A Survey on Network Assets Management using Windows Management Instrumentation

DOI : 10.17577/IJERTV11IS040118

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A Survey on Network Assets Management using Windows Management Instrumentation

Husnain Afsar

Department of Computer Science Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering Mysuru, India

Mahadevaswamy N Department of Computer Science Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering Mysuru, India

Sujay K Somanath

Department of Computer Science Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering Mysuru, India

Chitta B S

Department of Computer Science Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering Mysuru, India

Anusha K S

Department of Computer Science Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering Mysuru, India

AbstractIt is essential for all the organizations to have its own asset that it uses in its business operations. A lot of network assets such as hardware, software, and websites, have accumulated during the phase of digital transformation. By managing network assets effectively, the risk associated with the internet can be reduced. It consists of a systematic process for maintenance, upgradation, and operation of physical assets in a cost-effective manner while considering potential interactions with the universal system. Each day, new users and IT assets are added to the IT infrastructure. There is no doubt that the infrastructure is growing. In order to maintain them, autonomous systems must be able to function over the long term. From the past few years, the measurement community of the Internet has developed various techniques for asset discovery. In this paper, a comprehensive picture is painted of how network identifiers and services are discovered when asset discovery techniques are systematized. Our research has gathered recent academic literature related to security and networking in order to organize asset discovery techniques in a systematic fashion.

Keywords Assets Management, IT Assets, IT Asset Inventory, IT Operational Efficiency, Windows Network Assets, Management Instrumentation (WMI).


    The need for network asset management has increased day by day as a result of the rapid development of information security technologies. An accurate understanding of the IT infrastructure of an organization is the foundation of any organizations IT security aspect. It is impossible for an organization to assure its own security or security of others if it does not know what systems and software it uses. To manage infrastructures, IT professionals need to have a deep understanding of IT protocols, interfaces, and standards, considering the increasing number of networks and the development of new intelligent devices. To manage assets effectively and efficiently for community benefit, it is important to look at asset management from a comprehensive and structured standpoint that includes information about the systems and equipment in business, where they are located,

    how they are used, what they cost, whether their expiration date has passed, how they impact IT and business processes.

    There are 3 parts of network management process, they are

    1. Detection

    2. Management

    3. Application

    Detection: Monitoring network security assets starts with detection. At present, there are three common asset detection methods: active, passive and information hunting based on search engine Diverse levels of assets are considered in the detection process.

    Management: Network security asset management is primarily concerned with management. There are two major components of network security asset management: technology development and regulation development. Assets pertaining to network security, such as firewalls, routers and switches, need dynamic management in their lifetime.

    Application: Using network security asset management for security operations reflects its true value. Network security assets management aims to identify risks proactively.


    This study analyzes the relevant literature on network asset management. According to many researchers and practitioners, traditional approaches to infrastructure management are no longer effective for which the complexity of assets may be a contributing factor.

    John Colombi at el, [1] have described the effectiveness of management infrastructure using 6 different processes that consists of Stakeholder Requirements Definition Process, Decision Management Process, Risk Management Process, Information Management, Measurement Process and Life- Cycle Model Management. And have also discussed about a

    number of studies that discuss the application of SE processes to assets management, that applications are explored in this paper.

    Patrick Sager at el, [2] have come up with the discussion of complex problems associated with configuration and implementation of industrial automation systems. Compared to manual configuration, automation provides benefits such as the reduction in engineering efforts that are time- consuming and complex, Config data quality improvement and windows assets can be integrated faster.

    Yumo Wang at el, [3] have discussed briefly about the network security assets management especially for banks which says that managing network security assets effectively requires combining data from various sources and based on multidimensional asset information, we summarized detection management and multidimensional asset application.

    Afifah Muftinisa at el, [4] have come up with the development and implementation of fixed assets management system. In this study, the PT has been computerized and the manual form has been automated. To improve efficiency and to decrease human effort, they have focused on reducing human efforts.

