Android Application For English Language Training With Multiple Modules

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV2IS70650

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Android Application For English Language Training With Multiple Modules

Mr. Amol S. Belekar1, Miss.Shukrali K. Sawant2, Miss Supriya A. Desai3, Miss. Usha V. Patil4.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sanjeevan Engineering & Technology Institute, Panhala, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.


Android has rapidly become the fastest-growing mobile OS. Androids openness has made it a favourite for consumers and developers alike, driving strong growth in app consumption. Android mobile application for English language training deals with the same amount of information which is related to or which is required for ESL/EFL Lerner. Our project will provide the different modules like the prepare, learn, and test English. so according to that module the specific information will be provided like sentences, audio files, questions, correct answer of that question, Marathi word or English word, images . This application gives a platform for the ESL/EFL Lerner to do multiple training activity on single application without use of the internet.

In this paper we use Android application development interfaces and Eclipse IDE development environment for design and develop the Mobile application for English Training based on a new generation of intelligence mobile Google platform Android. The Project are combined with multiple modules such as prepare your English, learn English, and test your English these are simulated through a virtual machine Dalvick. We simulate the design through version of 2.2 onwards. The purpose is to verify the availability of the platform.

Index Terms Android OS, MySQLLIGHT database, audio files, text files, images, ESL,EFL.


    We use Android application for developing our system because Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablet computers. Android is the open source operating system .Android has a large community of developers writing applications ("apps") that extend the functionality of devices, written primarily in a customized version of the Java programming language.

    In October 2012, there were approximately 700,000 apps available for Android, and the estimated

    number of applications downloaded

    The software of choice for technology companies who require a low-cost, customizable, lightweight operating system. Androids primary app store was 25 billion. Now days approximately 700,000 apps for android and people have the android phones so its easy to use our system. Our system provide two categories for learn English, EFL & ESL.

    EFL It contains English is the first language and ESL- It contains English is the second language, both techniqnics use for house wifes, kids and whoever wants to learn English language .User learn the English to Marathi, it means whose first language is English and whose second language is English. Our system guides those users.

    Fig 1 System Architecture

    This is the basic block diagram of our project it given name as Andro ESL System. It containing 3 main modules for each module there are some each module there is some input options will be provided according to that module. In prepare English input option to system as audio files, English text, Marathi text, text files. In learn English module given the input as audio files, text. In test your English input is questions and 4 options of that question. So according to that system will provide the output.

    This application is based on the android operating system. It is a mobile application. It contains 3 main modules.

    First module is prepare English, in this module user prepare basic English which want to use in day to day

    life as well as Marathi statements. These modules have three sub modules. First sub module is Day To Day English, in this module English or Marathi statement are provided in list format. Second sub module is what it is Call? This module provide different categories like fruit, animal, colour, flowers, vehicle etc. So for each category images, Marathi-English word and audio file of that image will be providing. E.g. Image is apple then Marathi & English word, audio file play (audio file is This is an Apple.). Third sub module is Parallel Words here provide some Marathi & English words in list format.

    Second module is learn English it contains four sub modules. First sub module is Grammar in this module fill-in-blank type question will be provided to user. Second sub module is Vocabulary here 3 clues provided.

    When display the 1st clue then user type the answer if it is wrong so display 2nd clue if it is also wrong so display 3rd

    clue and after that system display correct answer. Third sub module is Listening here some audio file provided when we click on that audio file so audio file will play as well as text also display in scrolling format. Fourth sub module is Listen & Type it contains question answer and Audiofile.When we click on question answer so here display some questions like grammar module. And second is Audio file when click on audio file so audio file play according to that user type text which will play in audio file.

    Third module is Test Your English. This module contains the questions .after attempting 10 questions the total result will be display. How many correct or how many wrong.

    We use d in our project MYSQLLIGHT database .This database in-built in android. By using this database we can create the tables, using this tables data will be store & fetching data for the implementing the operations. The method I'm going to show you takes your own SQLite database file from the "assets" folder and copies into the system database path of your application so the SQLiteDatabase API can open and access it normally.


    Now days there are different sites will be available for English one of that is learn English with this application is powered by one of leading online language learning communitys .this module actually provides the extensive vocabulary words. There is no connection is required for that so you can install it for next strip.We have to refer one of the site as www.rong- This site provides the information about English language. We can see the written information about the ESL/EFL. Also refer the New Minds, training Education PPT.

    Initially we have taken requirement of new mind company. According to that requirement we have search different module on internet. Taking the consideration drawback of that module we are going to overcome that drawback.

