Conference Systems for the Dynamic Web

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV2IS90640

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Conference Systems for the Dynamic Web

Mr. M.Venkat Ramaiah (1) Mr. B.Ravinder Goud (2)

Student Assistant Professor

CSE Department

CSE Department BVRIT, Vishnupur, Narsapur. BVRIT, Vishnupur, Narsapur.


Conference Systems for the Dynamic Web or the conference management system is a web application on the dynamic web for managing the individual delegate registrations, registration payment, registration paper submission and the paper review which is written in the languages such as Perl, C, with the help of MySQL database as a back end server tool and it is a comprehensive as well as the powerful, its easy to use the solution for the online web conference management system. It collaborates with the colleagues across the organization in the halfway. The conference meet online and the conference share files, conference details & information with expertise. This current solution increase the open source productivity and keep you more connected with the conference attendees.

1. Introduction

The Conference Systems for website is the Web publishing tool that it will create the complete dynamic web presence for the scholarly conferences. It will allow to create the conference Web site to compose and to send a call for papers notifications electronically to accept the paper and abstract the submissions. It allows the conference paper submitters to edit the work, the post conference proceedings and the papers in a detectable and the searchable format. It is a standalone conference management system that which is flexible and easier to use the system. It has the many features and functionalities to make the suitable for the various themes of the conference models. It is the currently probably to the commonly used conferences in the conference management system.

  • Conference System can organize as follows:

    1. Users can do almost anything with the dynamic web conference systems that users can do in person in right time.

    2. It can present the dynamic online events, online activities and online webinars

    3. It delivers the conference based online training events and the eLearning event experiences

    4. It provides the outstanding remote technical support system

    5. It can build the stronger relationships with the in- person in tele presence experiences which is delivered over the web cloud

    6. It shares the knowledge, the experience and the ideas across the web.

    1. System Requirements

      The server environment for conference meetings is recommended:


      Microsoft IIS 8.0 with PHP 5.1 MySQL=3.24

      PostgreSQL 8.5 Apache=1.3.25 Web Video Plug-In

      Operating system: Any OS (Windows or Linux) The PKP does not have limited resources in order to test the combination of the software versions.

    2. Roles

      Conference Systems is based on the largely on a pre-existing code which is used for the Open Journal Systems on the web. As a result, users will notice that many other features from open journal system that including the use of different roles, the ability to support the multiple conferences and the multiple years for each web conference, from the single deployment location. The concept of multiple roles will be easy and is familiar. The important to remember that, if any one person may try to fulfil the multiple roles for the unique and different conferences.

      1. Website Administrator

        Admin can handle the entire installation and it also sets up the new conference sites which is to be hosted on the local installation.

      2. Conference Manager

        The entire conference site will be on the installation mode, including all the user accounts of that site. The configuration manager configures the conference website site and then sets up the individual conference sites.

      3. Conference Director

        This also manages the conference proposal submission, conference proposal editing and the conference publication process for the different conferences such as Web Conference, Music Conference etc.

      4. Conference Registration Manager

        Registration manager is responsible for conference registrations.

      5. Conference Track Director

        Track director is also responsible for managing presentation submissions for different tracks, categories, etc., the review and the editing process of accepting or rejecting them in the conferences.

      6. Conference Reviewer

        Reviewer provides the peer review of the conference submissions. Reviewers will

        recommend against the inclusion of the submission in the conference.

      7. Conference Auhor

        Authors are responsible for submitting their proposals in the conference and they will participate in the reviews and editing process etc.

      8. Conference Reader

        The users can register to read proceedings in the conference paper. Some of the conferences may not require the registration to read.

    3. Conference Site settings

      • Current section will allow the administrators to add the information regarding user's overall conference deployment and not the individual conferences. It also includes the name of the site, an introductory statement about the user's site, a redirect option which redirect the user, a description of the user site with contact information of a minimum password length for the registered users and the indexing registration.