    Maohua Yang at el, [5] by the means of computer information management, they have analyzed and designed a fixed asset management system. Upon combining with other management systems, it enables enterprises to regulate and perfect their fixed assets further. Lastly, it promotes management effectiveness of modern enterprises and the competitiveness in the market.

    I Shreesha at el, [6] have conducted an asset management valuation study for LG Electronics and have pointed out how the company can make better use of the fixed assets in the company.

    Mathew Vermeer at el, [7] have systematized advances in network measures ensuring the protection of organizations. Research on cybersecurity and network measurement is challenged by replication challenges, this paper sheds light on what causes these challenges. Solutions to these challenges have been found out therefore providing a framework that does such differences explicit.

    P Pavithra at el, [8] have carried out a study on the fixed assets with special reference to Polaris Consulting and Services Limited that measures how profitability position is influenced by fixed asset management and determine how much capital expenditures the company has made in relation to its fixed assets.

    The author Vinod Mohan [9] has described the it asset management benefits and their best practices. He has given us a methodology called IT Asset Management [ITAM] that consists of 4 different processes called the Asset Discovery, Asset Tracking, Asset Lifecycle Management and Asset

    Reporting and alert. In addition to coordinating IT asset procurement, ITAM simplifies complex IT operations, improves resource productivity, and supports compliance.




    Techniques Used

    Advantage s


    Mathew Vermeer at el

    Systematizi ng advances in network measureme nt for protectionof organizatio ns

    DNS related asset discovery

    Even if any changes come in future the developed framewor k easily adapts to the changes.


    Yumo Wang at el

    Asset Manageme nt for banks


    connect TCP SYN, TCP FIN

    Network risks that are faced by banks are be minimized


    Afifah Muftinisa at el

    Developme nt and Implementa tion of fixed assets

    RAD model

    Online Assets manageme nt helps in reducing human errors & increase efficiency


    Vinod Mohan

    To enhance IT

    Manageme nt Practices and its benefits

    IT Asset Management [ITAM]


    Gain control over IT inventory


    Dasheng Wei at el

    New Approach for fixed asset managemen t

    *Base set Management

    *Fixed Asset management

    Analysis and design of fixed assets by computer informatio n system


    John Colombi at el

    Analysis of System Engineerin g & Assets Manageme nt Practices


    Stakeholder Requirement s Definitions Process

    2:- Decision Management Process

    3:- Risk Management Process


    Information Management 5:-

    Measuremen t Process 6:- Life-

    Cycle Model


    Effectiven ess in Managem ent of Infrastruct ure


    Patrick Sager at el

    Automating the Configurati on of IT assets in

    Configuratio n is done using


    Network and

    Automatio n helps in reduction of time consumin



    Device Scanning tool (NDS)

    g, Improvem ent in quality of configurat ion & faster integration

    large. A centralized, automated, simplified asset management system will help you improve your IT administration's efficiency. Stay informed of IT asset changes in your environment, and take control of your IT asset inventory. To overcome the drawback of previous methodologies Network Assets Management application can be built using WMI.


    This paper considers data from 2011 to 2021. All processes, procedures, and controls used to manage fixed assets in this organization are extremely inefficient, according to the findings of this study. This paper describes how the process of managing and controlling fixed assets is managed and controlled based on qualitative data. Based on some years of developing and implementing asset management in a variety of infrastructures a reference model is developed. This reference model is the outcome of some years of development and application.

    The study utilized Analytical research as the methodology. The data was analyzed using statistical and financial tools, including correlations, regressions, trend analyses and ratio analyses. The results have shown that asset management is positively related to performance of the company. Therefore, it is recommended that asset management is a key contributor to effective company performance.


It is difficult to manage assets that are susceptible to risk, and risk is more significant when it comes to infrastructure than other assets. Although the standards have some guidance, they are not always sufficient. A strong reference guide would be beneficial. Engineering personnel have been more productive in installing and configuring IT assets, the reliability of the IT assets has been improved through online monitoring and the quality of what is being monitored in real-time by service and support personnel has improved. IT asset management is a must for any organization, whether it be small, mid-sized, or

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Systematizing Advances in Network Measurements for Protecting


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