Big Data Future Analysis -Big Sheets

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV3IS16027

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Big Data Future Analysis -Big Sheets

T. A. Vijayalakshmi, C. Yuvarani, M. Sujitha, M. Sharmili, G. Karthikeyan

PG scholar, Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem, AP/CSE, Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem,

PG scholar , University of Toronto, Canada

Abstract- People love archiving. Huge volumes of data are created by every individual. All over the world people crave for data and its importance. The main intension of this paper is the effective use of analyzing the data, researching and predicting the data. We are genuinely connected to digital data. It mainly opens the door for many industries in interacting with massive datasets and shares the right data for enhancing the future analysis. There come big data analysis and preserving digital footprints in this new era.

Index Terms Adaptive algorithm, Bigsheets, BigData Analysis

,Data visualization, computational Intelligence, Memory system, Human brain vs computer .


    Big data is an emerging technology. This might sound unravel due to practical implementation and influence of this new generation. Generally Google process about 20 petabytes of data . Big data is not just collecting and finding lots of information, this emerging technology lets us to understand and capture the data for every fraction of second. Its like taking a snapshot.

    A Light field called as plenoptic camera users micro lenses to capture information about the particular scene. Smartphone cameras embed information into photograph. Now a days various sensor technologies are evolving which captures every bits and pieces of information. For a college day function, it captures students behaviors, participants performance, surrounds information and so on. When this gets posted on the social media it becomes a giant slippery wad of data.

    In this trend we are collecting not only lots of information but more picture, videos and text along with snippets. Also we are collecting information about the surrounds. So because of this the computational ability is increasing rapidly. The giant users of big data are Google, Amazon and the scientific environment companies.

    How will this mass data gets stored in a place is a big question. Data scientist, engineers, social media analyst are constantly working in these industries in leveraging the work. Whatever predictions are predicted, it is happening. So a skilled prototype is created which allows

    exploring the new understanding and new options.

    Data cave is used in visualizing complex simulations. Data mining experts use well sophisticated searching algorithm to find patterns and correlation in larger data sets which helps the companies to find new meaning in the collected data.


    Bigdata is completely a digital environment. For example, in film industry there are lot of things needs to be digitalized in order to preserve the old data and making use of the existing data for further analysis. Even the television industry needs to archive the entire recorded catalog.

    A sample data set is taken from website it gives a glimpse about the visualization technique. Number of obese person and the results are calculated based on the data sets taken. Various data are collected from different wards and the percentage of obesity is calculated and visually presented using MATLAB. In future huge data can be computed visually using big sheets graph.


    Even in social networking sites like twitter, big sheets are widely used for sentimental analysis and they are greatly used to find the insights from the bigdata. When the data gets imported on the big sheets, it is very easy for the non- technical users to visualize their

    Fig 1: Obesity ratio based on upper and lower ward Fig 2: Different dimensions for the same obese data

    data and find meaning full information from it. As the usage of data is frequently increasing, what is behind the data is very important so this big sheet analysis helps the users to find the value of the data.

    Another example is British library has worked for more than 250 years to archive the history, social heritage and the published work. When thinking about digitizing the entire information there comes a worry about digital black hole. Every day so much of informations are collected and the older are lost giving way for next generation. Nearly 20 petabytes of informations are generated every day in British

    library. A petabyte can be 8 times amount of information generated in all U.S libraries.IBM worked for this library digitalizing project and installed code for IBM big sheets which can essence map and graph the data and shrink to what is comprehensible by humans. Big sheets is built based on apaches Hadoop framework which are greatly implemented for special collection of elections, olymbics,stocks, historical data, health care data and it is emerging in various applications.


    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them-Albert Einstein. According to his philosophy human knowledge places higher value on insights and analyzing the raw data. The main purpose of analyzing is translating untapped data into actionable business insights. Visualization and drilling down into corporate enterprise, web data gradually promotes new business intelligence. No programming Knowledge is needed for analyzing big sheets data


    Spreadsheets are structured which are accessible in Big Insights. Today computer filing is like a book, needs to filed under certain fixed name and location.Creating a document was a very big deal and effort which cannot be effortlessly recreate it into parts . Its a complex task. Interacting with big data is just intimidating it with huge computational power. Think about our human brain,it process about multiple Terabytes of data . Brain uses content-addressable memory. Information is retrieved in memory through spreading activation from the closely interlinked idea. Example by thinking of dog may automatically spread activation to human brain relating other related cleaver animals. Brain pulls millions of individually stored data from various locations and reconnects into useful output .As a part of this research we have this canonical rule 1) Big sheets are essential for processing large volumes of data 2) Non-technical users can proficiently use this big sheets in processing.


    As the big data matures, extremely smart people from all over the world are exploring or reinventing the relationship with information. By making computer faster and very interactive, predictable data loss and doubt. Humans deliberately engage with story as regular pattern. We look for stories in every day environment.

    Early days Ape started walking upright with less energy and more ground. Finding Food is a greatest challenge which made the ability to cover more regions, but they frequently communicate or share the information with its group where to find food and where to find the hungry tigers. These stories became the inspiration for first adaptive algorithm

    .GPS and google maps adapts these techniques. Adaptive algorithm changes its character based on the available information at the time. When the computational

    information is available or based on the recently received data the algorithm changes its behavior. They are widely used in Radar systems, automatic traffic control. Even in the machine learning and optimization, adaptive algorithms are used Some Algorithm can change the behavior of the user

    .For example in North America football is commonly called as soccer, if the user type American football, then automatically it teaches the algorithm about the type of results the user is looking for.

    Adaptive algorithm is Commonly represented as W(n+1) = W(n)+2µe(n)X(n)


Big sheets is a user Interface program developed for non- technical business users to enable data gathering and analysis. It provides new insights by comparing various data from different resources. It allows the users to explore the risk factor. Big sheets does so many good things Behind the scene . Big sheets generates actionable workflow by Gathering the information, Extracting or Analyzing the information and Exploring or visualizing the data in a creative way which enable the users to work.

Big sheets can translate untapped data in to actionable business insights is one of the common requirements. Data visualization and mining into commodity purpose promotes web business.

Using Big sheets business users can filter and can enrich the contents. For Example Patient analysis can be made using big sheets , social media analysis using Facebook, twitter- sentimental analysis.


In handling large data set in future and by using adaptive technique i.e. if the data is so big (Big Data) there comes the groundbreaking browser based analytics tool which allows the business users to extend their scope of intelligence through the web. Several online social media analysis can be made using the Big sheets. It can work on both structured and unstructured data. Efficient tool for user to explore big data and can gain insights are greatly helpful for prediction and observations.


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