Automated Prediction System for Various Health Conditions by Analysing Human Palms and Nails using Image Matching Technique

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV8IS03009
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Automated Prediction System for Various Health Conditions by Analysing Human Palms and Nails using Image Matching Technique

N. Kohila1

1 Research Scholar & Assistant Professor,

PG & Research Department of Computer Science, Vivekananda College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous), Tiruchengode.

Dr. T. Ramaprabha2


PG & Research Department of Computer Science,

Vivekananda College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous), Tiruchengode.

AbstractIn recent years, palm print identification technology has been widely carried out and used in fields such as identity recognition. At the same time, some features of palm and skin vividly reveal information about diseases and health condition of the human body. We can research the application of palm diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine with the help of digital image processing technology. In the field of medical science, practitioners observe nails and palm of patient to get assistance in diagnosis of the disease. Also human eyes have some limitations in case of minute observations. A branch of palmistry, known as medical palmistry is one branch where scientific study of human palm and skin is done to identify or predict the diseases. It has been found that today computers are used in healthcare domain for storage purpose but not for taking decision regarding diagnosis or prediction of diseases, i.e. the experts, who can predict or identify the disease by observing color of nails and palms, do not have support of computer system. To bridge this gap, the model of decision support system for healthcare based on medical palmistry using the techniques of digital image processing and analysis is designed and implemented to identify or predict the disease.

KeywordsBack Propagation Neural Network, Digital Image Processing Technique, DDS, Medical Palmistry.


    Palmistry is a branch of science which can forecast the future of an individual authentically. Medical palmistry is a branch of palmistry, which helps in the identification of some diseases by observing nails colors and palm textures to indicate specific diseases, based on their position on lines, mounts and fingers. According to some principles of medical palmistry, there are symbols like Iceland, cross, star, square, spot, and circle.

    If one or more of them is/are found on specific region of palm it indicates that there occurs a probability of disease of respective organ of body[1] [2].

    Apart from symbols, color of nails and skin type also plays an important role in making decision. The color of nails is observed by many doctors to get assistance in disease identification. It is possible to observe color of

    nails by naked eyes, but it may become subjective. Computer vision helps us to determine this color without any subjectivity[3].Usually, pink nails indicates good health. But, some color of nails indicates certain diseases. For example, (i) a faded pink color of the nails indicates anemia, heart failure, malnutrition, and liver disease. (ii) white nail with dark edges indicates problems with the liver, such as hepatitis. Apart from these examples, different colors of nails indicate particular diseases which are studied in medical science. 1][2].

    Fig. 1 Need Of Project

    Traditional System there are doctors who can predict the diseases based on the nails but they require more time & also they get poor result So to overcome that problem we design new system called Disease Detection System(DDS) it will give better result in less time. The system uses digital image processing and analysis techniques to identify such colors of nails. This paper presents an approach towards diagnosis of diseases based on palmistry.DDS increases accuracy of such observations of palm and nails.DDS applies digital image processing techniques on input palm images to identify certain features in the image using MATLAB. By using knowledge base of medical palmistry it analyzes certain features in image and predicts probable diseases and provides preventive measures for the same.


    This section gives idea about existing decision support systems in medical science and prior work done in the area of digital image processing for medical science domain.

    An algorithm is proposed which is used to identify the color of nail, without manual interruption. To start the process, the human palms are scanned i.e. left and right,from front and back side, using scanner. The model separates the palm from its background using model for extracting a portion of given image using color processing[4].

    Different regions of our palms reflect different organs condition. If corresponding pathological palmprints appear on certain visceral reflex region, or the color of the regions palm skin changes, for example, it turns red or other abnormal colors, you might have problems with your corresponding viscera.

    Here is an example of a certain disease: cross shape palm print appears in Heart Region and there are cyan vessels and red color spots around the cross shape palm print. Eighty percent of people diagnosis, doctors who master the diagnostic criteria can get information from your palms[5].

    ROI (Region of Interest) is usually chosen the center area of the palm, reducing unwanted noise and the complexity of follow-up matching algorithm to achieve orientation independence of the match and to ensure the accuracy and the effectiveness of identification systems[6].

    An Automated Medical Palmistry System (AMPS) as an application of digital image processing and analysis technique. This can be useful in healthcare domain to predict diseases for human being. The images of human palm form input to the system. Then, the system applies the digital image processing techniques on input images to identify certain features in the image and by using the knowledge base of the medical palmistry it analyzes certain features in image and predicts probable diseases.[7].


    Since historical past, people form different civilizations like Indian, Chinese, Roman and Greek, used to get an idea about their present and future with the help of Palmistry. Palm Reader, who is a human being used to predict attributes of human, like: health, psychology, intelligence, and lifestyle and other related entities based on his/her knowledge[8].

    Various web applications have being developed for palmistry. Here it is possible that image may be degraded during file transfer. Also human perception has some limitations in case of image resolution, object identification and color perception[8].

    Coming to Mobile Application based applications, in this sample images of palm are displayed and users have to compare their own palm with the most accurate sample image. Predictions are displayed based on the selection of image by user. The user is responsible to identify the nearest matching image. It is difficult task for user to

    compare the sample image with his/her palm, because each person has different set of symbols and lines on palm. If user fails to select the corect image, then wrong predictions may be generated. Using Image Processing and Analysis (IPAA) techniques, a system can be developed to overcome these limitation, and predict the diseases based on medical palmistry automatically[9].


    The hand is the part of human body, the main agent of the passive powers of the entire body. Among all branches of the study of human nature, hand has the most powerful claim. By it one can not only detect the faults in manind, but the way in which those faults may be redeemed. Palmistry should really mean the study of the hand in its entirety. It is divided into two sections: the twin sciences of cheirognomy and cheiromancy.

    The entire study of palmistry includes observation of palm type, nail type, nail color, skin color, palm surface, palm muscles, lines in the palm, presence of certain symbols and their position in the palm, mounts in the palm, fingers, and thumb.Here we mainly focused on color of the human nails & textures on the human palm.

    Fig. 2 Knowledgebase of Nail & Palm

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