      • The users will have the opportunity to provide the details of their individual conferences in the later stage. Redirect option is useful to host a single hosted conference and this will redirect to direct users to the conferences which is rather than the main conference page.

      • Once the users hosted conference is set up in order to appear in the redirect field as the dropdown options to select it.

      • If the administrators or organization's site hosts the multiple conferences or if the admin wish to have the users to the first come to the conference site page. At this point admin may wish to simply ignore the options and he wish to return it once in the conferences set up.

    4. Hosted Conferences

      To create the hosted conference user needs to click the Hosted Conferences links. On the resulting webpage, then select the Create Conference. Fill in the fields with appropriate values and text. (Be sure to check Enable the

      conference to appear in the publicly on the web. The path should be the single word or the abbreviation which will be used as the unique for the conference in the configuration environment. It will be part of conference URL in the hosting environment, so that choose very carefully. The each years conference event will be created, selected by the Conference Manager of the conference site, under the Scheduled Conferences.

      Figure: 1 Conference Process: In Hosted Environment

  • System Information

    Under the administrative Functions we can find the variety of options to administer the conference website. Selecting the system Information always provides the system information that you are running on the availability of server updates and application version upgrades.

  • Expire User Sessions

    This clears all the active user sessions in the conference system on the site

  • Clear Data Caches

    Clears all the data cached data with the functions may be useful to reload after customizations changes is made.

  • Clear Template Cace

    Clears all the cached versions of the templates. The current function may be useful to force the templates customizations which have been made.

    1. Functionalities of the Conference System

  • Registration and payment

    The conference registration module in the conference server that handles the creation of the registration forms in the conference management system, the collection of the online payments will be made by the payment gateways such as credit card, net banking, debit cards etc. The email communications with the delegates and the export of generated reports in the Excel sheet format. The system keeps tracking all the transactions and payments which are collected directly by the organisers online merchant account.

  • Abstract Submission Functionality

    The organisers can configure submission form server and forms to include the any number of fields in the web form. A rich editor by allowing the styling and the inclusion of the various tables and the pictures can be used to collect the abstract texts. The extended abstracts & the full papers can also be uploaded in any format.

  • Reviews

    The organisers can configure up to nine numerical and the evaluation of the submissions by the reviewers can be reviewed online on the site. The Textual appraisals and the feedback of submitters can be collected. They can assign the reviews to the referees which can be done manually by Chairperson automatically by the programme in the system. Review status will be notified by the integrate email system or the manual email.

  • Abstract selection

    Automatically and manually the abstract selections can be performed. The automatic option also selects the submissions on the various values of the marks given by reviewers in the conference system and it can be followed by manual selection process. The accepted abstracts will be assigned according to the sessions and the ordered.

  • Emails Setup

    The email module can also be configured to send the automatic emails or the email alerts to the organisers. Filters are also supplied because to allow the targeting on the groups of the users while sending the bulk emails. Prefilled with the templates which are supplied for the bulk mails and also for the automatic mails. These can be edited or personalised by the placeholders.

  • Data exports

    The registrations data, payments data, submissions data, reviews data and results of the selection process data can be exported into the CSV or XML format.

  • Book of Abtracts

The submitted abstracts can also be customized, styled and exported from document format to the PDF Format.

  1. Conclusion

    The Conference Systems for the Dynamic Web is the open source package based technology and is designed, assigned to be the complete site, the multiple conference management system in web

    2.0 includes the dynamic content and the full peer review component system. However, the many users don't have such requirements and the plans to only use software for the single event in conference system with the reviews. This will be conducted by the entire group of the conference directors and the document will walk you through the details like how to configure and how to install and proceed to the conference meeting that those who needs.

    We here by conclude that Conference Systems can be optimized and developed dynamically on the web according to the needs. These web oriented conference systems with dynamic content reflects with beautiful functionality of the conference system. These conference systems is useful for the organizations, Institutions, Paper Publication sites and IT Companies.

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