standalone Windows Web server

    Processor : 2.2 GHZ Quad Core

    RAM : Minimum 8GB RAM (2GB Recommended)

    Internal Storage : Minimum 20 GB Internal storage (10GB Recommended)

    Web Browser : Supports all the Web Browsers

    Connectivity : Internet connection with minimum 128Kbps

    Database Server : MySQL Server

    Languages : PHP, JavaScript & HTML etc.

    Graphics : Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Webserver : IIS or Apache Tomcat

    Directory Services : Active Directory Server

  3. Why do I Use?

    The document management gets the enterprises management system with a lots of documents mangement feature, images management feature and the other information has he electronic formats and one of the great time of the consumer in organization is mainly focused on the end user information and end user's location as per requirements.

    • Basically, in the document management system it has the capability of using the enterprise intranet system and users to store documents of files and folders on the storage disk.

    • No one knows that the important information is stored on the enterprise document servers and that which information is mainly required.

    • It has the robust architecture.

    • It is Extensible.

    • It is Customizable.

    • It is enabled with the third party integration.

  4. Architecture

    Figure: 1 Architecture: Document Management for the Masses

    Figure: 2 Documentation Manager Representation

    • Complex made easy

      1. The Web 2.0.

      2. UI (User Interface) Drag and drop feature.

      3. The Document control over the version.

      4. Search by the content and the metadata.

      5. The LDAP or the DBMS integration in the system.

      6. The integrated Web services API.

      7. To Store in any DBMS Storage servers.

      8. Supports more than 32 languages.

      9. The WebDAV add-on.

      10. The Workflow.

      11. The Jasper generated reports.

      12. Support OCR Extension.

      13. The Mobile Compatibility support.

      14. The Add ins and Thesaurus.

      15. The project oriented Scheduler tasks.

    • It is Easy to Setup

The users will be appreciated with the minimalist approach in the user interface. The list of clients will enjoy the automated system and the auto installation process.

  • Robust User Management

    The clients and administrators can delegate the document management duties to the any number of the client members through the user and the group permissions. Permissions can be set on own as restrictively or permissively whenever it is needed.

  • The Centralized Document Storage

    The decent document management system for Masses is open source that will allow the documents to be stored in some different sort of the centralized location that which it makes easy in finding the documents in the DMS Server, as this is only place to look at dms.

  • The Limited Access

    Having the centralized location in order to store the multiple files which is not enough to call product as a document management system for masses. This is simple folder on the user's computer which can allow the files to be stored on the server. But the limited access to the specific individuals becomes more of the problem. Its a good document system which will allow the fine grained to access the each and the every file on the storage device.

  • Tracking Changes

    The limited access to document files is the good step in right direction because it does no good if the document files can be altered or changed, can be added, can be removed without the tracking of the current actions. It is a good document management open source application system which will be added on change the tracking for the various files so its changes can be easily noted.

    1. Open Source Document Management System

      The document management for masses is an open source document system known as the open source Document management.

  • Key Features:


    • One can add any file type to the entire system

    • FTP is not requird and Upload it directly from the browser.

    • The user Meta data fields can be modified for each file

    • The assigning of department to the each file

    • Prevention of the over writing of the user edits

    • The Revision history stored

    • The document files can be stored physically on the document server

    • The File expiration Feature

  • Workflow

    • The automated document file review process in the system

    • The automated file expiration custom process

    • The reviewer can also approve or reject the document files

    • E-mail notifications is enabled

      • Search

    • It is Quick and easy to browse to search by author or department

    • The full search can be done by the meta data of user.

    • The external indexing process is not required

  1. Conclusion

The Document Management for Masses is the web base document management application that uses the various standards in Open Source technologies as it provides full document management and ultimate capabilities for allowing the social activities to connect people to people. It is the system like information to information and the people to the information. It is the future ready document management for the bulk users or clients or employees or staff in an organization, that it provide the state of the art as a document management features. It is very easy to use the powerful and the low cost effective document system that allows the applications or

open source software for the companies to allow the centralize the management and is highly valuable repository of the corporate information with the latest valuable assets to facilitate the knowledge of creation and the improvement of the business and the decision making. The result is improved very much in the productivity form of the shared practices which is greater in cost efficiencies.

We here by conclude that Document Management for Masses is the online document file storing and organizing system, which will be useful for the employees or staff in various organizations, institutions and companies. It is free and open source to develop and deploy the document management system project. Here the term "Masses" refers to the various clients or employees or staff in an organization or company.


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