Business concept on Renting Vehicle

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV8IS05059

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Business concept on Renting Vehicle

Rajan Mourya

Department of Computer science MIT World Peace University Pune, India


School of Computer science MIT World Peace University Pune, India

Shubhangi Gautam School of Computer science MIT World Peace University

Pune, India

Dr. Anuradha Kanade School of Computer science MIT World Peace University Pune, India

ABSTRACT:This paper will provide the basic idea about the new vehicle renting concept. The Vehicle Rental System(VRS) is presented for providing vehicles on rent by the local people as well as agencies. In this, our major focus will be on small vehicle rental agencies as well as common people by providing them better opportunities to earn more money in a secure way. In India there are a number of families who have a vehicle which is kept unused in their garage and some families dont have place to park their vehicle which proves to be white elephant for them because of their high maintenance cost. Many people have Renting Vehicle as side business but its market scope is limited. Also some people dont feel secure while traveling to new cities, so they prefer to have a vehicle like bike, car, cycle according to their preferences but they are usually unaware of vehicle rent services. So VRS helps people as well as many certified drivers to take vehicle on rent easily. This concept will provide scope for employability.

KEYWORDS:Vehicle Renting, Employability, Agencies.


    Vehicle Renting System is not a term very much new to our ears and actually the concept had already been introduced in India a decade ago. Initially, the services were only available in major metropolitan cities of India. There were and there still are agencies through which people can book vehicles. Then the scenario completely changed from traditional system to digital system. Now there is no need to go to the agency and book your vehicle, in short no manual task. Since, people were so motivated to use their smartphones and smart pcs, Online Vehicle Renting got popular easily and not just because of the motivation, but also how it made the task easy, efficient, reliable and not at all time consuming. Now talking about the present scenario, people are seen having vehicle renting as their side business, and because its not necessary that they have access to online portals they usually go to agencies. People who have vehicle but they dont drive much, people travelling to new cities find renting vehicles tough, possibly because of security reasons, availability, economic factors and also. Also every big firm or company now a days provide their employee with pick up and drop service. If we take an example of an autowala who drives all day long but even his vehicle is standing still at night just adding extra to its maintenance or it doubles up if hes not driving at all due to any so and so reasons. Now its not like there havent been any online portals for vehicle renting before, there are and in fact a lot. So what makes this system unique?? This Vehicle Renting System will not only provide car but bicycles, bikes and autos also. People

    using public transports, people having companys pick and drop service, or basically anybody who doesnt want their vehicle to just stay a piece of iron and cost them fortune by just standing still could easily register their vehicle on this system, be it a car, bicycle, scooty, bike, auto etc. People travelling to new cities who usually have no idea about where to get the vehicle, can also benefit from this and also there wont be any limitation of just renting a car. Even a person who is driving all day can register his/her vehicle for night cabbing purposes. And not just this, this system would also provide an opportunity to people who want to earn extra or any part-time earnings or someone who isnt educated enough to have any high profile job or someone who wants to rent a vehicle and earn by driving it or any small scale agencies who wants to increase their market.



    Traditional Systems includes all the small big agencies which provides a customer with facility to rent a vehicle they want. When a customer visits any rental agency, its expected that they have made a pre-booking before visiting the agency either through call or online or if they want to rent a vehicle on the spot they may do that way. The procedure involves lengthy process of paper filling which involves abiding by the terms and conditions of services, providing personal information about the insurance, licensing with all the transaction modes. Once the payment is made and formalities are done, user gets the access to use the vehicle according to the deal [1].


    M-commerce marked an establishment of many successful ideas of online rental vehicle services, one of the greatest examples is OLA cabs which was launched in 2010.

    M-commerce which means selling and buying of goods using mobile phones. Earlier the businesses were restricted and divided by geographical barriers and unawareness about technology. But because of the smartphone era, introducing online rental booking got famous. Earlier vehicle renting was a tedious job because it included physical attendance of the customer, lengthy paperwork, unavailability of the vehicle and many more [2].

    But the online rental services venturing into the era of smartphones has been a brave step towards revolution.

    Among the various other vehicle categories, the taxi rental service got popular. The reason being that its the concept of

    providing door-to-door services to the customer, customers dont have to go through lengthy authorization processes and also because of the reduced expenses. A taxi was getting booked over a single click, so easily. Another reason for gaining popularity was the shortage of parking spaces and poor infrastructure. Then came another online portal-UBER, launched in 2013. Now the competition between both the service providers intensified. It became challenging to meet customer satisfaction. The only way left to do that was to enhance the quality of services to be provided. Uber grabbed the attention in the scenario by providing a job to the drivers.


    The motive of the present system is to make the vehicle renting easily accessible and available to people and also covering the problems left out by other systems or say traditional systems. There are two aspects/modules of the present system-


    The user will register to the portal first or login if an already existing customer. Then if the user is new, he will start by entering the important details and providing the identity profs needed to update his profile. After that the user can select the category of vehicle he wants and add further details and transaction modes. The vehicle will be rented to the user once the admin accepts and approves his particulars. A user can register hi/her vehicle to earn money it can be bike, car, auto or scotty. Similarly, the small agencies could register but for them the process will be a little different. They have to register their vehicles with similar details. The current system is just restricted to renting a car. User can register as driver get an employment opportunity by driving car or auto.


    The 1.0 picture shows the registration page for the user.


    The 1.1 picture shows the registration form for Agencies.


    The 1.2 picture shows the home page of VRS portal for the end user.


    <>The 1.3 picture show the vehicle registration page for user as well as agencies.


    The 1.4 picture show the booking page for user.


    The admin will be the center acting authority who will handle all the transactions and all the process related to the authorization of the users. The admin will check all the rental requests parameters made by the users say the start time, pick- up location, end time, the vehicle availability between that start

    an end time, the location from where the user has to pick the vehicle and the location that he has to drop the vehicle after the end time of the services, all the transaction details with the modes of transaction. No request will further be taken forward if not accepted by the admin.


    The 1.5 picture shows the detailed description of new vehicle registered to the system.

  4. Need of the System

    The proposed system is made in compliance with todays need of renting vehicles, taking in consideration that people may need other vehicles such as bike, scooty, bicycle, auto, trucks, etc. The aim is to make a system of renting vehicles that is not just restricted to rent cars and also to make renting easy and convenient. There are many restrictions with existing systems that are fixed to renting cars, timelines of renting vehicles, locations to pick and drop the vehicles, availability of the vehicles, and lengthy paperwork. So theres an emerging need to change the scenario of renting vehicles market.


The cab service by overcoming the limitation of ola and ubar. And improve tracking mechanism. A EMI facility for cab driver.


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