Augmented Reality Applications

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Augmented Reality Applications


Chandralekha .M

Kavya .J.R

Department of CSE

Department of CSE

Department of CSE

AMC Engineering College

AMC Engineering College

AMC Engineering College

Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

AbstractThis paper focuses and surveys up on the field of Augmented Reality Applications. Augmented reality (AR) is existing directly or indirectly viewing of a real-world environment and their basics are supplemented inputs generated by computer such as audio, video, graphics and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) data which in turn helps us to visualize, hear, and sense the environmental surroundings with the Augmented Reality Technologies. Augmented Reality is hugely being utilized as a part of the fields of individual data framework, modern and military applications, instruction, pharmaceutical and stimulation. The rest of the topics included in paper further concentrates on AR applications, notwithstanding a concise definition and advancement history, the developing advances and their perspectives. It diagrams the best in class by survey some current uses of AR innovation with respect to human calculates the utilization of AR frameworks that engineers should overcome.

Keywords Augmented Reality, History and Applications. Not at all like Virtual Reality, which totally dive the client in a simulated domain, has Augmented Reality enabled the client to superimpose reality with extra data.


Augmented Reality is an innovation that joins virtual and genuine universes continuously to help clients finish their work or to give clients new encounters. Increased the truth is identified with the idea of virtual reality (VR). VR endeavors to make a simulated world that a man can understanding and investigate intelligently, prevalently through his or her feeling of vision, additionally by means of sound, material, and different types of criticism. AR likewise achieves an intuitive ordeal, however expects to supplement this present reality, instead of making a completely simulated condition. AR makes the client to collaborate with a virtual protest or data by more natural courses and to get a snappy reaction. The fast spread of brilliant cell phones, for example, cell phones and keen cushions has made it conceivable to experience AR on savvy cell phones. 3D models speak to a 3D protest utilizing a gathering of focuses in a given 3D space, associated by different elements, for example, bended surfaces, triangles, lines, and so on. Keeping in mind the end goal to actualize AR advances, different sorts of gadgets are required, for example, input gadgets for taping the physical world and getting the data of the genuine condition, detecting gadgets for offering an assortment of

natural cooperation, and processors for fast calculation, and so forth.

In past AR frameworks, this hardware was independently arranged and amassed as a framework. Presently, be that as it may, as shrewd gadgets with elite gear (e.g., camera, fast processor, accelerometer, gyrator, GPS, and so forth.) have been quickly diffused, conventional clients can encounter AR utilizing just a single brilliant gadget with no intricate hardware. Hand collaboration were utilized to model 3D virtual questions and to control them. Despite the fact that the earth for AR has developed in that capacity as of late, AR applications have not been utilized constantly and numerous AR applications have vanished in a brief span. The primary reason is that a large portion of AR applications use static substance, that is, constrained markers and virtual items assigned by the application designer and refreshing substance is difficult. As a rule, clients can't change targets and virtual items utilized as a part of AR applications without anyone else. The confinement to refresh AR substance has been an obstruction to using AR applications.

  • HISTORY OF AUGMENTED REALITY Augmented Reality was invented during 1960s. Entire 20th century, AR advanced the precise technology that is

    present today. Some of the examples are

    • First-head mounted display (HMD)

    • GPS (Global Positioning System)

    • BARS (Battlefield Augmented Reality Systems)


    • Google glasses

    • Microsoft HoloLens

  • First head mounted display was presented in 1968 by Ivan was abbreviated as HMD, is well known as display device, used as a wearable device which is worn on head that will display information in front of ones eye. First Head mounted display has many more uses such as industries, military and in medical field etc.

  • During 1993 Augmented Reality made use of Global Positioning System abbreviated as GPS for the purpose of navigation. Recently people are

    using popular game well known as Pokemon Go, which uses AR for tracking the Pokemon using GPS.

  • In the midst of 1999, Soldiers on the battlefield made use of Augmented Reality technology to display maps and other information about the wars onto their vision using wearable devices such as HMD ie head mounted display used in battlefield which is well known as Battlefield Augmented Reality Systems abbreviated as BARS.

