Accessing and Study of Cloud Services using Graphical Password Authentication

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV8IS110011
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Accessing and Study of Cloud Services using Graphical Password Authentication

Jasmin P. Bhootwala Research Scholar

Calorx Teachers University Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Dr. Pravin H. Bhathawala Research Guide

Calorx Teachers University Navrangpura, Ahmadabad

Abstract:-Information security authentication is that the most crucial issue. Graphical password is best substitute solutions to alphanumeric password as it is quite difficult to remember alphanumeric password. According to psychological studies the human mind will simply keep in mind graphical symbols and pictures than alphabets or digits. When the other application that gives user friendly authentication then it’s simpler to access and use that application securely. We have planed cloud with graphical security by means of image password. In this paper we are going to represent the authentication to cloud by using graphical password authentication process. We are providing an effective algorithm which is based on selection of username and images as a password. By this paper we are to try to give set of images on the basis of alphabet sequence position of characters in username. At the bottommost cloud is provided with these graphical password authentication schemes.

Key Words: Graphical password, cloud security.


    When anyone desires to access the network, for security functions every web application provides user authentication. In a Network, we have various issues to work with our services, data & today Cloud computing provides convenient on demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. The resources can be unexpectedly deployed with magnificent efficiency and minimal management overhead.

    Cloud is an insecure computing platform from the view factor of the cloud users,The system must layout mechanisms that no longer solely protect sensitive information by means of enabling computations with encrypted data, however also protect users from malicious behaviors by enabling the validation of the computation result along with an wonderful authentication mechanism to the user, from the previous timing we have a a different scheme to authorize any interface here also in order to access a cloud we use textual password which is not a lot secure in terms of authentication due to the fact textual password may be easy to guess & lot of brute force attack has been already carried out on textual primarily based attack in current world so that still here we are discovering an efficient way where we can get a reliable authentication to right user, one of the way which we received is object password or graphical password to authenticate interface. We have proposed cloud with graphical protection by means of image password. We are providing one of the greatest algorithms which are based on selection of username and images as a password of our

    cloud. We are trying to give set of photos on the basis of alphabet collection function of characters in username. Finally cloud is supplied with this graphical password authentication scheme. 1.1

      1. Need

        Cloud protection can additionally be given by alphanumeric password but component rely is that use of alphanumeric is now not that much of secure and easy to remember. One more vital element is that every time users have recalled the password. User has to provide precedence to security past their want so as to fulfill their work. Graphical password is one of the pleasant choice solutions to the alphanumeric password as it is very dusty system to be mindful alphanumeric password to cloud. When any application is provided with user friendly authentication then it becomes easy to access and use that application securely. One of the leading reasons behind these methods according to psychological studies human mind can easily remember images than alphabets or digits. In this system we are representing the authentication given to cloud by using graphical password it means choose images as password.

      2. Basic Concept

    The knowledge based authentication system includes the text password and graphical passwords. Typically text passwords are string of letters and digits .they are alphanumeric. Such passwords have the disadvantage of being difficult to take into account .Weak passwords are inclined to dictionary attacks and brute force attacks where as strong passwords are difficult to remember. Hence we are using textual passwords for less exclusive data.Though, users have challenging remembering a password that is deep and random arrives. Instead, they create reduce short, easy and insecure passwords.By the use of this graphical password scheme, users click on images or the kind alphanumeric characters. For the extra personal data we are the usage of Cued-Click factors (CCP) and Persuasive Cued-Click Points (PCCP) techniques.

  2. EXISTING SYSTEM Recognition based Technique:

    A] Image based scheme

    In this Passwords scheme we are the usage of a different kinds of images as background. Including artificial picture,

    image graphics, or different kinds of images. We are in addition divide into two subclasses.

    1] single-image based:

    In this scheme user provide a single picture as background; they have to provide particular select points.

    Fig -1: Blonder Scheme

    The passpoint scheme by Wiedenbecket, al extended Blonder’s idea by eliminating the predefined and allowing arbitrary images to be used .as a result user can click on any images password is create.

    images, every derived from

    a distinct category of image types.

