Digitalization of Documents

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV6IS15062

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Digitalization of Documents

Digitalization of Documents

Shrikant Biradar, Ningappa Jadagannavar,Sujay H, Sachidanand Joshi

Department of Information Science and Engineering SDM College of Engineering and Technology Dharwad-580002, India

Abstract Documents are the one of the most important assets in our life. Documents approves some of the existence and it help to prove the reality. Documents play very important role in our life .To keep safe these documents we take n number of precautions then also we lose some of the documents to overcome this we are planning to provide the security for our documents and make these documents available anywhere and anytime. First we are going to store the soft copies of the documents it means we are going to take scan copies or digital copies. Now we can use or download these documents any number of time there no loss and no damage to our documents.

Keywords Documents, Store, Digital copies, Security.


    Compose now we keep the documents as hard copy. Whenever we need us it we simply take a duplicate or Xerox it and confirm and present the Xerox. This influences the archive to utilize over and over .when we to utilize unique documents over and over there might be odds of ruin and there might be possibility of lost or harm. To overcome this we proposing the task.

    To give the security and keep up documents for a more drawn out period we are proposing this venture .This task additionally presents the delicate duplicates and bore witness to documents for check. Client can transfer the delicate duplicates of these documents and demand for endorsement or authenticate. Once the documents are affirmed these documents can be utilized anyplace and these can be gotten effortlessly. We get the documents all day, every day. This will give the security or documents and this idea will be the more secure to executes.



    Write now we keep the documents as hard copy. Whenever we want us it we just take a copy or Xerox it and attest and submit the Xerox. This makes the document to use again and again. When we use original documents again and again there may be chances of spoil and there may be chance of lost or damage. To overcome this, we proposing the project


To provide the security and maintain documents for a longer period we are proposing this project. This project also helps to submit the soft copies and attested documents for verification. User can upload the soft copies of these

documents and request for approval or attest. Once the documents are approved these documents can be used anywhere and these can be accessed easily. We get the documents 24/7. This will give the security or documents and this concept will be the safer to implements.


Digitalization of documents has four modules that explains the methodology of the project. They are as follows-

Admin Module

  • Admin can upload the documents of the citizen through Aadhar details of the citizen.

  • Admin can view requests of the citizen and provide security key.

  • Admin provides security key along with document id.

  • Admin may be Government, Private Colleges, Universities, Other Higher authorities.

    Citizen Module

  • Citizen must register to the website by providing the Aadhar details.

  • OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number and then citizen logins the website.

  • Citizen can upload personal documents and other related documents.

  • Document id will be provided and security key will be provided by Admin and he can download these documents through that document id and security key.

  • Citizen can View request of the Company and can approve it.

  • Citizen can download other documents uploaded directly through Aadhar card by admin, RTO

    Company Module

  • Company can download the Citizens related documents that are required for the interview and company purposes.

  • Company can do this by sending request to Citizen for documents through Aadhar details of the Citizen.

  • Once user approves the request Company can download the relayed documents.

    RTO Module

  • RTO can upload the Citizens documents like License, RC Book, Bike related details, etc.

  • RTO can upload these documents through the Aadhar details of the Citizen.

  • RTO documents also will be provided document id which can be used while downloading documents.


    Upload Document


    Despite its benefits, digitalization of Documents is characterized by some limitations. These are as follows:

  • An issue that can be easily attributed to a project like Digitalization of Documents is the adversities associated with achieving the desired results because of the existing track record of failure of such large scale projects. The associated risks need to be carefully evaluated and courses of action to minimize the risk should be worked upon as the project approaches the initial stages.

  • This initiative is supported by broadband highway, universal access to phone, e-governance etc. These pillars individually face challenges and thus require immediate attention for the success of Digitalization of Documents.

  • The third and the most important challenge to be brought to light is the shortage of human resources. India despite being an IT giant is often faced by the problem of shortage of staff. This can severely impact the growth of the aforesaid initiative. Adequate personnel should be appointed to carry out the objectives of the initiative.

  • Also it will be difficult to accumulate the required financial resources and is likely to increase government debt thus increasing the financial deficit of the country. It becomes necessary for the government to ensure that its ability to raise debt is not completely exhausted.

  • Different departments and ministries would offer their services viz., healthcare, education, judicial services etc. thus for the program to be a success it becomes imperative that there is absolute coordination between the departments and utmost commitment on part of the ministries.

  • One of the most difficult challenges that the government is likely to face is creating awareness among the citizens of the country and educating them about the advantages of Digitalization of Documents. Majority of the population in India is illiterate. Awareness creation will be a long process. Radio television, workshops held in villages can act as instruments to impart knowledge about the program.

  • Those without Aadhaar Card will find it difficult to convert their physical documents into the electronic form. Thus issuing this card of identity shall continue to be an ongoing process.

  • Admin uploads the documents of the citizen based on Aadhar details and provides the security key along with document id for downloading the documents of the citizen.

  • Citizen uploads his personal documents through his Aadhar details and gets a document id which will be used while downloading the document.

  • RTO can also upload documents through the Aadhar details.

    Download Document

  • Citizen can download the documents by sending request to the admin for security key through document id.

  • Company can download documents of citizen once citizen approves request of company nd provides the documents.


Digitalization of Documents scheme is a good initiative to ensure safe custody of the important documents such as PAN card; Aadhaar Card etc. which determines the nationality of the Citizens of India electronically. This move would in turn result in much more transparency, authenticity and eradication of red tapism and corruption to the maximum extent possible. This is a refreshing move towards making India a digitized economy and thereby ensuring broadband connectivity in the rural areas. Thus, for the program to be a success, it becomes imperative that there is absolute coordination between the departments and utmost commitment on the part of ministries.


We take pleasure in expressing our profound gratitude to everyone who has made a vital contribution in shaping our project. We extend our thanks to our guide Prof. S. S. Joshi for his support, encouragement and providing us with all the facilities throughout our project. We are also thankful to Prof.

Varsha S Jadhav for her constant help and involvement was a great source of inspiration. We extend our sincere thanks to all the staff members. We are truly grateful to our beloved

H.O.D Dr.J.D.Pujari for inspiration, encouragement and extension of facilities of the department for carrying out our project work successfully. We extend our thanks to Principal Dr. S. B. Vanakudre for giving us an opportunity to work and for providing the necessary facilities in the college.


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