  • In the year 2009 ARTOOL KIT came into being. It is an open source computer tracking library which is used in the creation of strong Augmented Reality Application. Unity 3D and Vuforia are best examples for Augment Reality tool kit that is abbreviated as ARTOOL KIT.

  • Google Glasses was introduced in the year 2014. It is a type of Optical Head Mounted Display which is abbreviated as OHMD. It is used for displaying the information from the smart phone devices.

  • Microsoft Hololens was recently released in the year 2016. It is smart glass which uses mixed reality that is mixture of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These Hololens became more popular because for being first computer which runs windows 10 operating system on windows mixed reality platform.


    Throughout the decades, scientists and designers are discovering an ever increasing number of regions that could be profited from expansion. The principal frameworks concentrated on military, mechanical and restorative application, yet AR frameworks for business utilize, amusement and furthermore in the field of instruction and preparing rose.

    • Personal information systems

      AR could be skilled in individual wearable processing. AR may fill in as a progressed, prompt, and more regular UI for wearable and versatile registering in individual, day by day utilization.

      For example, AR could coordinate telephone and email correspondence with setting mindful overlays, oversee individual data identified with particular areas or individuals, give navigational direction, and give a brought together control interface to a wide range of apparatuses in and around the home. With all these distinctive uses, AR stages ought to ideally offer a channel to oversee what content they show.

      Figure 2: Personal Awareness Assistant c Accenture.

      There is sensor type device which records the information about the person whoever you meet and you can retrieve it back via speech recognition.This was introduced by the company Accenture and was called personal assistant.People like navigators,sailor,geographers can use this technology to find the directions.

      Navigation has been attempted and tried for quite a while. NaviCam is nothing but navigatinal camera where you can add the information about the environment into the camera captured image for knowing the position. Route standards for (outside) people on foot and autos that overlay courses, parkway exits, tail me autos, perils, fuel costs, and so on. They designed clear video PDA and thought of using this in windshielding process.

    • Industrial and military applications

Industries are enormously using this technology in constructing the buliding by giving the virtual design

before the physical building is done.In the battlefield, the 3D view makes the battle strategy better.

  1. Design: Fiorentino et al. presented the Space Design MR workspace that takes into consideration case representation and adjustment of auto body flexure and motor format (Fig. 3). The MR Lab made utilization of information from DaimlerChrysler's autos to configuration Clear and Present Car,where you can virtually open the car door and do a free trial and look at the interfaces inside for testing.

    Figure 4: Robot sensor data visualisation (Collett and MacDonald, 2006).

  2. Assembly: is an undertaking, support fills in as a characteristic application for AR since it is an assignment that requires keeping the clients consideration on a particular zone, and furthermore combining extra data, for example, complex arrangements, segment recognizable proof, and literary information.

    BMW is exploring different avenues regarding AR to propel welding game-plan on their autos. Prevalent laborers through the gathering procedure of substantial air ship is not appropriate for static arrangements such as great amount of metal around additionally turn out to be testing. An additional advantage of expanded get together and development is the likelihood to screen and timetable diacritic advance keeping in mind the end goal to oversee substantial complex creating ventures.

  3. Maintenance: Complex hardware requires a ton of aptitude from support work force and AR is demonstrating powerful around there, foe example in displaying the "x-

    beam vision" by using lots of sensors to help the cudyomers requirement.

    Figure 4: Viewing Industrial world through Virtual Reality.

  4. Combat(war) and simulation: Finding the routes for satellites and presenting the information through head displays especially for pilots and furthermore numerous more ebb and flow AR explores led by different colleges and corporate bodies which brings about military financing. Many of the companies have a mutual understanding with the Army commanders, Air chief Marshals and Coast guard ooficers which utilizes AR for navigational support, interchanges advancement, repair and upkeep and crisis pharmaceutical. Additional offices for military clients might be qualified in vast scale battle situations and recreating continuous adversary activity like the Battlefield AR devices The BARS framework additionally apparatuses to creator the earth with new 3D data that other framework clients witness precise.

    • Medical applications

Enlarged the truth is relentlessly being utilized for handy view separated from giving diverting computerized substance to the clients of keen devices.AR assumes a noteworthy part in field of pharmaceutical. There was a shoulder substitution surgery was performed by a group of specialists, utilizing Google Glass and virtual AR innovation.