    Fig- 4: Story Scheme

    B] DAS Scheme:

    Fig -5: Pass Faces

    Fig -2: Viskey

    Fig -3: Passpoint

    2] Multiple Images Based:

    In this scheme consumer supply a couple of pix to select any one of them. Passface is a technique developed through Real user corporation the password is the collection of K faces ,each chosen from a awesome set of n>1 faces. we used k=4 and n=9. Choosing her password pic are special and do no longer show up extra than once. In the story scheme, a password is a sequence of ok unique images selected by way of the person to make a story from a single set of n>k

    Jemyn, et al. proposed a technique, referred to as ” Draw a secret, which permits the user to draw their extraordinary password. A user is asked to draw a simple image on a 2D grid base; grids are stored in the order of drawing. During the authentication, user is requested for redrawing the picture. If as a consequence drawing of images touches the identical grids in the same sequence than the user is authenticated.

    Fig- 6: Draw a secret on grid

    C] Triangle based scheme

    In this scheme user provide a convex-hall formed via all the pass object ,in which it make the password hard to guess .In this scheme user select a point and forming triangle as a password.

    D. Selection of password

    In this complete password is divided in two sections first is based totally on user selection, second is primarily based on server supplied sets of images. For user selection, from given set

    Set of images

    Fig- 7: Triangle Based Scheme[8]


    Set A Set F

    Set B

    Set H

    Set C Set G

    Set D

    Set I

    Set E

    1. How to start

      When we start the cloud provider they will be supplied extra than one selection to select. For

      Each set will contain 100 different images

      Username Calculation:

      A=1 ,B=2,C=3Y=25,Z=26

      registration user have to skip via authenication process. In that on the basis of username, manner will be commenced at the server-side. Set of imags which will be supplied to user are primarily based on result of

      If username is ABCD then sum is = If username is PQRS then sum is=



      calculation. Username: ABCD

    2. Calculations on the basis of username

      At the server-side position of usernames alphabet in alphabet sequence will be calculated. Then addition of all the positions is done. First digit of that sum will be viewed for similarly subsequent calculations.

      Alphabets A B C D
      Position 01 02 03 04

      Finding the set to be assigned

      Calculation result:A+B+C+D=01+02+03+04=10

    3. Assigning set of images

    There are complete 26 alphabets current in alphabet series. We comprehend that any two digit range can start with range 1-9 itself. Server has already made set of images. Set

    1 and 5 are forwarded for further calculation.

    Assigninig set of images:

    For username ABCD as sum is 10 and 1 is forwarded

    Set of images will be assigned of

    For Username PQRS as sum is 70 and 7 is forwarded

    Set of images will be assigned of P

    Selection of passward:

    For username ABCD For Username PQRS

    Set is Set is

    Set A

    Set A

    A B C D E F G H I
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    A B C D E F G H I
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


    of images will be assigned according to end result of calculation which server has acquired at the second step. 1- 9 numbers will be assign to that sets like


    ++1+ 2

    Server side

    2 images

    + 1 2

    Server side 2 im+ ages

    Means what if first digit is 1, then set assign to it will set of A1. If first digit is 2, then set assign to it will be B1.

    Complete Password Complete Password

    Users have to select 2 images from 100 and two will be from server side.

    of images user has to pick out two images as the password. From sever end two pics will be provided to user so as to form complete password.


    • Drawback is that if one user has quantity of accounts, to take into account all those passwords, is certainly now not possible.
    • In some of the instances it may occur that one can forget the password when there is no accepted use of particular account.
    • Providing simple password can also be one answer to that, but they are easily guessable. So there has to be some method for security. Password can be provided the use of more than one ways, but there are different drawbacks of that which can be overcome by graphical password [1][2].
    • Most of todays authentication scheme affords username and password of at least eight characters so it becomes too large to remember [3].
    • Why to choose graphical password for cloud security Graphical password offers more protection than alphanumeric password. Most of the alphanumeric authentication chooses a plain textual content or convenient password to avoiding the confusion. Whenever we verify the alphanumeric password there is some hint option provided, the usage of this hackers can easily gain entry to the system in less time. Most of the system provides image related Graphical password. In this technique selectable images are used, user can have number of images on every page and between all of this password is selected. Images are different for each case, so if hackers try to match the each combination to find the correct password it will take millions of year. in alphanumeric password eight characters password is wanted to obtain entry of particular system, but in graphical password user have to select the images that in front of him/her and confirm the password. Whenever user pass through the authentication system it is easy to remember images whatever they have chosen previously. Graphical password is presenting extra memorable password than alphanumeric password which can reduce the burden on brain of user.

Thus graphical password authentication can be given by way of taking cloud as a platform. The new scheme provides solves the many problems of present system. It can also be helpful for user in security point of view.


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