Android Based Monitoring System With Diet And Calorie Tracker

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTCONV10IS09028

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Android Based Monitoring System With Diet And Calorie Tracker

V. Ramkumar, 2 S.Priyanga Devi , 3 K. Laxmi Priya, 4 M. Kavya Dharshani

1Assistant Professor Electronics and communication Engineering K.Ramakrishnan college of Technology Trichy, Tamil Nadu,

2 , 3 , 4 IV YEAR Computer science Engineering,

Mount Zion college of Engineering and Technology Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu,

Abstract:- Having a fit and healthy body is everyone's dream, but it has somehow not been everyones cup of tea. Lack of motivation and guidance bars people from achieving their healthy goals. This project was designed to solve this every problem. This allows the users to keep track of their diet and exercise regime, take expert advice and connect to other fitness enthusiasts thus equipping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The system plans offer its customer and fitness enthusiasts many beauty tips options that can help them reach their goals. It serves as a calorie tracker, allowing users to lose weight and track their food and exercise regimens through their phones. There are four components. First is its lifestyle tracker, the calorie counter. The second is to develop beauty problems. The third, and most innovative aspect, is healthy tech augmented coaching, which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human trainer videos. Fourth is messages to help its users stay healthy and engaged with the app. By integrating AI with user data, this app is able to map its users nutritional patterns and needs. Now, the fitness coach is an AI that can handle 77% of all user questions, which allows the trainers and nutritionists to put their focus on the other 23% of more complicated question show you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Thus, a proposed system gives recommend you a diet plan based on your physical aspects and your end goal.


Nowadays, a human being is health problems such as fitness problem, inappropriate diet, mental problems etc. In the calculation purpose, the arithmetic circuits role is essential [2-4]. This project vision is to build the worlds largest online health and fitness service. It wants to help millions of consumers achieve their goals by Engaging with nutritionists and other health experts empowered with artificial intelligence. Developed for android the app takes a holistic lifestyle tracking approach to keep users engaged and motivated. Health- tech took an initiative to help people lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. This introduced a free immunity assessment test on the app and also offering a free consultation to those who score low on immunity and make its users stand strong in their home workouts; daily live Workouts with coaches and trackers for sleep, smoking, walking , running and drinking water . Users can access all these services under the Immunity Tab of the Healthy app.

Even in those cases, AI is able to make suggestions but isnt sure enough of the actual answer to do so on its own, so it relies on human judgment. In a bid to provide its users a complete health and fitness package, and tied up with food delivery apps. Users will be able to order food

as per their diet plan or find list of restaurants. A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly.Calories in the food is the measure of amount of energy store in that food. Our body use calories for basically everything like breathing, walking, running etc. On average a person needs 2000 calories per day but specifically intake of calories depends upon persons physical aspects like weight, height, age and gender. So, your food choices each day affect your health how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. The main objective of this work to recommend a diet to different individual. The recommender system deals with a large volume of information present by filtering the most important information based on the data provided by a user and other factors that take care of the users preference and interest. It finds out the match between user and item and impute the similarities between users and items for commendation based on their physical aspects (age, gender, height, weight, and body fat percentage), preference (weight loss or weight gain). The recommendation process has basically three stages that are Information Collection Phase, Learning Phase and Recommendation Phase. The information is firstly collected about a particular problem and the various solutions related to that problem are categorized. After the collection of information Learning Phase comes in which various conclusions are made out of that information which is gathered and in last phase.).


The theme of this special publication focuses on a broad range of science and technology issues as well as the economical, political, and policy inter plays within the health care and public health critical infrastructures and key asset areas. The proposed framework in its adoption provides a very effective platform for generating alerts and alarms along with providing statistics for better planning of healthcare-related issues at national, district,or at any level of administrative hierarchy. Lifestyle is a key determinant in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. If we would exercise regularly, eat

healthy, control our weight, sleep enough, manage stress. The concept of stakeholder participation has attracted considerable attention in recent years among health researchers especially in its perceived role in

advancing knowledge economy which is fast becoming a key driving force in global healthcare sector and development. In the face of emerging global challenges

including changing epidemiological pattern, increasing prevalence of chronic noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), shift in

dietary pattern and its consequences on obesity and associated diseases, and the spread of HIV going unabatingly. Though health communication for ameliorating population health is considered sufficient to meet the challenges of inadequate communication among different stakeholders, the limitations of this construct are becoming apparent which warrants for more cross-cutting intervention strategies . In According to John F. Kennedy IEEE-2016-Organizational risks stemming from organizational culture, structure and business processes impact she technical software development issues, creating a wide range of potential trouble points. From the beginning of our historically verified time there has only been mentioned of sports but to increase the potential level of body their must be a solution of fitness which attracts the developers to build a system which allow members to registered themselves into a fitness. In At this time ,most

people had the option to train to become an athlete but the increasing cost of fitness centers not attracted to much



members therefore a web based application started including with a package deal, having a personal trainer ,eating a good diet plan and schedules creating a more socially acceptable image of health. Toward the end exercise became an image of lifestyle. Therefore the development of people, personal training had now become an all people game within the fitness world people was heavier and bulkier. Web based applications will help people to choose their package with discounts, members can choose their timing according to schedule plan, they buy products or supplement from the inventory.


The proposed system will use digitalized application which will be beneficial for both embers and admin. The beauy of this system not only depends on its external interface but also depends on its coding structure. By using this digitalized application admin can easily manipulate data and update new entry into a database. This system will also provide the facility of personal trainer as well as diet plan schedule. It will also provide the facility to gym members to register themselves to various state, domestics, nationals

& internationals competitions of gym. Although there is a lot of useful research into the

quality of services provided by the fitness centers. It is important to find the best quality assessment models to evaluate the fitness services and the criteria that are the most relevant for the customers. Analyze and finding quality services in fitness centers. User want to update the details through phones.

Naive Bayes classifier this is one of the

most efficient machine learning algorithms used to extract models describing data classes.

Logistic Regression – This machine-learning algorithm is used to behavioral health plans

to improve their daily health habits.

Random Forest- It is used for patients medical history.


1.Consider your Fitness Goal

2.Create a balanced routine

3. Build Activity into your daily routine

4. Start slowly and build up gradually and Listen to your body

5.. monitor your progress


Calories in the food is the measure of amount of energy store in that food. Our body use calories for basically everything like breathing, walking, running etc. On average a person needs 2000 calories per day but specifically intake of calories depends upon persons physical aspects like weight, height, age and gender. So, your food choices each day affect your health how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. The Calorie tracker app is successfully designed and developed to fulfilling the necessary requirements, of user members as well as admin as identified in the requirements analysis phase, such as the system is very much user friendly and easy to use. Diet, Fitness and profitability are carried out. The project aims at the completion of the user target to achieve calories .


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