    We can refer the this site use for more database like Marathi-English words or statements of give. We can refer the side of for development of android apps.


    In Existing system the different modules like prepare, grammar, vocabulary, test English etc. this modules are available differently on web site.

    In existing system only image and according to that image English word will be provided. There are different android mobile apps to learns English language but major apps has developed for specific area only and another problem is maximum apps require internet access to use it apps data. There are different apps which is available in website. But it requires a internet to access training data.


    In this project we provide application that contain multiple modules at one place and it doesnt require internet ccess to use data of any modules. In proposed system 3 main modules present.

    This is a main home screen of our project. This screen shows 3 modules like Prepare, Learn, and Test English. When click on prepare module next screen will be display.

    The prepare English module 3 sub-modules like, day-to-day statements, what it is call?, Parallel words.

    In the Day To Day English, in this module English or Marathi statement are provided in list format. So user can read this statement and understand its Marathi meaning and try to use in day to day life. This will helpful to user for understand the meaning of regular day to day statement and the organization of words in real world sentences.

    This is what it is Call? Module. This module provide different categories like fruit, animal, colour, flowers, vehicle etc. For every image of each category , contain Marathi word, English word and audio file of that image which describe the pronunciation of that English word/image will be providing.

    In the Parallel Words module here provide some Marathi & English words in list format which contain English word with its Marathi meaning so that user can easily understand relationship words and other parallel words.

    In learn English module 4 sub-modules like listening, grammar, vocabulary, listen & type. Each sub- modules has it own behaviour and working style. Every sub modules similar like a specific application from android market which has to separately downloaded.

    In Grammar module fill-in-blank type question will be provided to user. This modules checks the grammar capacity of user and make a user able to learn grammar easily.

    The vocabulary module will help to the user to check its current vocabulary and also to add more vocabulary in its. In vocabulary module there are mainly 3 clues will be provided for each vocabulary based item. First clue will display and user type the wrong answer then second clue display and again user type the wrong answer then third clue display again user type the wrong answer then system display the correct answer and if user gives correct answer in any previous 2 clues then it show answer is corrected and continue with next one. By using this mechanism user first check it ability if not then it increase it world power by giving correct answer.

    In Listen & Type module user listen the audio file and type the text according to that audio file, then system match that text to database and checks that text is corrected or not. This listen and type module also increase listening and typing capacity of user and it also check it IQ.

    In Listen module basic learn English audios provide the user. These audio files plays then that related text display the screen and automatic scroll according to audio file. In this way user will learn by using it multiple sense.

    The test module will help to user to test its ability by giving answer of questions. This modules is as shown bellow:

    In test your English provide the question and four option of that question. User have to choose its correct option by selecting any one combo box from four. When user type its answer for that question then it shows next question upto 10 questions. After attempting 10 questions this application will give result of test.


ESL: English second language. EFL: English foreign language.

LSRW: listen, speak, reading, writing. Aesthetically: attractive colour combination.


  1. Works On Authentication:

    Authentication is the process of verifying who you are. Logging on to a system with a username and password is authentication. In future we will provide user name and password for authentication purpose so our system would secure.

  2. Works On Authorization:

    Authorization is the process of verifying that you have access to something. Gaining access to a resource because the permissions configured on it allow you access is authorization. By implementing Authorization on this application we able to keep track individual user for its actual training completion, remaining modules, Test performance etc.

  3. Works on database and add the modules:

In this project we can add more database as per user requirements. Also use different languages like Urdu, Tamil etc. and add some extra modules also change the design as well. In test your English module we add the 50- 50 lifeline also.


Our software containing the sub-modules so is useful for any learner.

  1. Easy to use:

    We can carry our mobile anywhere and anytime because it can handheld device. Easy to handle this device as compare to Laptop and any other sources.

  2. It would be aesthetically designed:

    Aesthetically designed means having an attractive GUI. It would be attractive. Design for users and also it user-friendly software.

  3. It would Understand better way:

    It would be flexible and efficiently to use for user. So many simple and easy tasks are provided to the user and user can fluently interact with this software. Even if any housewife uses this software she too can easily learn.

  4. Time saving:

    Our system is time saving. Because there is no need to attend any classes.

  5. Offline access:

We can access any data on this app without use of internet on mobiles. So it will also reduce the cost of internet.


The basic aim of this paper is to demonstrate that using this system learn English from anywhere, anytime.

Provided English training through mobile devices on demand. The method to access this type of softwares is also different from what is use in the internet. Hence we suggest reliable and relevant system for English Language Training. So one of the advantage of our module is all modules are in one system and it doesnt require internet access. So it save our time & cost also.


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