Figure 5: Surgery performed by adopting AR

The abilities AR innovation can be utilized to make complex surgical techniques simpler. Some AR devices are

there which can be utilized for therapeutic reason separated from different employments. As said some time recently, Google Glass is one such device which has been utilized for surgical reason. There are even some AR applications which have been particularly created for therapeutic utilization as it were.

  • Apps like Eye Decide are utilized to teach patients on the state of their eyes utilizing expanded innovation.

  • Doctors have performed tumor surgery utilizing an iPad application.

  • Evena's Eyes-On Glasses are an AR stage which can be utilized as an interface with tablets, cell phones and different gadgets. Restorative experts can utilize this stage to play out their obligations in a capable way. For instance, medical attendants can see a patient's veins progressively utilizing the glasses which will help them to embed a needle in the vein with no trouble.

    With such a variety of applications and AR contraptions being created for restorative reason, one might say that expanded reality will assume a major part in the therapeutic field in the coming years.

    • Augmented Reality for Entertainment

      There is a great contribution of AR in the area of Entertainment. When Google released Google Glasses they got lot of attention when it. The glasses used the AR data to give the consumer with information directly on the eyeglass display.

      • Sports broadcasting: the experiments are still in great speed on Swimming pools, football fields, race tracks and other sports environments .

      Figure 6: AR being used during sports broadcasting.

  • Video Games: the very interesting and a vast technology i.e., Augmented reality is used everywhere. The companies which develop Video games are rapidly adopting this technology to develop games that are gives out the best ever experience. There are number of PC and mobile games that make use of AR, but for the finest participation users uses the console

    devices like PlayStation gives the great experiences of augmented games, in these games the gamers will be a part in the game and can use physical actions that controls the interactions in the game. Players can have complete control over the games like racing and fighting which integrate both the real and virtual world.

    Figure 7: Racing of cars witnessed through AR.

    • Augmented Reality in Education

      What we see remains longer in the memory than what we hear, According to this statement augmented reality has played a vital role in the field of education. Teachers, developers and inventers all have interesting innovating ideas which are used for the bright education.

      • Sky Map and Star Walk: is an application developed for the smart device users where this uses augmented reality as the mainstream. This is a simple applications which gives knowledge about the stars, constellation etc.

      • Project Glass: These glasses were brought to market by the Google which gave a great fame when it realized the Project Glasses. Project glasses help the person in navigation, gathering the data required for educating the users. This device requires the smart devices for athletic experiences, snapping photos, and more. In educational settings,

      • Instead of using the normal textbooks the text books which are embedded with the markers or triggers these scans the picture on the paper and produces the additional information to the person given or displayed in the multimedia format. Augmented reality technology enhanced remote participation, allowing students and instructors in different locales to interact by sharing a common virtual learning environment populated by virtual objects and learning materials. Small kids can learn things easily from interactive experiences. For example, as we saw the application like star walk, the movements of stars, planets etc.

      Figure 8. Children being specialized in AR.

  • QR Code r hunts: now a days smartphones are equipped with a Quick Response code scanner to make for optimal tools which are used by the students for sending scavenger in the schools and colleges.

  • Geo-tagging: Classrooms, which has the connection with the smart deices, can access the Google Earth smart-phone access blend Google Earth and the photos, which are stored in cloud, can experience the geo-tagging and also receives the visual education receiving a visual education.


To the digital world Augmented reality is another step for the further development and they change dynamically through a smartphone, glasses, windows, car windshields for the future to display enhanced content and media right in front of us. In the economic field these applications helps for producing the best product, which are safe and has meaningful information. Further we may see our surroundings become augmented to display data which are based on our own interests through built-in RFID tags and augmentations are being used by holographic projections which surround the environments without using enabling technology. It would be incredible to no longer wonder how and where to go, where to eat, what to do. There will

be the confusion in identifying the real and virtual world in futures there was a merge in both digital and physical media. We surveyed on the Virtuosity of Technologies, and Applications related to Mobile Augmented reality. This survey would help the beginners for this technology a great start proposed an expansive outline of the AR field and their applications which surely impart a sufficient starting point for readers who are new to the field.


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