Digital Out Pass

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Digital Out Pass

Mr Manjunath YKammar (Asst professor)

Department Of Computer Science and Engineering Tontadarya college of engineering Gadag,India

Ms Ashwini V K (Student) Department Of Computer Science and Engineering

Tontadarya college of engineering Gadag,India

Ms Chandana R Sajji (Student) Department Of Computer Science and Engineering

Tontadarya college of engineering Gadag,India

Ms Seema V Patil (Student) Department Of Computer Science and Engineering

Tontadarya college of engineering Gadag,India

Abstract: The issue of security is paramount in any organization, especially for the students. Though educational institutions have taken lots of measures to ensure the students welfare as much as possible, these measures are considered to be tedious and time consuming for more than 80% of the student community. The hostel students find it difficult to request for an out- pass because he/she has to run in search of the respective wardens who may be a teaching faculty of that particular organization. In such cases, the schedule or present location of the warden is non-predictable to the students who require their authorization in order to leave the campus. Secondly, every parent would prefer to know the whereabouts of their ward. The above issues motivates us to develop this automated system. In this work, developed a mobile application wherein the students can easily send their request for an out-pass which automatically gets approved if it contains valid reasons and eligible number of passes (assuming that every organization has an out

-pass limit per month/year).



    The general protocol to get an out-pass in any organization is to get a manual written letter from the student requesting an out-pass signed by the respective warden in-charge of the student. This process can become quite tedious when the campus size is large. As the students will have to go in search of the wardens in person. Also, in most cases the warden in- charges might be a teaching faculty who find the authorization procedure to be intruding in their professional work times. Time is an important factor playing here affecting both student and the warden.

    To avoid this problem to occur , we are implementing an android application .We propose to implement this project using Java with Android SDK offers even more features that enhance your productivity when building android apps, for the front end of the app and php and my sql for the back end with flask framework. As we all Know that nowadays every individual carry

    their own smart phones and the uses of android applications have been increased rapidly so it is better

    to have such an android application which will provide a safe environment . Having the application on your phone can diminish our risk and bring assistance when we require.

    1. Authors and Affiliations

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      [2].Digital image processing Rafael C Gonzalez – This edition of Digital Image Processing is a major revision of the book. As in the 1977 and 1987 editions by Gonzalez and Wintz, and the 1992 and 2002 editions by Gonzalez and Woods, this fifth- generation edition was prepared with students and instructors in mind. d. The principal objectives of the book continue to be to provide an introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for digital image processing, and to develop a foundation that can be used as the basis for further study and research in this field.

      [3]. Abhaya: an android app for safety of women. In today's world, people using smart phones have increased rapidly and hence, a smart phone can be used efficiently for personal security or various other protection purposes. The heinous incident that outraged the entire nation have waken us to go for the safety

      issues and so a host of new apps have been developed to provide security systems to women via their phones.

    2. Figures and Tables System architecture


    3. System Implementation

    The Drawbacks of the existing system is when emergency situation occurs the user cannot set the alert function when they are in risk situation and immediately they cannot pass their location to friends and family members to intimate they are in risk. Some of the existing comprises of three coloured buttons based on the seriousness of a situation. So, you can tap the one you want depending on your situation. The problem with existing app sends panic alerts to emergency contacts in a problematic situation.

    The proposed system has the following advantages compared to other approaches that currently existing system exist for:

    • Unlike other apps work only at danger, our app can be used as precaution measure.

    • Easy to use and friendlyinterface.

      We are trying to contribute little efforts towards women which will ensure the safety and respect for women, so that she can also have rights to grow equally like men. Our project is based on such application which is going to help user by providing security to women.


      • Admin Module.

      • User Module

      • Warden Module.

      • Parent Module.


    1. Student-side:

      1. The students have to search for the warden who may be teaching faculty throughout the Vast- spread campus.

        The student has to carry the letter around for providing proof when enquired.

    2. Warden-side:

      1. The wardens may be teaching faculties, research assistants, office staff etc. They might find the time that the student chooses to get his/her authorization very nagging.

      2. They find it very difficult to keep a manual record of the attendance in thehostel

      3. They have to take more effort and thoroughly

        monitor students to ensure extreme security.

    3. Parent-side:

    The parents may find it non-comforting to not know about the whereabouts of their children.


    It is proposed to simplify the procedures involved in acquiring an out-pass for the hostel students, while at the same time maintain paramount and for-sure security methodologies. We wish to do the above by means of a mobile application. This application will allow students to send out-pass requests with just a button click. Also, it simplifies all the processes of hostel management, including attendance maintenance at regular intervals. The pass is approved automatically by the system if the requested student has eligible number of pass credits of that current month. However, if the passes exceeds the monthly limit or request is raised during working hours, the system forwards the request to the warden. As the request gets approved, the parent of the ward will be intimated with the exit time of the student at guard desk. A list containing the students details and thir out-pass status will be updated to the warden and the security guard at regular intervals. The student's entry and exit to and from the campus is monitored with the help of application at the security guard desk.


Hardware Requirements:

Code templates to help you build common app features.

  • A rich layout editor with support for drag and drop theme Lint tools to catch performance, usability,

    version compatibility

  • JDK (Java Development Kit) 7

  • JRE(Java Runtime Environment)

  • Windows Operating system.

Software Requirements

Front End Software Requirement Android studio

  • In this project we used Android Studio offers even more features that enhance your

    Productivity when building android apps, such as

  • A flexible gradle based system.

  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation.

    Back End Requirements

  • Java

Android Studio, an IDE for android platform development that is utilized for developing the Front end and Firebase also NoSQL cloud database for Back end.


Monitoring of student's attendance based on his/her entry and exit time is differentiated with green and red color in the warden interface to indicate whether the student is present or absent in the campus.

Sample student's entry and exit time maintained in database

Once the student is granted an out-pass, intimation mail to the respective parent gets auto generated.


The sense of contentment and relation that accomplishes the successful completion of our task would be incomplete without mentioning the names of the people who helped in accomplishment of this project, whose constant guidance, support and encouragement resulted in its realization.

Lastly we are very much indebted to our parents and friends for their unquestioning co-operation and help.


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